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Meadowbrook has returned, aided by three of the most dangerous benders the nations have ever known. However, Diamond has a few new friends on her side, the comrades of her past life. Together, can they hope to stop this mare before things get fully out of hoof? Especially with one of her strongest enemies slowly gathering power and awaiting her moment to strike?

Image by Silfoe again. Thankies. :)
Special thanks to Angel_Bunny for editing the chapters for me.
Please enjoy!
Previous stories:
Avatar the Last Alicorn:
Book 1.
Book 2.
Book 3.
Book 4.

Legend of Diamond Tiara:
Book 1.
Book 2.

Disclaimer: "Avatar: the Last Airbender" and all associated characters, storylines, and materials belong to Nickelodeon and were created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.
My little pony: Friendship is magic and all associated characters, storylines, and materials belong to Hasbro, and was made incredibly awesome by Lauren Faust.

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8362179 Well, more a crossover. Book 7, to be exact.

It lives, etc. etc.

In any case, thanks for adding a chapter to the last story. Probably would have missed this one otherwise.

Glad you're continuing, I like this series.

I need to re-read book one. As since discovering your stories, I have watched both avatar series.
I can't wait to get to this book!

And we're back! I've been looking forward to this since the end of the last one, glad to see it going up.

I've always loved the way you fused these two 'verses - I cannot find fault with the way bending has been combined with the nature of the ponies, and the way you've put the ponies into Avatar-verse roles without compromising their original characterisation is nothing short of brilliant.

I think I speak for all of your readers when I say we wait with bated breath for the next chapters. Please, keep up the excellent work!

This series needs a wiki, or a recap chapter, or something else. I remember them being great stories, but I don't know if I'm up for rereading a quarter of a million words to refresh my memory.

I'm hoping that just reading this new work will be enough, but I have a feeling it won't.

Thanks! To be honest, its always been probably my favorite/one of my favorite series to write. It sadly was just never that popular(I think the last chapter had like.... 50 viewers last I checked?)
Awwww, thanks!
Awwww, shucks. Its been one of my favorite stories to write. It just allows sooooo much room to expand in it.
There is a TV tropes page? And yeah, I feel you. I've been actually re-reading all the previous books and going over my notes to try and get back into the head space needed to write the book as it is.(There is just SO MUCH that goes into this story that I forgot about. >.<)
Ohhhh. I've never heard of that meme. Sorry.


It makes fun of the JJBA fandom's tendency to see references in everything. But in a good-natured way.

ā€œ... Listen, there's a reason I'm not allowed to take public transport anymore.ā€

I kinda want to know what the flying feather Vinyl did

So... there's a new Meadowbrook, instead of Starlight somehow making a comeback.

Welp, this is a problem.

Read the end of Book 1? Also Book 2?

There is something that is needed here.

And at last this book's villain's full identity is revealed.

So, soon the team assembles?

I am so happy that I picked up this story after having a hard time reading it the first time. I like seeing the parallels and the changes made to the Avatar-verse. Cannot wait to read more.

Keep the update train rollin'

Finally, after a month of reading this series in my spare time, Iā€™m finally caught up. This was a really good read. I think you did a good job blending the two series together.

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