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Unrelated to FiMFiction. . . · 9:48pm Yesterday

The madness is starting to set in. It always happens at this time of year, and is nigh impossible to escape. Almost everywhere, it's happening.

I speak, of course, of the OVERSATURATION OF CHRISTMAS. I can deal with the lights and decor aspects easily enough. That's fine. But the music, the change of work uniform to a more Christmasy look (DISGUSTING), the madness and stupidity of people in general at this time of year, it culminates in one of the two ways to drive me nuts.

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Is there a way I could help with Mirror Mirror, or at least read it?

No body expects the feature, for I a bot just got lucky seeing it *dress in Spainish inquistion robes dancing to get lucky*

2744078 Thank you for informing me of that Spanish Inquisition moment. I was not expecting that.

Hey saw you were featured around 5/22/2019 around 2:07 am CST

You sir, have earned a Gllllorious follow!! *throws it at yo face* IN YO FACE!!!! :D

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