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I'm here to write my way into your hearts and infect your minds.

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About Mocha

Greeting and salutations. Thanks for gracing me with your presence, it is my honor to welcome you to my place. Don't mind the mess, it's just a bit busy at the moment.

To the right you'll see a place to offer funds and tips for the work I do, and below that are the most recently updated stories I've done.

About me:

Here's a bit about me, since you're here and have read this far. I'm 35, from the Midwest USA, and have a varied work experience across the service and food industry.

I'm married but separated and have 3 kids from 4-13.

Best Artist: Pillowrabbit. I cropped, edited and put two pictures together.

My family and I are all into ponies. My wife got into it more recently after admitting she liked my clop stories, so I'll randomly go on clop writing sprees and the reason is because I like to make her happy, plus my readers like my stories. :pinkiehappy:

I've been a Brony since Feb. 15, 2015 when I came across a random promo video in my Youtube feed. It was StormFX version of My Little Dashie. By the end of the short video I was crying and realized that I didn't need to die to live. I put the plans for suicide away and watched more MLP fanfictions and videos.

Shortly after listening to Cupcakes, by Sergeant Sprinkles, I began writing gore.

I wasn't very good at grammar but I wrote solid stories and began to use Fimfiction as my medium. I switched to fantasy then branched out, keeping from the scary aspects of pony life until I was more experienced as a writer.

I wrote my first clopfic, Zap Apples the Forbidden Fruit, just to try it out. It took a life of its own and two sequels later it's still flowing in its own AU full of romance and passion, with dashes of adventure here and there.

A World Without a Rainboom is the first Adventure story I wrote. I wrote it in tandem with Zap Apples, so there are parts that share grammatical issues, while others I've gone over and fixed in AWWARB I have yet to rewrite and fix the grammatical issues in the clopfic.

I've made several lifelong friends, at least I hope they are, as meeting IRL is difficult. But, that's why we have Bronycon!

My Writing Style

I write the way I was taught in school during the 1980's. There are many times that writing in the English language, and there were many shifts between then and now. I use double spacing after periods in sentences and used to tab indent the start of every paragraph, because that's how we were told to write.

I've gotta a lot of comments about those two issues, and am working to learn modern writing rules, so if you've read this far, you now may understand why I write slightly differently, yet consistently the same way through the first fifty of my stories.

Thanks to editors such as Rancor, Deltablaze22, and others, I've grown significantly as a writer and as a person online and in real life. Without a varied crew and team of assistants, where we all help each other, I'd be a terrible writer with great stories; if that makes sense.

I will continue to grow as a writer and author in the fandom and someday beyond as long as I breathe. I have not plans to stop at writing pony words, but my speed at writing varies depending on my depression and workload.


My OC's name is Mocha, as is my name IRL. It's kind of a self insert, but I'm not one to Gary Stu anypony, ever. I am grounded in our reality so many times I actually under power the characters I write.

My OC is a brown earth pony with zebra striped mane. He's an alicorn (of the earth) but wants nothing to do with the powers he has access to and has been in hiding for several hundred years, just moving from town to town as needed.

He doesn't care about the state of the world, as the world was there before and will be after he is gone. Celestia thinks him gone to another reality or dead and doesn't care to find him. He's seen too much in his life and doesn't want to change the way things are now and won't interfere with any world changing events unless they are going to destroy the world and/or eradicate life on the planet.

Fav Ponies:

Princess: Luna

Mane 6: Applejack & Pinkie


Side Character: Derpy

Catch me on Discord. Mocha#1634
Catch me on Youtube.

Favorite Long Series: Austraeoh

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Howdy there! :pinkiehappy: I hope you enjoy the story!

Theirs nothing wrong with that. A good story goes where it goes. I may find it uncomfortable but it doesn't negate the fact that it was well written. Even more so when you think about it. The fact that a string of words can make me feel that way speaks volumes of your skills as a writer.

Thanks so much.

I know it's probably morbid of me but I take pride in creating a scene where empathy for the victim detracts from the main character in realism, in this case.✌❤

Sorry for the lateness in my reply I have been really busy. After having read it I have to say it is a really good story. One of the best stories about serial killers I have read. You have captured something I have criticized in other works. Mainly they're more focused on making a killer cool rather than making them tree-dimensional. (One reason why I can't stand Jeff the killer.)

As for the torture scenes I do admit they were pretty hard to read. Tho this wasn't your fault at all but more of mine. Which is more of a success on your part to vividly portray in such a way where you feel it is too hard to read because you feel empathy for his victims.

I would say this is a great story and accomplishment and also I would use this story as an example on how to write a good serial killer.

It's a great and fulfilling story! After reading Pandemic my view of SS was tainted, but now I'm hoping for the next leap, to be her leap home.

  • Viewing 261 - 265 of 265
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