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Five thousand years after leaving her planet, the Alicorn Twilight Sparkle travels the depths of space on personal quest. But she soon finds that this mission is one that she can not accomplish on her own.

Twice before, Astral Plane has run afoul of powerful beings known as Celestials. When it happens a third time, he finds himself dragged into one mare's search for answers, and her friends.

Now on a hunt for targets spread throughout the galaxy, he must find ways to survive unexpected dangers, lead a group that grows crazier with every passing day, and learn to live and work beside the embodiment of everything he despises.

From the Author of the slightly Popular Fic "My Little Dragon," comes a Brand-New, Action-Packed, Science-Fiction Adventure. Tags will be changing as the story grows, and the cast and tone shift and change. Where will it all end up? Read it and see!

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Why does anyone keep a journal? Do they need to record the events of their lives, lest they forget? Is it merely a formality? Or is it so they have someone to talk to?

Two distant souls who never considered starting a journal find themselves starting one anyway. When one's only true companion is made of paper, how much more does the heart long for company?

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Oh, my head. Where am I? How did I get here? AND WHY IS THERE SOMEPONY IN MY BED?! What happened last night?

Takes place one year before the events of my fic Earth and Sky.

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Many years ago, shortly before the birth of one Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, ruler of Equestria, found a small item in a forest. That item? An egg. Around the same time, in another place, Celestia, ruler of Draconica found something small in a forest. That thing? A pony.

dragons(C) ?

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Rainbow Dash and Applejack do some farm work and share some of Granny's spiced cider. Rated T for alcohol.

Just a quick piece, done while waiting for the Turkey to cook.


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Earth and Sky side story. AJ and Applebloom take the train to Appleoosa and make some new friends along the way.

Takes place during the events of Earth and Sky and crosses over at times, but stands on its own story-wise.

Characters will be added as they appear.

Artwork(c) me

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Another day, another crash. Hey, being the best means taking some risks, but this time Rainbow dash is ground bound for three whole days! What does she do? Stay at Sweet Apple Acres until she recovers, of course! One thing though, AJ's out of town.

Ok, so this was only supposed to be a one chapter practice piece, but it spiraled out of control. There are now something like 15 completed chapters and a complete side story with an additional 15 chapters. I can't believe I did this. Rated teen for a fight and some misunderstandings, but I'm really just playing it safe. (I don't want to be banned on my first upload!)

First person(pony?) View, alternating between Rainbow and Mac.

Artwork (c) me, Just some stuff I slapped together. I'll give each fiction a proper piece of art later.

Also, if I get 3,000+ views, I'll make a piece of art for every chapter.

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