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Flurry Heart, now going by Midnight Winter, is a brooding mare in the midst of her teenage years. Her parents don't understand her, and that's all that matters in her world.

Serious Version

Written for the Shining Armor is a Terrible Dad 2024 Competition.

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“Black really isn’t my color.”

No. It's really not :rainbowlaugh:.

this is really good work, I love it, I hope to be a father one day to a beautiful child and be the kind of father they need, there for them and supportive, able to guide them and give them what they need and maybe have to put my foot down, but help them understand why.

Shining played his ace in the hole. “I have a double fudge chocolate cake, a bowl of strawberries with fresh whipped cream, and a bottle of water from Rainbow Falls.”

I love how specific this is. I guess royals have pretty specific (and expansive) tastes

This was a fun read and I enjoyed it! To the author though, I suggest you add this to the submissions folder as it's not actually in there and might be missed

Thanks, I added it.
Glad you enjoyed it, I had fun in the hour it took me to write it.

Flurry is really Adorable
She just wants to be something other than a princess

Well. That happened. I want to dislike a rival contest story but this is really good.

Thanks! I'll give yours a read, too.

This turned out deeper than I thought it would be.
A Father-Daughter moment.

...So well written & surprisingly sweet! I'm glad that this was funny & ended well! Also the idea of goth Flurry saying grace is funny.

“I’m a stallion, and it’s no secret that almost all stallions are dumb, especially in the way of mares.” XD, funny.

“Hey, don’t call me by my name, young lady. To you I’m dad, daddy, or father; am I clear?”
“P-push her?” Shining stammered indignantly. “I only told her to show me some respect. She’s been going through this Midnight Winter nonsense for long enough, shouldn’t you be the one trying to get her to snap out of it?”
-“Bring her some food. Show her that you understand where she’s coming from and where she is right now. Not where you want her to be, but where she is.”

I understand Shining being confused and upset, and I'm glad he recognized that Flurry-Midnight- should respect him, despite what Cadance said. This was an amazing story on how to deal with weird goth phases, LOL.

Bro you write gold for a fic you made in a mere hour - way quicker than my writing, too!

Thanks! Yeah, took me an hour and I just thought how I'd react in his situation.
It was fun to write and I'm glad I don't need an editor for this one. 😅
I hope you follow me for more good stories to read, both in the past and in the future.

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