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Honey Mead

"In this world, Elwood, you must be on so smart or oh so pleasant." Well for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.

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  • Myths and Birthrights Twilight has to deal with new powers and troubles as an Alicorn. by Tundara 267,994 words · 15,443 views · 1,822 likes · 64 dislikes

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  • The Sisters Doo Daring pays a visit to her sister in Ponyville. Due to buried grudges, things get out of hoof. by Ponky 116,119 words · 18,724 views · 2,063 likes · 36 dislikes
  • The Longest Night On the first night of Luna's banishment Celestia finds two alicorns in a crater. by Tundara 6,218 words · 26,929 views · 2,320 likes · 31 dislikes
  • The Apple and the Fox Apple Bloom undergoes her final trial to become a shaman; capturing a spirit on her own. by Tundara 4,417 words · 1,997 views · 191 likes · 7 dislikes
  • A Dream of Pride and Envy The hidden history of the events leading up to the Long Winter is uncovered. A Myths and Birthrights story. by Tundara 27,662 words · 1,238 views · 145 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Forged in Tartarus Imprisoned in Tartarus, Tirek receives a valuable lesson in the importance of friendship from a most unexpected visitor. Friendship lessons are always a good thing… aren't they? by The Ponytrician 2,480 words · 871 views · 58 likes · 0 dislikes

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The Greatest Works of Count Honigwein von Beinehaus the Third

  • A Morning Ritual Having a morning ritual allows a pony to prepare for the coming day with a minimum of thought, thus freeing their minds to contemplate everything from the past to the future... for some this is less then ideal. by Honey Mead 3,292 words · 1,619 views · 86 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Twilight Sparkle Does Not Like Bees Celestia has an important lesson for Twilight that puts her in an uncomfortable place. by Honey Mead 2,595 words · 1,795 views · 153 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Erebus: Episode 1: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The Sun and Moon no longer shine over the alabaster walls of Canterlot. A darkness long forgotten has begun to seep through the cracks and erode the morality of those it touches. But at the edge of the light there is shadow, holding back the darkness by Honey Mead 15,964 words · 648 views · 22 likes · 2 dislikes
  • The Castle Canterlot After almost two decades working under Princess Celestia, Chronicle has... acclimated to his position as her seneschal. Unfortunately, things are about to change more in one night than they have for the past thousand years. by Honey Mead 54,740 words · 1,205 views · 102 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Adventures in Homeownership with Sunny Skies and Dusky Sparks Twilight and Celestia decide to take a break from ruling Equestria to live for a few decades as average everyday ponies. by Honey Mead 8,321 words · 2,486 views · 444 likes · 17 dislikes

The Complete Works of Count Honigwein von Bienehaus the Third

Bee Jokes

"Why do bees always have sticky hair?"
--"Because they use honeycombs."
"Why did the bee get married?"
--"Because he found his honey."
Why did the queen walk home from the bar?
--Because she was afraid of flying buzzed.

Insect joke: A termite walks into a bar and asks "Is the bar tender here?" (Super Trampoline)

(Feel free to submit your own.)


A Comic Preformer · 11:12am Jun 4th, 2016

There are a lot of famous and funny stand-up comics around right now. From the 'wholesome' stylings of Jeff Foxworthy to the very unwholesome Lisa Lampanelli and everything in-between. What all these comics have in common is that they play a very similar style of show. They stand before the audience and tell jokes, whether anectodical tales taken from their lives or more classic jokes, the presentation does not change much from comic to comic.

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Thank you for adding This Isn't War to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

2312322 Yea. So it goes, sometimes. Sad, but understandable!

Probably. I've made attempts at a new chapter, but I just haven't felt the characters in a long while... you know?

Random query - is Adventures in Homeownership dead? I do miss it!

Thanks for the fave on Pas de Deux. Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

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