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Well, It's true. I'm not.

My Favorite Games

In no particular order:
- The Binding of Isaac
- Risk of Rain
- Undertale
- Taming Dreams (Mobile game by Tobias Cornwall)
- Xenoblade Chronicles (I never actually finished it haha)
- Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
- Portal Series
- Terraria
- Pokemon Platinum

Feel free to recommend games in my comments!
(I have a 3DS, Xbox 360, Wii, PS4, and a decent PC.)

Please look at this!

This is the site of the man who's remaking my favorite game from my childhood. It's a turn-based RPG with a battle style that pulls off nonviolence quite well! He has an amazing style to the creatures he draws, and I love his art a great deal, almost as much as his games! Please, at least check it out.
Alora Fane (Active Website) You can sign up now if you so choose!
Fighunter (Old site, has his old games and things)

This is an old trailer, but a good one!

It's been released for android, and iOS is in beta now!

Here's an example of a monster:


Soundtracking, Deviantart Link, and OFF Story · 11:49pm May 14th, 2016

As I'm typing this, I just finished adding a soundtrack for every chapter posted on Binding of Isaac : Beyond. So if you feel like adding auditory feels to the readable ones, feel free to read it again!

I've said it before, I have art - Take a look at it here! So far I've got some Isaac, some OFF, and a bit of Undertale stuff, as well as my own work!
I Am Not Smartest's Deviantart Page

Read More

Report IAmNotSmartest · 552 views · Story: Binding of Isaac: Beyond ·

These are some of my favorite quotes from stories here! (Avoiding Spoilers)

Story | Chapter

”I will gather the people! I will start a revolution if I have to march through every city in your kingdom and preach of equality, of freedom, of tolerance and most importantly, of the right to arm bears!”
“Don’t you mean bear arms?”
“Why would I want that? They’re already at a disadvantage! I can’t just spar against a poor, defenseless bear unless it's armed, let alone if I were armed instead! That would be just cruel!”
“Of course…”
-Foal Necromancer, Soul's Rebirth | That nose is going to need resetting...

Wheatley cleared his throat. Metaphysically speaking.
-Aperture Science Otherworldly Exploration Initiative | The Crash, Part One

The Madgod laughed at the idea of holding the mantle of Madness. One does not simply hold Madness; Madness holds one simply!
-The Madgod's Freedom | The Madgod's Entrance

"Wha - what could be worse than my blood?" she asked, almost fearing the answer.
Celestia held herself up in her most dignified pose as she arched an imperious eyebrow at the studious unicorn.
"Your library card!"
-The Jasmine Dragon | Wakey Wakey!

"But I have plan! There's a simple solution to this whole nightmare!"
"You do?" Celestia asked with concern. Something about his voice told her that nothing was alright, and he had already stepped dangerously close to open window.
"I do! It's simply ingenious!" he pointed a thumb behind him with a crazed smile, "I'm going to jump out that window."
-Souls Apart | Chapter 3: Tea


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Sad to see such an amazing author gone.

Comment posted by VeryDeadlyBee deleted Oct 10th, 2022

nor are you an artist?

You're making an OFF crossover?

Hell yeah, dude! Get to it! :ajsmug:

2191371 Oh! Heh, uhm, thanks! I didn't make it though. I pulled it off the web somewhere.
I've been meaning to make my own.

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