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The beard of regret. · 2:34am Mar 3rd, 2022

This is a post about beards. Specifically, my beard. There's pretty much nothing else, so I encourage you to skip this post if you couldn't care less about beards.

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are you dead

Last time he was online he said he still planned to keep writing eventually. I for one have faith that he’ll get back in the saddle one day *snicker*.

I hopeyour beard is regrowing nicely

my dude as I said before this page and the stories within are dead. Hoopy might show up every once in a blue moon but it isn't going to be to post a chapter. he hasn't written anything in over six years. at this point I seriously doubt he even remembers where he was going with his stories and like so many others he's moved on and pony doesn't seem to hold much of a place in his life anymore. sad but that's life.

I think he was eaten by a Snail God and became an octopus, so now he's generating lots of ink to write a story about it. Also, weaving paper out of seaweed, that takes time too.

  • Viewing 543 - 547 of 547
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