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Many years ago, shortly before the birth of one Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, ruler of Equestria, found a small item in a forest. That item? An egg. Around the same time, in another place, Celestia, ruler of Draconica found something small in a forest. That thing? A pony.

dragons(C) ?

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I've been waiting for a story like this FOREVER:pinkiegasp:

Pretty interesting so far and a welcome change from just Spike=Pony and Twilight=Dragon. Poor Spike though, even now he's one of a kind...

Tell me, is this going to be a Spartiy tale, but with a reverse twist of role play ? :raritystarry:

Comment posted by Posted deleted Dec 18th, 2012

There are hidden reasons for some of the title names, try to find them.:derpytongue2:

Okay, second question in this tale....will we see the dragon versions of Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom in this tale of yours ? :unsuresweetie:

Because this still a nice storyline idea of yours so far and I cannot wait to read more and see some more dragon versions of the Mane 6 and others . :pinkiehappy:

So please do keep up the good work. :yay:


I'm going to take a wild guess at two of the titles.

'Through the Fire and the Flames (Peacemaker)' - Dragon Force reference?

'Poem and the Pendulum' - Reference to the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem 'The Pit and the Pendulum'?

Well, this is something you don't see everyday. :pinkiegasp:



I've been wanting to see a story like this ever since. Now if you'll excuse me, I have much reading to do. :pinkiehappy:

1822231 It's a AU and that is Rarity as a dragon not a child

Poet and Pendulum.... first I read that, I sang Nightwish.

1821813 i just finnished all eight of them
i need more

Ah, so now we get the story that goes with the picture on DA, fantastic.

For dialogue that spans multiple paragraphs, you only need the opening quotation mark until the final section.

Also, my interest. You have it.

This is both funny, enthralling, and a excellent read. You do seem to miss capitalizing Spike every now and then, and I would fix that if I were you, but it certainly is not killing the story or my excitement for the next chapter.

When I saw this in the featured box, I was wondering how it got there with only 18 upvotes. I now see why and have faved it.

Great story so far keep writing and I'll keep reading, liked + Faved.

Missed Grumble's name on this one, but damn. You are gonna leave me on one bad ass cliffhanger when I finish what's here.

There are some places with the common problem of switching from past to present tense between paragraphs. Need to fix those.

Magical diamond needle defenses? Somethings very fishy in Denmark! And Dragonverse-Ponyville too!

Spike glanced off to the side. “I guess it’s the kind of the same as you and Twilight. She found me in a forest somewhere about twenty-or-so years ago.” He glanced to the other side and noticed that he was still holding the candied fruit in a magical field. “Oh!” He grabbed hold of the stick in his hoof and offered it to Rarity. “Here you go.”

When did he learn of this? And why are we learning about it now?

A couple of missed words (Such as "His smile grew as another", you wrote "his smile as another") and some minor problems with the lengths of sentences- commas and semicolons are amazing when you use them properly, excessive period use less so.

All in all, an interesting start, albeit a little... short. Not much happens, and it doesn't say anything about where the story is going. In the future try to hint at the primary plot element in the first chapter- If Spike is going on some special mission, tell us about the situation that requires it. If it's some kind of crossover, hint at how it'll happen, or at least that it will. People are more likely to keep reading if they have questions about how somethings going to happen, and you haven't left many here. The primary details wrap themselves up, and the only thing hinting at the future is the two weeks military service left which... Doesn't tell us much, and given that he's made it through almost two years already...


They are all references to power metal songs.

power within is the latest dragonforce album.

There is a slightly deeper meaning to isome of them though.

For example, poet and the pendulum references a song by Nightwish that is based on the Poe work and is about an artist who is consumed by his work. I chose that as Rarity is freaking out about a deadline.

Also, Mirror, Mirror references a song from an album based on Tolkien's Silmarillion I chose that because Spike is looking in a mirror at the beginning of the chapter and dealing with books near the end.

1823040 I guess that is a little unclear.

It's supposed to mean that Celestia is his legal guardian, nothing more.

oh OUCH!:twilightoops: THAT could have been bad for a couple of dragons:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Allow me: Dun dun dun.:pinkiehappy:

1823835 Thank you. I was waiting for someone to do that.

Oops.:twilightsheepish: I tried to upvote everyone's comments as a thank you, but the site only let me do half of them before telling me I have chosen poorly.

Spike kicking flank and taking names. Plus, his interest in Rarity remaining causes much hope in me.

can't wait to see some of the updates for this :) not often i find a new story that's easy to read and fun as well. i'm especially loving the unique way you approach the idea of Spike and Rarity, and even moreso the way you turned the tables on Spike to give him some maturity and power.
:flutterrage: update soon, Fluttershy demands it!

So far I'm very much interested... however I have to say I was a little confused at times if spike was still a dragon of if he was a pony. Otherwise though it's rather good and I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

Comment posted by Treilacl deleted Dec 19th, 2012

“Aw,” spike scratched the back of his head
Spike needs to be capitalized :p


He may be one-of-a-kind, but he's a badass one-of-a-kind. Conservation of Ninjutsu, fo sho. (Warning: The previous link can and most likely will result in the loss of productive hours of time reading online articles.)

Twilight and Rarity are very cute interacting on a near mother-daughter scale. Spike coming to the rescue, even if it''s just a little metalwork feels perfect. Grumble is a pretty awesome and he shows the perfect perspective of a male friend with teasing and wing-manning, literally. The whole thing just resonates excitement and humor. I look forward to the next chapter.

Wow.... I have to say Im really REALLY enjoying this one! :twilightsmile:
The Twilight/Rarity mother/daughter bit works really well and I love how Spike has fit into it all at the moment. He also feels like Spike but as a Spike might be as a unicorn if a world full of dragons. :twilightsmile:
And then there's Grumble... he's a simple character but he's kinda awesome! He fits into that whole male friend bit that makes him work well with Spike. :twilightsmile: Personally I'm looking forward to the next update!
Please... keep up the great work!
Golden Star!

Interesting....and slightly odd but I shall forge ahead into the rest of the story

This.. is a VERY interesting AU. Indeed, I think I love it! Please, continue thy wordcraft good sir!

Good I would like to see more

mood swing for the win. much love is received through this story!

List of songs and artists(For anyone interested)

Return to the Tribe - Edguy
Paid in Full - Sonata Arctica
Power Within(Album) - Dragonforce
Hunting High and Low - Statovarius, Freedom Call, and others
Stand My Ground - Within Temptation
Through the Fire and the Flames Dragonforce
Peacemaker - Sonata Arctica
Shy - Sonata Arctica
Mirror, Mirror - Blind Guardian
Oceans of Regret - Cain's Offering
Poet and the Pendulum - Nightwish
Last of the Wild - Nightwish

This is so syrupy-sweet, my teeth are falling out from reading it. It's so nice to see the power of alternate-universe-ness being used for good, rather than evil.

Eagerly awaiting more. Getting rather ahead of the story, I foresee a hilarious 'Celestia playing protective mother for a terrified Rarity' scene in the distant future.

Really nice, I enjoyed this a lot. As I said before, I cannot wait to see more, especially the introduction of the other characters and, more importantly, if we'll be having a Nightmare Moon event.

allow me again: Dun dun dun:rainbowlaugh:

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