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I have some really wonderful readers.
Here is some of the great stuff they've made.

Page is a work in progress, and new stuff is being added as I find it. If you find something I've missed, please let me know! :twilightsmile:


Wait, wait... What year is it again? · 11:34pm April 9th

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted anything, hasn't it? I'd like to apologize for that. I have an explanation down below (spoiler! It involves depression) underneath the really cool Sunflower art that I forgot to post about back in... God, was it October? It was, wasn't it? Sigh...

I also wanted to say, if you've sent me something (via PM or email or whatever) and I haven't replied, please feel free to send it again. I probably lost track of it.

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Hoopy is a busy guy and I know from experience it takes him at least three months for him to get to and aswer a PM. Though I think he might prioritise your PM since it appears to be quite important.

djazz #473 · Sunday · · ·

Hello Hoopy!
I am writing here because I haven't got a response from you for two months. The print project for Project: Sunflower is going along nicely. The interest sign-up for it just ended, and I will soon announce the sign-up form where people can order a copy. I have seen that you're online often on Fimfiction, and I would like some kind of response to the PMs I've sent you. There is still some editing left to do, and I hope to get help and a word from you into the book.

I hope you're fine and well!

Um... I know you're a busy guy and that it takes you a long time to reply to PMs and such but I was just wondering: have you even got that PM I sent you some days after the site update? It feels like it's been forever.

I have read/watched your amazing Keepers Of Discord story, and might I say that this AU is quite the delicious novel to devour, a very touching story of love, life and grief. I love it to pieces. Have a nice day!

I'm glad to here that things are getting better and I hope that things continue to get better. Just remember that there are lots of people out there who care and support you.

*hugs Hoopy*

  • Viewing 470 - 474 of 474
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