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Charles Farrow

Writing really isn't my thing.

To do list

Crystal reincarnation. - Chapter 2, being edited.

Cookies and Cults. Unwritten

The subsequently, moderatel, somewhat average adventures of Bers Writlock and the cube of destiny. - Chapter 2, being written.

Dirt. - Chapter 1, mostly written, but old as hell.

Family is complicated. - Chapter 1, being written.

Almost an adventure through time and space. Unwritten

She won't stop bugging me. unwritten

A bug in evolution. unwritten

Spark. unwritten

The contemplations of a royal idiot. - Chapter 1 and 2, mostly written.

Life in the woods. - Chapter 1, mostly written, but due for a rewrite.

A little light reading. - Chapter 1, mostly written.

Night dreams of lost moon. - Chapter 1, mostly written.

The knifest letters. - Chapter 2, unwritten.

Pictures of the Soul


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Hello, are you still active?

Why do you'r Badge of honor terrified me when i read it... Curriouse experience :duck:

The story you help proof read 2019 is well received. Thanks again for helping back out, when my english was simply on the level of a toddler :facehoof:

Any change we see a update to you'r Story about reincarnated as Flurryheart story?

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