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Sunflower hardcover book, e-book, and an explanation of my absence · 2:19am Nov 3rd, 2017

Hi, everyone! Long time, no talk to.

Before I get into the heavy part of this blog post, I wanted to mention that there's an upcoming hardcover printing of Project Sunflower coming up very soon. By which I mean extremely soon. I meant to do a blog post on it ages ago, and it honestly kept slipping my mind.

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Huh? No, I've not met him. Whatever's happened to him... is unknown. But we have to believe! What a surprise will it be, when he appears suddenly, eh?!

So... you don't actually know about his current status as a fact?

For the record, I've been planning on publishing my photos (somewhere else and totally not related to ponies or to fiction) since 2014! If not earlier! Those are pictures well worth being published.

But have I published them yet? Despite my promises (again, somewhere else) -- no :ajsleepy:... It has been about 7 years by now...

My point? Hoopy McGee is not truly gone yet. One is only truly gone when one is... dead. But is Hoopy dead?..

I sure do believe, he's not. Do you :ajsmug:?

Thanks for the update! If he's happy, then I'm fine with whatever he decides to do- even if it's just to let us know he's alive, but done writing.

  • Viewing 511 - 515 of 515
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