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    Whelp, Got Robbed... Again! · 6:03am February 15th

    First time got robbed was on my birthday a few years back. Tonight we were robbed in the three and a half hours when no one was home. All this because of a door that was busted in. The jackwagons had been casing our house while under the guise of removing debris from the house next door.

    It's not the monitors, tv, xbox, games, movies, laptop, or loss of mind that gets me right now.

    Our cat is missing. Little black long-furred cat who goes by the name of Ashlyn. She's a sweet thing when she's not being skittish or attention grabbing. She'd cuddle up with you for the whole night if you let her and don't move much. She's my roomie's cat but apparently I am her human.

    Had to rant somewhere.

    Fuck Valentines Day and my Birthday.

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    You are most welco-BEHIND YOU!!! *Insert various sounds of battle-field shenanigans here.*

    thanks for the fav

    Thanks for the fave!

    Thank you for the favorite!

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