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"I'm not afraid of dying. I just don't want to be there when it happens." —Woody Allen


Spike wakes up on the side of an unfamiliar road, with only a confusing memory of the night before and a very unspecific note in his hand. Following the road, he finds himself in the town of Dragonsville, a rural town in the direct center of the country of Serpentia, land of love, tolerance, and harmony. Upon entering the town, he comes face-to-face with the most confusing group of dragons he's ever met: Pinkie Pie, the baker; Rainbow Dash, the stunt flyer; Applejack, the farmer; Rarity, the designer; Fluttershy, the animal enthusiast; Twilight Sparkle, the librarian; and Spike, the #1 assistant, who also happens to be a unicorn, a species most rare in this land.

And so begin the most incredible two weeks of Spike's life...

Featuring Brand New Cover Art by Ms. Pia-Sama!
MLP: FIM Characters, Settings, etc. © Hasbro & Lauren Faust

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Very interesting, I thought I will never see the day. I think you did you okay but what do I know I am not a grammar Natzy or anything like that so I would not know. Keep up the good work.

Definitely interested in seeing where this story goes.

Man, I've been favoriting a lot of stories lately :raritywink:

It's on my reading list for first thing in the morning (it's almost 2am here) but all I can say is that I can only assume that one Spike is the normal Spike (dragon from pony land) and the other is the unicorn mentioned in the intro (because honestly I was confused that it might've been Spike the unicorn that woke up on the side of the road or something... it all could have been fixed with little name-changes in my opinion)

This concept, it needs to be continued.

I have a fresh pair of hiking boots, full canteens, plenty of bef jerky, a pack full of gear and provisions, and a fully charged mp3 player with 72 hours worth of music.
Time to follow this fic on its long journey into the Misty Mountains!:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

My first thought upon seeing the title:

Only to realize that the song is called "ONE Week":facehoof:

This story... it's very refreshing to say the least, another chapter if you would dear sir.


More suited perhaps?

Yes actually.
First time hearing that song and its video.

I am curious. Another chapter, please.

This is interesting, I'll be following this.

Now this here story is the perfect example of "I-got-drunk-or-enchanted-I-don't-know-where-I-am-but-this-will-be-epic" story.
I like this kind of stories. Please write more.
PLEEEEEAAAAASE? I might even spare sime TriForce fer ya!
▲ ▲

this story is BRILLIANT!!!,hope the next chapter comes soon.:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by kingtiger666 deleted Jan 21st, 2013

This story certainly has potential. I've got to say, the first-person narrative is something I don't think I've seen before in fanfiction before... which is odd given that this is the fandom that had a habit of writing second-person stories of all things.

Also, now that I think of it, I'm honestly surprised that I haven't seen anything with this overall premise before now, given that various pieces of fanart using it have existed for a while. You know, like your current cover image as I post this.

interesting :pinkiehappy:
Q: will this be a Spike(the dragon)/Harem? :moustache:
update soon please, i wish to read more :twilightsmile:

THIS IDEA IS BRILLIANT!!!:pinkiehappy:
when will the next chapter come?:twilightsmile:

Good chapter and you do have me wondering how the story is gonna go. Does the two weeks mean after 2 weeks Spike will be given a choice as to whether he stays in Dragonville or goes back to Ponyville? Does it mean he'll have a shot at dragon-Rarity? And what might happen if the dragons discover where Spike is really from?

"dragin"? Why do you spell it like that? I admire the fact that you actually managed to consistently use "dragon" and "dragin" without mixing them up like "Draginsville" or something. I still can't help but cringe internally every time I read it, though.

Not bad. I like this chapter.

Whats up wtih "Dragin"? Is that some sort of weird consistant misspell?

I KNEW that the local Spike was going to be a unicorn! (Admitedly, a small part of me wanted him to be a pegasus, just so he would be different (and still able to deliver messages(albeit with a delay in delivery))

Dragon Celestia is going to be fuckin massive and dragon Luna is going to make every ear bleed in a 5 mile radius, aren't they?
OH GOD!!:raritydespair: Dragon Discord and dragon NMM!!:raritycry::pinkiehappy:
Though what would Gilda be?:trixieshiftleft: A pegasus?:trixieshiftright:

I look foward to dragon Twilight's cutie mark story on how she birthed a unicorn when she was 5 years old/a drake:twilightoops::twilightsheepish:
Her cutiemark story is likely 80% cooler now:twilightsmile:

OH MY GOD!!!:rainbowkiss:
Dragon Rarity makes EDIBLE CLOTHING!!!:raritystarry::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:
Think about it!!:rainbowlaugh:

Keep on rollin!:pinkiehappy:


:twilightsmile: i like where this is going!
:moustache: could use more facial hair though...
:ajbemused: be quiet Spike.


Dragon Discord

But he's already part dragon. "Draconequus", remember?

Then again, flipping things around could be possible - "Equadracon" or something, with more pronounced pony traits and less pronounced dragon traits.


But he's already part dragon. "Draconequus", remember?

Oh yeah...:applejackunsure:

Then again, flipping things around could be possible - "Equadracon" or something, with more pronounced pony traits and less pronounced dragon traits.

Thats the ticket!:pinkiehappy:

Dear Readers That Are Confused About the Spelling of "Dragin,"

I stated earlier that my terminology was based on that of Metal Pony Fan's "My Little Dragon," for which I have now given you a link to. For those too lazy to click on the link, the term "dragin" refers to a female dragon, much like the term "filly" refers to a female pony. Sorry for the inconvenience.:twilightsmile:


Wait, let me guess what's going on here: I don't know how the "Two Weeks" thing fits in this, but judging from the first four lines after "An endless, blue ocean." I feel safe in guessing that, back in Equestria, Spike was in an accident, a long fall most likely, and is now either in a weird part of his own mind, like he guesses, or some how his essence was transferred to a parallel world and given physical form.

Two weeks, Spike. Two weeks. :raritystarry::pinkiesmile::rainbowkiss::ajsmug::twilightsheepish::moustache:

Two weeks Spike, thats all you have!
Don't go falling for dragon-Twilight. She is still your ... sister ... mother .. something or other ...
besides you only have two weeks ! :trollestia:

Finally, I wish to extend my thanks to Mr. Metal Pony Fan and his exceptional work, entitled "My Little Dragon," whose terminology and canon helped to inspire the design of the drakes and dragins of my own tale. You would all be better for it if you looked up his story now and indulged in its wonders (and ask him to update it, as well).

well THAT explains the 'My Little Dragon' vibes I was getting:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: oh well, just another dragon story to fave and follow

dont take that the wrong way though, I like that one (WISH he'd hurry up with the update) but anyway like and fave

Very interesting story. I'm along for the ride. *proceeds to sing Misty Mountains Cold just for the hell of it*

Man, Spike's a wee bit of a dick to... well, himself I guess. I bet he'd throw a fit if some fancy unicorn waltzed in and nicked his pony Rarity. I don't see pony Spike taking this lying down, somehow. Spike's attracted to Dragon Twilight here? Well, that'd be a good compromise.

I like that Spike can't be happy because he feels like he'd be taking something that belongs to his pony counterpart. That being said I laughed when Spike "Emerald" almost had a heart attack seeing dragin(I use hen, because drake is also the term for male duck, so I figured the opposite would be okay) Rarity, again that part was really funny.

I find troubling the fact that Spike wants to win Rarity in any way possible, when he should be focusing in finding a way to return home. Also, the fact that Spike is making !ponySpike suffer by using his knowledge and experience with Rarity.

Totally faving this story.

I'm betting applejack will get him to spill the beans on who he really is seeing as she is the element of honesty. And it will be hilarious!:pinkiecrazy:

Great story, I really enjoy your writing... but god, it seems like it's gonna be a sparity :fluttershbad: If you like the pairing go ahead, I don't mind. I just hate it to bits. Rarity as a character to me comes off as very, VERY vain. That's just something I really detest in a person, because to me it indicates that the person values appearances more than feelings. I could never be attracted to a person like that, thus the dislike of sparity. Even though Rarity can be made into a more complex character than that, the basis to me is just unappealing. I can't relate, in any way, to finding a girl like her interesting :twilightoops:

I hope that "Emreald" realizes exactly why he feels this way and instead switchs to helping Spike out.

If dragon Spike enjoys inflicting pain on pony Spike, would that be masochism or would it be sadism?:unsuresweetie::applejackconfused:*

Was that shock and blast when the Spikes touched the universe....cracking or something?

This is getting ominous and I like it so I'll be waiting for the next update.

Could not read throughts upon seeing Rarity for the first time.
And for pony spike, just give him a drawing of pony Rarity.

Well written and clever. Not a bad combination, my good man.

Wow, considering both of them are the same beings in different bodies i bet the battles these two will have will be epic, out-smarting each other constantly. Tho i still wonder why Spike is being such a dick to his counterpart.

Odd, I personally thought Spike was going to throw the game away. Albeit, this isn't exactly a game you can do that with. Still, Spike's behavior feels much more rational. The two of them certainly have the back and forth down.

I like to think that Spike is learning a lot about himself:
1) I'm kind of a dick. :trollestia:
2) I'm slightly homicidal. :pinkiecrazy:
3) I'm smarter than I look. :twilightsheepish:

2105134 I am awesome, and so humble, too :moustache: ... :facehoof:

Aaaaa, I was wanting one Spike x Twilight. But, I want Drake-Spike help Unicorn-Spike yet.

All Spike(Emerald) has to do is tell Twilight the truth and convince her to help the Spikes trade places... Everyone wins! :heart:

assuming he does not fall for dragin Twilight first ... :heart:

Spike (ours more so than the unicorn one) is a raging dick. Its worsened a bit by him knowing it too.

Rarity = Queen of Diamonds

Coincidence? Don't think so! :twilightsmile:

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