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Francium Actinium

Writing and reading has been something I've always enjoyed. So, after reading the original Fallout Equestria by KKat, I felt compelled to write my own Fic!

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Ouroborous Returns... sort of... · 8:47am May 4th, 2015

Well, its been a while. Over 8 months since I posted Chapter 12 and a lot has happened.

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Some of my favourites - In no particular order

  • Long Road to Friendship As punishment for her crimes, the Elements have cursed Sunset Shimmer to do favors for anyone who asks. Lucky her. And then there's that other Twilight Sparkle she keeps running into... by The Albinocorn 219,981 words · 29,130 views · 2,620 likes · 68 dislikes
  • Sunset of Time Sunset Shimmer: Princess Twilight Sparkle's most faithful student. After bearing witness to the End of the World, she travels back in time to destroy the Dark Regalia and save her future. But a ghost from the past has other plans... by The Albinocorn 232,768 words · 24,169 views · 1,049 likes · 26 dislikes
  • Fallout: Equestria - Memories One crazy pegasus, one roboleg, a contingent of Steel Rangers, and an adventure of infinite detours. Put all that together and what do you get? A rip-roaring mosh pit wrecking its way across the Wasteland, leaving nothing but confusion in its wake. by TheBobulator 386,808 words · 7,567 views · 854 likes · 64 dislikes
  • Fractured Sunlight As kids, Twilight and Sunset were best friends, but a tragic accident cut their friendship short. Years later, Twilight investigates the incidents at Canterlot High and comes face to face with what appears to be a literal ghost from her past. by Oroboro 113,957 words · 14,606 views · 1,944 likes · 65 dislikes
  • Twilight's Home For Reformed Unicorns Twilight's two newest roommates are both ponies she's fought with in the past. As she tries to navigate the situation, Sunset Shimmer and Trixie both wonder if a second chance includes... something more. by Der_Fur_Shur 24,376 words · 10,674 views · 836 likes · 27 dislikes

Some more favourites - In no particular order


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I love Fallout and your story blends it perfectly with my little pony.


loving the story so far :raritywink:

817526 First uploaded 9th of April 2012... you must have either deleted chapters or been on a massive Hiatus! That said my Hiatus was 7 months :derpytongue2:

817526 I have 2 readers, but none of us are any good at syntax and spotting mistakes. And now I am going to have to be nosy... over a year?

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