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Sunflower hardcover book, e-book, and an explanation of my absence · 2:19am Nov 3rd, 2017

Hi, everyone! Long time, no talk to.

Before I get into the heavy part of this blog post, I wanted to mention that there's an upcoming hardcover printing of Project Sunflower coming up very soon. By which I mean extremely soon. I meant to do a blog post on it ages ago, and it honestly kept slipping my mind.

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Why Am I Pinkie Pie was one of the first fics I read on this site back in 2012. I recently remembered it and it makes me happy to see that you're still part of the community.

This probably sounds selfish but I hope that one day I can have the chance to see you finishing the sequel.

Project: Sunflower is the first MLP fanfic I read. And it felt like yesterday I was reading about Erin running in Everfree, alone and helpless, and BOO! Here I am, already read Celestia knows how many fictions and done a an E2C translation of a 171k-word fiction. two translations.

Please take care. Please never give up hope.

love all your books thanks for the read

Welp, time to reread everything

I know you've probably given up on Project Sunflower: Harmony, but I just wanted to say that I loved the first book, and I've enjoyed the second book up until the last chapter so far. Hopefully you decide to continue it someday. I'd love to see it finished. I have to say, I'm ever-so-slightly addicted to it.

  • Viewing 487 - 491 of 491
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