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Applejack comes across a Pinkie duplicate hiding beneath her barn wreckage. But, somehow, this one is different than all the others. She calls herself Pinkamena. Takes place right after Too Many Pinkie Pies.

Review by MixMassBasher

Edited by Razalon The Lizardman

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Nice story! Can't think of much else to say. :twilightsmile:

Oh, umm... thanks?:raritywink:

7045996 I've come to learn that, the less I say, the more I like something. :twilightsmile:

why does it still say 0 views?:rainbowhuh:

7046040 Click on the chapter and scroll down. It says it has 145 views. My guess is: the site's slow on updating.

Oh, I just meant on the front:rainbowderp:

What a sweet story, I love when authors do some AJ and Pinkie interaction, but, if I remember so, this is the first time I read a story with Pinkamena and AJ interacting :ajsmug: Again, amazing. You've a lot of pontential in you :twilightsmile:

Oh my gosh, thank you!:heart:

Hmm. That was...interesting. I always thought there should have been more done with the Mirror Pool, and this explores that nicely.

I don't know what to say about this. It's a good headcanon, if you ask me.

Pinkamena nodded stiffly, pointing with her nose to her luggage.

She had luggage?

This was certainly an okay story. I like the continuity to previous episodes. It's a nice nod.

What I also like is the idea that not all of the clones are entirely one dimensional. This story reminds me of two stories I like mixed together. Both of those stories kind of use those ideas you did in theirs. Though I still wonder why Pinkamena is the only sentient copy.

The intoduction is a nice set up before meeting Pinkamena.

The dialogue is good but could have more depth and length to them. Still with what there is the interaction between Pinkamena and Applejack is okay. Pinkie and Applejack's conversion felt more like exposition a little.

I like the ending but the process leading to the ending could have at least been shown. How Twilight reacted to "Pinkamena".

Not a perfect story but an okay one at that.

"Do ya think Rainbow Dash would-" she was cut off suddenly by a loud boom that shook the very house. Pinkie Pie jerked back, and let out a small squeal in surprise.

Is that Pinkie or AJ asking this question about Dash? It also makes me wonder what that question was supposed to lead to.

This story was

Wow...This was a very good story. I've been waiting to see a story with Pinkamena in it. Well done!:pinkiehappy:

And why can Applejack can relate to her?

One too many cans in your description.

I ship it. Also, just to inform you if you don't know, you're featured! :pinkiehappy:

Good story, but there were some grammatical errors scattered throughout. Nothing major.

Nicely done!

Something about the story rubs me the wrong way. I'm not saying its bad or anything, just that it doesn't agree with me personally.

Pinkamena in this story has a lot of balled up anger and resentment. A lot. But with one brief conversation with Applejack, she's suddenly willing to let go of some of it after what? twenty minutes or so of time in the story? I feel like the story could have done a bit more to evolve the character of Pinkamena.

I will say you got Applejack spot-on though.

I've read 'DID-Pinkie' stories before but this is the first time I've seen anyone link it to 'Too Many Pinkie Pies'. You're right that the roads not travelled by the Six are potentially fruitful storytelling opportunities

One of my (many) frustrations about 'The Cutie Re-Mark' was that this was never addressed. We never got to meet Applejewel the shallow society mare, Pinkamina Pie the bitter rock farmer, and Rainbow the dropout thug and sidekick of Gilda and all the other alternate versions of the Mane Six. Instead, everything was about Twilight and her actions, as it always does seem to be in the two-parters. However, it would have been good if, instead of the background ponies we saw, we got to meet the alternate versions of Twilight's friends. Maybe she could have even persuaded them to help her?

Yeah, you're right. I knew that was gonna happen. But I was also thinking that Pinkamena really needed a friend:raritywink:

I just wanted to make sure--people noticed that the first and last lines were the same, except for the names... right?

your writing continues to impress me :moustache:
I like this one because it's allowed me to visualise Pinkamina as a separate pony to Pinkie. Got to wonder now what her adventures would be like.
And you got the slightly crazed and very down to earth personalities of Pinkie and AJ down to a tee.
You're a great story teller. Go places with it!

Thank you, Ginger! I'm glad you enjoyed it:raritywink:

A nice and well written story. Good job. :twilightsmile:

Huh. I never thought of the possibility that Pinkie could have one of her clones turn out to be a Pinkamina.
Brilliant concept, brilliant story! ^-^
I rate this... ten out of ten muffins! I dearly hope to see more of Pinkamina in the future :pinkiecrazy:

why the dislikes?:raritydespair:

I went overboard and you payed the price!

payed means something totally different.

ok, thx. I have no idea what the other one means, but I fixed it:twilightsmile:

The little filly is heart broken; she doesn't below here, either.

This should be The little filly is heart broken; she doesn't belong here, either.

Ok, thank you for pointing that out!

A very nice story. Having one of the Pinkie clones actually be Pinkamena. Have a like and a fav.:pinkiehappy:

Nice! I like the 'multiple personality' thing you did. Is there, by any chance, going to be a story about Pinkamena finding her own life?

... Does that make sense?

Hmmm... I'm not sure if there's gonna be a sequel:derpytongue2:

7047480 awww :fluttercry:
A sequel would be cool, though.

If it gets more popular, I might do a bonus chapter. Oh! Can you imagine if Pinkie met her?

7047496 Pinkie might not be too weirded out since she's Pinkie, but it would be cool if Maud met her somehow.

7045996 I love you for giving me ships.

This is amazing. like, everything. The level of interaction the way Applejack tried to help even if it didn't help(even the AJ and Pinkie interaction was hilarious)

7047545 Grats on being featured.

Good story.

This was a AMAZING story, very good writing, no errors in grammar. Definitely adding this to my favorites.

She did better than a bear in a rattlesnake's nest!

I would like to point out that a bear would do very poorly in a rattlesnake's nest.

Aside from that and some typos here and there, it was a pleasant read.

We where (were) happy rotating the rocks to a different field, when all of a sudden, it happened." There was a look on her face that Applejack couldn't quite place.

Just could do with a little checking where you used "where" instead of "were" as the above example. Marked correction in orange

Well written, but, given the pacing, it really feels like you wrote a first chapter, then slapped a rushed last half of the last chapter on, skipping all of the chapters in between.

Thank you, but yeah, I agree:raritywink:

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