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The Imperium's Western Fringe Crusade discovers a remote planet and attempts to claim it for the Emperor. However, they encounter unusual local inhabitants, and they soon find that they are not the only ones who lay claim to this remote and strange domain....
MLP x Warhammer 40k Crossover

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I usually don't vote but i gave this one a thumbs up. I have to admit I am fairly bias when it comes to Warhammer 40K and you would have to screw up pretty bad in order not to get a thumbs up from me.

However I do have some questions. You don't have to answer these since this is your story and you can have them do whatever you want them to do.

Question 1:

Is this pre- during or post-heresy? I will admit that I know very little pre-heresy but I do know if it was pre-heresy then the Emperor himself would be involved and the ponies would quickly be... "illuminated". If it was during the heresy, before Horus betrayed the Emperor, then the planet would have been given to the XII legion, World Eaters. Slaughter, massacre, and extermination are their specialty.. that is all Equestria requires. Post-heresy, well probably the Black Templars would take it. No one hates Xenos and Witches like they do.

Question 2:

If they knew they were going in for an assault then why would they not use drop pods? Sure 100 Astarte would be well more than enough to kill every last thing on Equestria. However during a siege from orbit drop pods capable of delivering 1000+ Astarte is far more common. Destroying a world takes few, but bringing it under compliance takes many.

Question 3:

I may be asking too much and I may just have to continue reading to find out the answer, but how do you plan to balance it? The Imperium of Man has done noting but fight, kill and destroy Xenos far more threatening than these ponies for millennia. How are they to even stand a chance? There would be no peace between them so fighting is inevitable.

The galaxy is the Emperor's, and anyone or anything who challenges that claim is an enemy who must be destroyed. — High Marshal Helbrecht

I doubt that Celestia would just hand the planet over to them.. Not that it would save them.


3372489 Good questions and glad you like it so far. This is post-Heresy and is around the turn of the 42nd Millenium. They will be assaulting the planet, don't worry about that, but since they don't know what form the intelligent indigenous life takes due to the sensor interference etc, they are sending in a first-contact party on the basis that the settlements look somewhat human-like and would therefore be more receptive to the Word of the Emperor! This is a Crusade, and the Imperial Guard make up the vast majority of its troop strength, so there will probably not be any loyalist marines in this story. As to your final question, well, as you thought, you will just have to keep reading to find out :trollestia:

This is looking good! Keep going, I'm enjoying it so far!:twilightsmile:

Needs a little editing but so far okay.

Yay, Slaughter! :pinkiesmile:

I like so far, though I doubt any officer of the Imperium would wish peace with any xeno, however I can live with it. Besides, I seem to recall some Imperial world has an easy truce with some primitive lizard people- so long as the xeno is not a threat than death can be side stepped.

3382573 That's what I'm going for- it's hard to create a good reason for anything other than mass extermination when the Imperium meets MLP, but as you said the Imperium does have uneasy peace with a handful of Xenos species that are of no threat to them, and you can't get less threatening than Equestria! Plus I will be playing on the idea that, as horses, they are not actually a Xeno species since they are native to Terra...gotta use something as an excuse or there would be no story! :ajsmug:

Nice Story. I'll see it through to the end. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, why did the ponies open fire? Yeah they didn't recognize the aircraft, but that's not a reason to open fire.

Nice to see the Imperials being reasonable and not going 'XENOS! KILL! PURGE!'. :ajbemused: Yeah, that's the good guys of Warhammer 40k.

I am thinking it is a setup... or these Imperial Guard are heretics.

It should be fun to see how this turns out. I don't see it boding well for the poor ponies though.


(oh and a side note, Your indenting on your paragraphs needs a bit of work. Nothing to worry about.)

>3391253 The ponies opened fire because the second Lightning was coming straight for them as if it was going to either open fire on them or ram them. Glad you approve of the 'new, reasonable, 50% less fat' Imperials. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe there's something about Equestria that makes them act more rationally...we shall see! :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I can see the griffons doing that. In mythology, they were aggressive creatures that fed on human {and horse} flesh. {Also I'm glad you're not just using changelings as the foes. I've kind of gotten tired of it and I personally like the changelings.}

Keep up the good work. (And thanks for letting cool heads win out. Pointless conflict is another thing I've grown tired of.)

Another great chapter, though I have to voice my complaint: I would have preferred a detailed description of Celestia being told about the Imperium instead of 'and then he told her everything.'

One, this tells us next to nothing on what exactly he shared with her; he may have told her the entire history of his species or he may have just told her they own more than 90% of the galaxy. It may be a pain to right but details are needed in fantastic tales; a good story will show us something, a bad one will tell us something.

Two, by showing us what Celestia heard we can learn about the Imperium too. While I'm sure 40k Fanatics like us know it completely we cannot assume the same for the new initiates. Further more, by detailing what was said he can see Celestia react to the various details that were shared with her.

Good chapter!

I think that Soren is rather "new" to this whole travelling around the galaxy thing. While the buildings
In Canterlot are somewhat unique, I doubt that after several occasions of landing on different worlds nothing would really surprise them.

Also am I the only one who thinks that the architecture of Canterlot is not only impossible but very... dumb? It looks like a stiff breeze would send that city down the side of the mountain. But I guess I am out of my league. Who am I to criticize what magical flying ponies can build.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

3396662 Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I knew as soon as I wrote that part that it would cause complaints! I did seriously consider explaining in more detail but, frankly, most of the chapter thus far had just been dialogue and it wasn't moving along very fast, so I decided to skip over exactly what he said. I might go back and add it in, though, because it would be interesting.

3396827 Glad you enjoyed the chapter. It was a difficult one to finish because I hate writing endless dialogue! Soren was only impressed by Canterlot because it reminded him of Imperial cities- in my mind's eye, the Canterlot in this story does not look exactly like the one in the show; similar, but bigger, more solidly build, and more beautiful. :trollestia:

3397684 Thank you for considering my words. Again, I enjoyed the chapter a lot but sorely miss the details Celestia got.

3401629 Don't worry, there will be a Commissar. I didn't think sending one down with the first contact party was a very good idea- they are meant to be diplomatic missions, after all! :pinkiecrazy:

keep up the good work
Update soon "In the Emperor Name"

The forces of chaos are in for the shock of their lives when they try to throw themselves against Equestria. :pinkiehappy: The sisters have experience dealing with chaos and they even have their own Demon Prince of sorts on their side. With the Imperials there, yeah, chaos is screwed.


3412169 Very true. However the Chaos they have dealt with was more 'chaotic for fun' and less 'evil, blood-fueled insanity!' Just for your consideration.

Quo usque pro Equestria Ibis?

3391253 Humans are not the "good guys" no one is. When it comes to 40K.

Good chapter only suggestions do not make twilight and the gang officers

The Ponies seem to be overconfident. I hope a legion of Chaos Space Marines will change that.


3449302 Fix what, exactly? It's magic, it's perfectly capable of withstanding an orbital bombardment! :pinkiehappy:

3449544 Yes, but 6 unicorns holding off 10 minutes of orbital bombardment is retardededly overpowered to new extremes.

Eh... Dunno. Controlling the Sun and Moon likely takes a lot of energy, and we know that the unicorns were the ones that used to handle that.

It could go either way, I suppose.

3449746 Well, it doesn't really matter to the story exactly how long the bombardment lasts. If you want to, imagine it only lasted for a minute or two. Its purpose was merely to knock the shield out, not to pulverise it and whatever was beneath it in as short a time as possible. They were not throwing everything they had at it because they want the city intact. :eeyup:

Why didn't they just add more ponies to the shield? Obviously they can't spare troops to help reinforce the one thing that's keeping them alive. Also 10 minutes of flipping Orbital Bombardment. You can't just pass that off as the Chaos forces trying to keep things neat and tidy. Twice the number of Eldar Farseers wouldn't last half that amount.

3452869>>3449548 Fine, fine. You all win. I changed it to two minutes, if that makes you feel better about it. And they couldn't reinforce the shield because there were only a very few unicorns capable of casting and holding up such a large, powerful shield, like how Shining Armour was the only one who could do it originally. :rainbowderp:

3456374 No. I demand you make this 30 seconds. Or hell, make it instantly burst on the first hit. The weapons being used on the shield can probably deface continents. A little pansy "magical shield" would do all fuck to stop that.

3456419 Look, the weakness of the pony shields in this story is that, for some technical reason, they do not stop las-weapons, not that they are generally weak. In fact the opposite is true- they can withstand pretty much anything that isn't a las-weapon, which the orbital lances are not (they are some kind of unspecified energy weapon, but not a laser), for as long as the ponies can keep it up. The amount of energy hitting the shield affects the amount of feedback they receive in their brains and thus how long they can operate the shield for (the less energy hitting it, the longer they can keep it up for, which is why Shining Armour could keep Canterlot's shield up for so long, because nothing was affecting it except for some changelings kicking it). :twilightsmile:


3456583 That's why they couldn't keep it up for very long! :facehoof:

3456590 It wouldn't have lasted seconds against orbital bombardment.

3456606 Fine, fine. It lasted twenty seconds. Happy now?

3456622 Well, i'm probably not going to make you see reason, so sure.

3456668 Well if reducing the length of survival to 3.3% of the original isn't 'seeing reason' to you, then I don't know what is.

3456622 I couldn't be happier that you changed that. :pinkiehappy:

In the name of the Emperor let none survive the cleansing of this world for the Imperium.


Probably due to the fact that they are militarily inexperienced and panicked.


I agree with you, only an idiot would give military command position to Civilians, and that is what the main six are, civilians.

3472613 Don't worry, they don't have, and will not have, any authority over others. :trollestia:

That was total bs overwatch fire would've killed Rainbow Dash any day.

Dammit, you pulled magical blast bullshit!

YES! Finally seeing the ponies fighting back. Still, it doesn't look good overall. Seems Canterlot is falling.

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