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Well, that was convenient [Minor Spoilers for S4 E1-3, I guess] · 6:05pm Nov 30th, 2013

The Hub was kind enough to expand greatly upon the Everfree Palace. With the last three episodes, I think Lunar Rising will have a decent second half once I get around to writing. That will hopefully be in a month. I'm almost certain that I'm going to run with the Tree of Harmony and Jack may show off his heretofore unmentioned pipe organ skills.

In any event, the fic is definitely alive and was all I could think about this last episode.

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You're more than welcome. I look forward to the next chapter.

You were helpful. I greatly appreciate it. In fact, I appreciate it so much that I give you a Spike-stache: :moustache:

Enjoy :rainbowlaugh: In all seriousness, thank you.

No problem. I'm just sorry I couldn't be more helpful with my feedback.

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