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I am a brony from Australia who got into MLP:FIM because of the fan made stuff on YouTube.

Favorite Pony: Luna
Favorite background Pony: Vinyl Scratch
Favorite couple: Luna x Twilight

I love adventure stories especially if they have the Mane 6 in them.
I have also been getting into some pretty good crossover stories.

I hate sad and grimdark stories or any story that hurts the cannon characters.

If you have any epic adventure fics worth reading let me know!.

Stories I would Recommend

Will update list later

(C) = Complete
(I) = Incomplete

An Eye for an Eye - Gizogin (I)
Upon a Falling Feather - ezra09 (I)
Wings of Tomorrow ~ Lament of the World - Keeper of Jericho (I)
The Tears of Gaia - Redback Spino (I)

My Little Dragon - Metal Pony Fan (I)
To Shine Alone - emrlddrgn (I)

The Flight of the Alicorn - Ponydora Prancypants (C)
The Abyssal Forge - Ponydora Prancypants (I)

Synchronicity - Sev (I)
Tales of the Winter Magic Academy - Storytayler (I)
The Meaning of Chrysalis - Silent Bob (I)
The Harmony Games - Antares (I)
The Powers of Harmony - CyborgSamurai (I)

A Rose is a Rose - spacebrony (C)
Nova - spacebrony (I)

The Moonstone Cup - Cyanide (C)
The Last of the Dragonlords - Fluttershy20 (C)
The Immortal Game - AestheticB (C)
Everdale - SoloAcapello (C)

Crossover (A lot of these will also be Adventure)
One Last Game Book 1: The Gathering - The Wizard of Words (C)
One Last Game Book 2: Temple of Chaos - The Wizard of Words (I)

The Order of Koaxia - HellRyden (I)
Pony Age: Origins - OmegaPony11 (I)
My(stara's) Little Ponies: Friendship is Adventuring - JohnBiles (I)
Filly Fantasy VI - The Return of Magic - The Wyld Stallynz (I)
The Godmare: Only Personal - Ghostwriter95 (I)
My Little Exalt - Lithl (I)
Total Magic Pony Island - Tailslover13 (I)

Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student - milesprower06 (I)
Enter Nurse Luna - Foxy Kimchi (I)
A Slice of Life - Dawnscroll (I)
Princesses Don't Potty - CDRW (I)
Sneezing Luna Doting Tia - Wasabi-beans (I)

Flash Fog - Kwakerjak (I)
The Vamp-ponies - devil001(I)

High Maintenance Alicorn Fillies and You. - warewolves (C)
Celestia and Luna's Completely Average Day - Nyronus (C)
Celestia's Teeth - Abalidoth (C)
Never give coffee to a filly. - Shadowlord (C)
Stallions on Strike! - Aegis Shield (C)

Twilight Sparkle Gets A Free Salad - AestheticB (C)
Princess Celestia Gets Mugged - BronyWriter (C)
Sonic Rainbigot - Estee (C)
Dear Princess Celestia: I Hate You - RainbowBob (C)
Trixie On Trial - CartsBeforeHorses (C)

Accidental Harmony - errant (Also Slice of Life) (C)
Harmony Redux - errant (I)

Slice of Life
Hiatus - Vargras (C)
Stuck In The Middle With You - Vargras (C)

Fluttershy and Celestia Play Chess - BronyWriter (C)
Meeting My Hero - Kaiden (C)

The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon - Aegis Shield (C)
The Affection of Princess Nightmare Moon - Aegis Shield (I)

My Little Alicorn - InsertAuthorHere (C)
Bringing Up Blueblood - InsertAuthorHere (C)
Waning Moon - InsertAuthorHere (I)

My Little Staring Contest: Alicorns can stare for a very long time - CosmicAfro (C)
My Little Bubble Bath: Alicorns take very long bubble baths - CosmicAfro (C)

Past Sins
Past Sins - Pen Stroke (C)
Nightmare Night and Nyx - RealityCheck (C)
Nyx's Family - RealityCheck (I)

Princess Luna

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Thanks for the follow! I hope you enjoy my future writings and ramblings!


Thank you so so much for the follow! It's much appreciated! Hope you enjoy my little stories!

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