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Sunflower hardcover book, e-book, and an explanation of my absence · 2:19am Nov 3rd, 2017

Hi, everyone! Long time, no talk to.

Before I get into the heavy part of this blog post, I wanted to mention that there's an upcoming hardcover printing of Project Sunflower coming up very soon. By which I mean extremely soon. I meant to do a blog post on it ages ago, and it honestly kept slipping my mind.

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Thanks for the update! If he's happy, then I'm fine with whatever he decides to do- even if it's just to let us know he's alive, but done writing.

I managed to get in touch with him a month or two ago and he said he was doing okay and, while pretty busy with life, is still planning to post a blog update in the near future and hopes to eventually get back to writing as well. So please don't give up on him just yet, because I haven't.

yeah it sucks, but that thing happens so often with fanfiction writers that after a while you become a bit of a cynic towards these things. I do hope wherever he is he's doing ok but whenever an author lets a story die without even saying goodbye I kind of makes me dislike them a little bit more than I should.it just really hurts to get invested in the worlds they create and then having them never get a proper ending.

It's truly sad to see. Project: Sunflower, if I remember right, was the first novel-length story I read on this site, all the way back in 2015, if I remember right. I got to see his postings dwindle... then he stopped coming here at all... sad. Hopefully, wherever he is, he's doing well.

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