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A casual fanfic writer who stumbled down a bit of a MLP: FiM obsession hole, hence the existence of this account.


Caring for an Alicorn can be hard. Especially when you’re in an alien hive, you’re a xenomorph that chewed its way out of said Alicorn’s chest a few weeks ago, and the Alicorn you’re trying to care for, A.K.A. Twilight Sparkle, is convinced you do not have her best interests at heart, despite all your attempts to prove otherwise.

MLP:FiM/Alien Quadrilogy crossover. Gore tag is for implied incidents in the past. Nothing graphic actually occurs during the events of the fic.

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Jmunoz13 #1 · April 5th · · 1 ·

It's dark and sad but it means you did a great job getting it to tug on the reader's emotions.

I wonder if the personality transfer was more effective in altering morals due to her being a paragon of understanding for others? Or would any xenomorph feel this way if its host survived the birth? I hope she is rescued, but I also hope she is able to return the favor. She already is "mother" to one terrifying monster, even if they act more like siblings.

Is her horn damaged? I see no mention of magic by her, and later season Twilight would teleport out of the whole hive. Might need some explanation, if only a throwaway line about the hive material being similar to Chrysalis's throne in the critical aspect.

I so want a sequel to this.

It’s less like “personality transfer” and more like a corrupted copy of an existing file. I imagine that this happens with ponies and not humans because of the magical energies in their bodies, which causes the chestbursters they ‘birth’ to inherit a more developed consciousness and even memories. This is hinted at by the mentions of ‘ponytraps’ and having to ‘convince’ other xenomorphs to let twilight go; the xenomorphs here are more intelligent than they usually are because they use pony hosts. I imagine that pony-birthed Xenomorphs getting a little attached to the bodies of their ‘mothers’ happens frequently enough that it’s not considered out of the ordinary, at least not to the degree that Xenomorphs are killed for it. The only thing that’s different about Twilight’s ‘son’ is that its ’mother’ survived the chest-bursting.

Yeah, that was a bit of a goof on my part; I originally had a line about how her magic was kept suppressed by some webbing on her horn that was accidentally cut from the story. Added it back in. That’s something else specific to this particular hive; if you’re gonna be using unicorns for hosts, you kinda need some way to keep them from using magic.

Thanks! My shorter stories tend not to do well, for some reason…

Got a few ideas for that… though they’re just as dark as this one.

I would, personally, prefer something with at least a somewhat happy ending, but write what your muse will work with!

Oh, there will be a somewhat happy ending eventually. You can just expect one heckuva trauma conga line in between.

Have there really only been four Aliens movies? I could’ve sworn there were more... Or are we not counting the Aliens Vs. Predator movies?

Nope, because Predators don't show up here.

There's the original Trilogy, Resurrection, and Covenant.
And then kinda-sorta-Prometheus.
But also the new stuff beingproduced appears to just be making up its own thing(s)?

Anyhoo am also curious about possible sequels for this. It's a weird crossover but an interesting take on the idea

Absolutely nobody's having a good time here, an impressive bit of writing.

More please. This is fantastic and refreshing. I’m always happy to see things from the monsters point of view so this is very nice.

Except maybe the Queen, and even then that’s a pretty big maybe.

Enjoyed this story it ended kinda quick. But definitely an interesting Premise

Go for it I say, the idea of the inherited traits you're working with is really rather fascinating and I see a lot of potential for interesting ways to take the story. Heck, Twilight is all about friendship so in a twisted way it could be fun to see her try to befriend her "Child", if only to try and convince it to let her leave. Regardless of what you do I'd be very interested in seeing a continuation. :twilightsmile:

Well, the child’s already trying to convince her it means no harm, so she’s technically halfway there already. As for plans for a sequel… let’s just say that a certain megacorp will be very, very interested in the xenomorphs that populate this hive…

The new one considers the reboot movies (Resurrection, Covenant and Prometheus) to be non-canon (or at least entirely irrelevant) and aims to be a true sequel to the Aliens quadrilogy.

This feels like, and I'm hoping it is, testing the waters on a proper full fic.
Either way, Enjoyed

This short story was actually intended as an independent one-off that I'd post and then move on to something else. Needless to say, I was a bit caught off-guard by how well-received it was.

That was a great little read, hope you do more with this.

Apparently, Xenomorph’s inherit the traits of their surrogate ‘parents’, to better adapt to the environment around them once they mature. Not sure why so few people take that idea to its logical conclusion...

are you referring to fanfic writers here?

Official works use it. The pred-alien actually stood still and let Wolf unmask himself and joined Wolf in a roar-off. Then started a rather honorable duel. The dog-alien had a few quirks to it; unlike the human ones it likes to run down the hallways spooking humans in adjacent hallways. (Which all provides subtle, perhaps unintended, commentary on our predatory and greedy natures when the vanilla human-aliens behave as they do)

The basic problem is the sheer amount of retcons.

Being brought up by the games I know for a fact that Twi-alien wouldn't survive without being culled. Twilight, herself, might survive a little longer until the hive registers the attrition rate of the Twi-aliens.

I’m talking about a xenomorph inheriting a full-bown consciousness and the ability to reason, articulate complex thoughts (at least to themselves), and use tools, not just a few tics here and there. As for the twi-alien being culled, yes, that would happen in a normal hive, but it’s hinted at throughout the text that this isn’t a normal hive. After all, Ripley didn’t need to worry about alien-made mantraps while infiltrating the hive, did she?

Apparently, Xenomorph’s inherit the traits of their surrogate ‘parents’, to better adapt to the environment around them once they mature. Not sure why so few people take that idea to its logical conclusion...

Because the “lore” gets retconned every other week.

Good story, horrid idea.

As I read this, I was filled with intense curiosity and from that I derive into several questions, what is the appearance of Twi-Alien? Can he use magic? How did Twiligth get to that situation? Did Twilight survive as an Alicorn? or Because Alicorns are immortal? Could there be more Twi-Aliens for Twilight’s immortality? and above all... who will win? the Alien or the pony inside Twi-Alien?

Appearance-wise, Twilight’s ‘child’ resembles a runner with leathery, batlike wings, and is somewhere between Luna and Celestia in height. Its carapace is a purplish shade of navy blue bordering on pitch black, speckled throughout with sparkling purple pinpricks reminiscent of stars in the night sky. Note that it does not have a horn.

Whether or not it will be able to use magic will be explored in a later fic. If it can, though, keep in mind that any spellcasting it tries is going to be unpredictable and nowhere near as stable as a spell cast by a unicorn with a horn.

As for how Twilight ended up in the hive… I thought that, Twilight being Twilight, the answer was obvious. But since you asked, Twilight found a cave lined with an organic webbing that she wasn’t familiar with (but that anyone who watched Aliens would have instantly recognized), let her curiosity get the better of her (again), and stepped on a hibernating Worker Xenomorph’s tail. For further elaboration, see the Aliens movie and what happened to the Hadley’s Hope colonists.

As for how she survived the chestburster treatment? You aren’t the only one curious; Twilight’s ‘child’ would like to know how that happened, and so would Twilight herself. Unfortunately, that question isn’t relevant to the fic, and will thus be left up to reader interpretation.

Twilight’s ‘child’ would also like to know whether Twilight could survive a repeat of the facehugger treatment, if only so it knows how much it should be panicking if one of the little buggers manages to latch itself onto her face again. The answer to that question is a definitive “maybe”.

As for who will win… the pony inside Twilight’s ‘child’ (insofar as it can even be considered a pony) has already won, full stop. Now it just needs to find a way to convince Twilight of that…

I'm assuming she survived due to being an alicorn, either because of some psuedo-immortality or regeneration.

Resurrection isn't a reboot its the 4th movie in the 'OG' set (but is trash)

Quite right. The names tend to blurr after a while.
I think I got it confused with Requiem. ... Which is an AvP movie, so non canon away, heh 🙃


let’s just say that a certain megacorp will be very, very interested in the xenomorphs that populate this hive…

Please be more original than that. You have so much to work with without bringing Weyland Yutani into it.

I would like to see follow-ups to this, maybe with the two of them escaping when Celestia or Luna finds and moves to destroy the hive.

Tbh, this sounds quite like the premise of a classic changelings story, a drone inherently in conflict with their queen, caring for a pony that they were taught to view as prey. Not in a bad way however, I'm really looking forward a more dark approach to this trope.

And then, in some comical but twisted future where a Tirek-level threat to Equestria has reared its angry head, with Twilight herself captured or injured (and out of action for the moment), XenoTwi puts on "the big crown thingy," and to the rest of the Mane Six' amazement, the Elements of Harmony work just fine.

The Interim Xenomorph of Magic, if you will.

"Did... that xenomorph just friendship laser the monster of the week?"

"Yes... Um, yes, it did. Ummm..."

Oh, and with the added complications of communication issues, the fact that the pony knows that she’s seen as prey and has yet to figure out that the alien sees her differently, and a whole truckload of identity issues on account of the alien having assumed it was the original Twilight at birth and then being proven wrong.

…interesting idea. I’ve got other plans, but hey, maybe I’ll be able to work that idea into a later sequel.

I have a few ideas to keep things interesting. Ideas involving a certain xeno biologist by the name of Paul Church (he shows up in Alien: Labyrinth, one of the older novels). His main thing is presenting xenomorphs with choices and being able to predict how they react; let’s just say that he’s going to be utterly bewildered by the fact that Twilight’s ‘child’ keeps doing the exact opposite of what he expects.

Do what you think is fun. Will say that if you're planning on throwing humans into the mix, I would expect a fair amount of questions from them on how tf the pony world works. Magic, living immortal gods that move the sun and moon, the elements of harmony, etc. Glossing over those to focus on the xenomorph side of the story would take me out of it, especially if it's scientists we're dealing with.

Not saying you should deal with or even focus on those questions, but some level of acknowledgement would be prudent imo.

Yeah, the humans are going to be asking a lot of questions, and they are going to be kidnapping a whole lot more than just xenomorphs. But the xenomorphs are going to be what they’re focusing the most on; that’s what they’re most familiar with, and they’ll reason that a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.

Ooooohhh,now you are just teasing me, you cruel artist

This takes Pony Fiction in a surprising new direction, and I like it. Nicely done :)

The saddest line in this story is the chapter title.

This is a really cool short story. The fact that the xenomorph is some alien alicorn hybrid, due to it's birth, giving it Empathy towards Twilight is really interesting.
Part of me really wants to see more from the, sort of, friendly alien. Maybe it would be quite polite if it had a hive of its own?

It doesn’t just have empathy for Twilight. You can expect it to not handle being forced to kill anything all that well.

I definitely think you have more promise playing around with this for a while and leaving humans out of it. Eventually I can see that being a potential interesting idea - but agreed that Wey Yu is basically everywhere and itd be interesting to see things fork without the usual 'Greedy humans try to weaponize the uncontrollable' that the Alien franchise has been up to always

A fate worse than death... Poor Twilight! :applecry:

This is a good read, well when I read it before making this account!

Will reread it but it has inspired my own like drawings and headcanons of Xenomorphs in MLP, I did use your own ideas to help a bit so I hope ya don't mind!

Speaking of drawings, I only have like a couple doodles but I may expand on it later!

No, I don’t mind. Quite the opposite, actually.

I absolutely adore this.
I love that it is a story about Xenomorphs, I love that it is written from a xenomorph POV, I love the dark, torturous world Twilight now lives in, I love how little we know about this world, I love how Twilight acts, I love that this xenomorph clearly wants to help her, but cannot...

This is a perfect story for what it is trying to do.
Would love more.

I believe that TVTropes has a technical term for people like you... what was it, again? Oh, right. Nightmare Fetishists

(Not that there's anything wrong with that. You do you...)

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