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A lost filly, an unrequited love, a plot for revenge, all elements laced in Private Eye's latest case. A simple kidnapping turns quickly into a quest to uncover a conspiracy against Ponyville's most beautiful mare. Private is determined to solve this case and bring the young filly home. But his partner might be just as determined in a much more personal endeavor.

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937159well I had all these written ahead of time due to my painfully short career on Deviantart. Don't go to my account though, the stories there are a little dated and not nearly as well written as on here. Though, if you do plan on it I'd like you to have a look at Heart of the Outcast (A Ditzy Do story) to see if it's worth putting up here.

937336 I'll go check i out.

937336 I'll go check i out.
Can I get a link?

This was pretty good! I had my suspicions that Spike was the mastermind behind everything, but I'm glad he wasn't :eeyup:

Detective spike on the case!:moustache:

937576thanks for the fav by the way! You are awesome!:pinkiehappy:

No no, YOU are awesome :yay:
Although its a shame I haven't read Equestrian Noir Case 1... I should change that :eeyup:

938345that you should my good man that you should

937781 Okay, I read the first chapter, and I believe you should post it to here. It seems like an interesting concept with great potential. :derpytongue2:

Oh how I wish this story had more views.
The Equestria Noir series has to be my favourite. I'd even go as far as to say it passes Upheaval on my list! :pinkiehappy:

You flatter me :twilightsmile: I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, so please help this story get more views!

997628so what did you like about it?

1003920 The story is so well written and has unexpected twists, such as in the first story when you find out that the victim was not the father (Manderin was it?) son. I also like how its not as if they randomly stumble upon a clue and "Hey I solved da case durrrr!" It really is like LA Noir! Oh and just a personal preference, I do hope Twilight and Private get together. I also can't wait to see more Larksong :yay:
This story reminds me to get off my ass and get back to writing Divided Nation, my civil war story :rainbowlaugh:

1004416I didn't think people would like Larksong so much

1004684 She seems to be a bit shady, but I think thats why people are so intrigued by her

1004762I guess you have a point thanks for the encouragement, I'm really happy you enjoyed this so much, it really does mean a lot.:pinkiehappy:

1004773 Hey no problem. When is case 3 coming out anyway?

1004779the first two chapters are waiting for approval as we speak I ran into a little writers block with this case but it's on it's way to being completed

1004788 Let's hope your writers block isn't as bad as mine (1.5 weeks atm) So what is this case about? What place are you in the que?

>> Doesn't say yet where I am in the que, but let's just say the case involves a certain pair of newlyweds :raritywink:

1004818 Dun dun dun...:derpyderp1:
I'm taking a guess who they are


1004973Sorry but your answers is wrong, but you get a cosolation prize! A muffin! :pinkiehappy:

1004981 Yay! Well my guess was there would be a big mystery on who murdered the cupcake, and then in the end they found out Pinkie...*shudder* cannibalized him:pinkiecrazy:

1005055*shudder* do not remind me of Cupcakes...

1005094 Oh you think cupcakes is bad?
Google sweet apple massacre.:applecry::applejackconfused::eeyup:

1005107I'd rather keep my sanity thank you very much

1005110 Who doesn't want to see Big Macintosh *censored*:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:

1005125 Censored previous comment more for more censorship!

did u get a place in the que

This story...is now relevant to my interests...and I currently have to write a paper for school...:applejackunsure:

1637656Well I don't want to keep you from your studies but if you want to read it go ahead

I like this series.

1786550Thank you, I hope you will enjoy the rest of it

Totally not talking about dating advice and such... wink wink*

And so, in the end, Dustmane was a kinda cool pony

So Dustmane wasn't the Rarity obsessed stalker we all thought he was. Well played, well played.:trixieshiftleft:

2558800 It's something that people on Tumblr say when they like something. And once again, this.

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