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I have some really wonderful readers.
Here is some of the great stuff they've made.

Page is a work in progress, and new stuff is being added as I find it. If you find something I've missed, please let me know! :twilightsmile:


Sunflower hardcover book, e-book, and an explanation of my absence · 2:19am November 3rd

Hi, everyone! Long time, no talk to.

Before I get into the heavy part of this blog post, I wanted to mention that there's an upcoming hardcover printing of Project Sunflower coming up very soon. By which I mean extremely soon. I meant to do a blog post on it ages ago, and it honestly kept slipping my mind.

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Yes, of course :)
Last I heard from him was in late August.

Do you have permission for this?

Edit: I am behind and didn't know this was a thing

I haven't heard from hoopy since July 26 i hope he's okay...

The order sign up for my Project: Sunflower printing is now open until November 6th. It will be printed in Sweden and shipped worldwide. Read more
Sign up - Pictures of the book

Hoopy is a busy guy and I know from experience it takes him at least three months for him to get to and aswer a PM. Though I think he might prioritise your PM since it appears to be quite important.

  • Viewing 474 - 478 of 478
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