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Mocha Star

I'm here to write my way into your hearts and infect your minds.

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Greeting and salutations. Thanks for gracing me with your presence, it is my honor to welcome you to my place. Don't mind the mess, it's just a bit busy at the moment.

To the right you'll see a place to offer funds and tips for the work I do, and below that are the most recently updated stories I've done.

Catch me on Discord. Mocha#1634

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Thanks for adding one of my stories to your Sappy Stuff folder!

I hope it lives up to your expectations. I strive to make sure my work looks good.

Which, ironically, is why I took so long to get the next chapter out :/

Feel free to critique where you see fit.

Hoping it's good.
I'll comment accordingly.😇

Thanks for adding Dead End into your collection! Means a lot to me.

opash feia sfelwodf you o wyeya n tacidn and ifa kdint' amenta to but hey waw eall tyeom ake dmistakes y'knwoa hahahaaa jk il sub 2 u f4 lif fam luv u lotaof s luv uyr sotriesy rea dy em god

  • Viewing 305 - 309 of 309
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