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Just a girl trying to make it as an independent writer. Please check out my stories, both fanfiction and independent works! Any comments are deeply loved and you're all awesome.


New name, new pic, new me... Same stories · 1:28am May 19th, 2018

So, I've changed a lot over the years. I'm a girl now, for one. I'm happier. I found out I was bi. Getting into IT. My account, my name, I wanted to change it to fit who I am now.

My books will keep coming, my stories will be written. Just... Now I'm Jewel. I let bf choose the first part of the name. XD

As one last thing... I will hopefully begin writing twilight glow soon. Feel free to pester me about it, I may need the kick in the butt!

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Writer information:

Commission information: Open

Okay, so here is all my information on commissions

*Final price: $10 (US) per 1k words, 10k words max.
*Payment type: Paypal. Half once everything is agreed on(outline, etct), second half once story is finished.
*A story has to be achievable. If you want a 5,000 word story that shows your oc fighting off an army of wyverns, then saving a princess, while defeating a great evil, and completing a dungeon with one hundred traps, etc etc, you're probably only going to get the first part of it.
*I'll only accept ONE commission at a time from a person, max of three stories at once and it will often be first come, first serve. This is my first time doing this and I don't want to be overwhelmed, ruining the experience for anyone who's a big enough fan to like my work.
*I'll try to keep in contact with you over skype or some other message system. But if you're impossible to get a hold of, please don't get upset if the story isn't completely how you imagine it. I'll try my hardest to give what you like, though.

Now, onto the information about what kinds of stories I'll be accepting.

*Original works: If you have some kind of original world/setting you want the story to take place in, great! Or perhaps you have characters in mind and you'd like to use a more generic world, that works fine. Heck, I have written plenty of stories in the past with all kinds of different settings, tech levels and rules, so I can use one of those depending on how you want the story done.
*Fanfiction: I have no problem with fanfiction, but I may decline doing them if I don't feel I know the source material well enough. I want to write a good, quality story. After all, that's what I'm being paid for.
*I won't be doing pure sex. Now, don't get me wrong this doesn't mean a story can't have sex in it. I just won't be writing stories that are pure sex and nothing but sex. I have no qualms about stories that investigate or deal with sexual things(for example, one of my stories explores the bdsm community lightly and the roles of dom/sub). Just nothing that's pure sex.

Now, what you need to send me. Fill out the form below and send it by fimfiction mail:

Word count: This is the minimum word count, in thousands of words. Basically, what you'll be paying me for. I will accept up to 10k words at this time.
Characters: Who are these characters? Names, a little descriptions, personality, motivations. I can help build these, of course, but in the end I want to have characters you like.
Kind of world: What kind of world they're in. At least enough information to know how to set the world up or choose one from my list.

If you end up posting the story, please make sure to give credit, thank you.

So, there is my information on commissions. Please feel free to drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

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Awww, thanks. :) I look forward to being able to continue it.

Congratulations, you have earned a spot on The List!


Your story, No Spell For That, was considered worthy of spreading around to as large an audience as possible.

Love the Avi

Nah. Hoping to get back to writing soon and intend to wrap it uo when i do. I wanna write a bit of Twilight Glow right now, but her story does need to be finished.

Still waiting for chapters for No Spell for That but understand if just not feeling the inspiration for that right now or want to distance yourself from that type of story.

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