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Twilight's got a pretty good life going in Ponyville. Her days are full of friendship, studying, and the studying of friendship. On top of that, she's a princess in a fancy crystal castle in Ponyville. Her life is as close to perfect as she can imagine it...

Except for that weird noise that has suddenly started keeping her up at night.

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Nice to get a pulse from you, dude! (I'm completely unbiased, no matter what you say)

Comment posted by dragon_slayer deleted Nov 28th, 2014

Dammit, Hoopy :facehoof:

Ah, yes! I'm still alive :twilightsheepish:

I just get these silly ideas sometimes, you know? :rainbowlaugh:

I have actually made every single noise here at some point in time.

And only a few with my horn.


Simply an amazing story! I could find nothing wrong here! This needs to be on the feature box ASAP

I...I want a sequel focusing on Cadence...

The contempt for a certain pretty pink pony princess is palpable... :ajbemused: Can't say I quite disagree however... :unsuresweetie:


Aww, I actually adore Candy-princess. But, yeah, I did poke a lot of fun at her in this one :twilightsheepish:

:rainbowlaugh: A most amusing explanation for ethereal manes.

The only question is... what does Luna's horn sound like when it goes off? I'm guessing something like this:

Aaaaaaaaand, I lost it... :rainbowlaugh: That was pretty good.

Pfft, love the deleted scenes. Especially the horn fungus. :twilightblush:

Hoopy, whatever you're drinking, send me a double! :rainbowlaugh:

Quick, dumb, and fun. I like it.

Pinkie Pie completely failed to materialize.


Ok, I'm not a native English speaker, so I'm not sure what is exactly a "toot" noise...

As Zecora once told me, "If Pinkie should become an alicorn, I'm betting her sound is a klaxon-horn." Now onward, to read the second chapter!

I'd say a "toot" is any short single tone produced by a wind instrument. A whistle would make a high-pitched "toot" while a tuba would make a low-pitched "toot" and person expressing a bit of intestinal gas would produce a sort of "toot" as well. :ajsmug: :rainbowderp: :pinkiesick:

5323319 it is the word used to describe the noise of a horn, usually high pitched, or flatulence.

Now, they only need to press the nose for a "boop!" and they have the Alicorn Orchestra... Also, it make me think... We see Twilight, Cadence and Celestia... What sound make Luna horn?

Oh lord, Hoopy. Are you trying to kill us all with laughter?

5323799 Wouldn't be surprised... Also, Grats on the feature, Hoopy!

Okay, this was hilarious. Also, the idea that the flowy/ethereal manes Celestia and Luna have are because they use them to shed excess power is an interesting one.

Have an upvote.

I've not read anything yet, but I'm giving you a like simply for the clever title and picture, that alone earned a laugh from me, so let's see what the rest of your story can do xD

Very cute story. The wavy hair as a magic sink was an idea I've been pondering for a while, too.


Though, I did discover a way to stop the involuntary spontaneous musical numbers that keep happening in Ponyville.


"Oh, dear. I think..." Celestia's eyes widened. "I can't... Cover your ears, everypony!"
"What?" Twilight asked. "I don't—"

TAKE COVAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! *jumps in foxhole"



Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! :moustache:

Well done!

Oh my god hoopy, I read this story outloud to some friends, and they died of luaghter

This was glorious. A great thing to read while housesitting in an unfamiliar environment. Even though it's complete, I'm going to have to fave it anyway.

I think Luna's horn will make a *Brap* type sound.

That was pretty.... Um, adorable?

I think Pinkie's would make her usual "confetti explosion" sound effect... and shoot confetti in the process. Which could get to be a very large mess overnight.

Eh... it was okay... But I just can't see a unicorns horn making a silly noise like that to signal it is full of magic.

That was great and hilarious!
Except alternative endings, I think you'd better exclude them from actual story and add as bonus in linked blog post.
But upvote and fave anyway, that was great!

No, it must be flugelhorn!

"So, you want breakfast, or—"


Twilight groaned and lowered her head to her desk as Spike stared.

"Uh..." he pointed a claw at her. "Did your horn just..?"

Alternate line:

Twilight groaned and lowered her head to her desk as Spike stared.

"So, uh..." he pointed a claw at her. "Was that a 'yes' or a 'no'?"

*reads further*


"—curse it all! That was right in my ear!"

Smegging hell, I haven't laughed like that in ages! This gag was worth all 6K+ words! It reminds me of, "I am Bender, please insert girder."

"Pardon," the Princess of the Sun said sheepishly.

After that, despite Percelestia's flustered protests, the royal kitchens never again served tacos, and all nearby Mexicanter restaurants were relocated. Sorry for breaking the euphemism-free trend in the comments, but I couldn't resist.

lol to much magic residue buildup makes Alicorn horns making a sound lol

loved Cadance's toot which was quiet while Celestia's was noisy like a freight train or something.

it would been something if the noise was their horns passing gas lol

Hoopy, you know... I think you might accidentally create new head-canon for many, many authors here. Like "Lyra is fan of humans" and "Sometimes Celestia disguises herself as Sunny Skies and have a day off like an ordinary pony". Your explanation about alicorn manes is excellent and lack any flaws. Many authors will use it, I'm sure of it.

My sides are in orbit :rainbowlaugh:

Also, the mental image of a confused Cadence as her horn goes *toot* is adorable.

Sure, it sounded cool and all, but it her scalp felt always like it was crawling, and her mane would occasionally flow the wrong way, obscuring Twilight's vision or getting into her food.

made her

I loled so hard at this fic.

I want this to be canon.

Fun, amusing stuff! Poor Cadance though... Blow away an entire army of Changelings, including the one who easily took down Celestia, shield an entire Empire and blast away at a Tatzlwurm equally alongside Twilight, and fandom still insists on portraying her as inferior.

I laughed so much at this. :rainbowlaugh:

Bucking amazing! :rainbowlaugh:

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