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Racist people give me this feeling of barley containable rage that just festers in my brain.

I would have let her die. :trollestia:

6669551 That's pretty common :)

Say it with me Ginger, "Pony racism makes Equestria freeze."

Just to let you know, it's spelled "Minuette," not "Minuet."

I can't think of any good skeleton puns.


great story all around! funny and also to the point onracism and being intolerent! nicely done, bravo to you!

"You Clods think you’re entitled to everything, don’t you!"

Peridot, is that you? :rainbowderp:

You know I had to do this. *does flips and barrel roles in a hydra*

I kind of like the story, even if I would have written it differently.
Yet, since this is your story; I enjoy it as is.

We can all interpret Pinkie Pie in our own way, and still leave a few interpretations untended to.

On a slightly different note, I love how it was Applejack who ended up saving that Pony, just for the spite towards the group.

Racist meeting. Yeah, we've seen this before. Ugh. :ajsleepy::facehoof:

People need to stop hating other people. It's that simple.

I Think This Should Be Done By More People. This Was A Great Find. But I'm Not Anti-Earth Pony, Here. Just Sayin'

“I’ve become an animal! Not only did I injure a school pony, but it turns out I almost lost what I was saving for when I got married!”
Multiple gasps filled the air.
Pinkie reached into her mane and pulled something out. “My Granny Pie’s silver harmonica!” She smiled as she held the rectangular object close. “I have to wait for the big day before anypony plays this baby."


Did they completely ignore the entire Hearth's Warming story?!

Anyway, this was great. Favorite!

Jeez, wow I really hate those guys! :pinkiegasp:
good story though!

6669988 that was my favorite passage! :rainbowlaugh:

While I was interested in the premise of the story, there wasn't really anything in the way of an actual ending in there. It feels like there could be a bit more resolution as to the goings on of the meetings after their leader was saved.

All of that being said, they seem to have disregarded the fact that Pinkie and Applejack are national heroes thrice over, and that they are friends with one of Equestria's princesses. A princess that, if they wanted to get all racial about it, ranked higher than all of them.

I feel like you could have done more with this premise. That being said, I enjoyed what there was of it.

At first I wasn't going read this, but I'm glad I did :twilightsmile:

Wouldn't this have worked better set in Canterlot or someplace? I mean...isn't Manehattan an earth pony city?

Besides, Pinkie Pie isn't really an earth pony...she's an ageless nigh omnipotent multidimensional entity that merely assumes the form of an earth pony. But she's very protective of them (and all ponies).

Minuette’s head popped up from the front row, and she waved cheerfully, beckoning them forward. Pinkie waved back while Rarity flashed a dazzling smile.

The crowd stomped their hooves against the floor and chanted over Pinkie’s pleads.

move down a line.

This definitely gets a like and a fav ^_^.

I'm a little confused...
Aren't saddles basically a type of dress in Equestria?

6671589 Sure, but the saddle came bundled with Pinkie's eternal nemesis: The hairbrush!

Brushie brushie bru--Aiiee! :pinkiegasp:

let's get real though mud ponies are a scourge and need to be eradicated
race war now

“Why didn’t you tell me you were thinking of bringing a Hoof Dragger in here?”

That's racist.


hi hi

So I see someone else is a fan of The Jeffersons. Sorry, Wrong Meeting is a classic! :twilightsmile:

The CPR part wasn't quite as well set up in this rendition, perhaps because we as the audience didn't get as much of a chance to establish the family connection or because the CPR training wasn't foreshadowed at the beginning like in the show, but the added action sequence was fun too, and I think that even though it diminished the solemness of the resolution, it added to the comedy angle. All in all, good job.

Don't worry everyone, I'm pretty sure Ginger's little group is all but done.:eeyup:

6671325 I was thinking the same thing. Manehattan is like 80% earth pony, including the rich and influential ponies like the Oranges and their friends.

Still a fun, funny story though.

The body of the story was certainly entertaining, in the way that only Pinkie Pie can drive a narrative. The ending fell kind of flat, like it just...happened, and that was it.

Another thing that could use a little bit more of context is just why both Rarity and Applejack happened to be in Manehatten as well. Minuette is fine to not have a reason (though she does), she's not in Pinkie's close group of friends so it's plausible for her to be there, but with Rarity and Applejack as main characters the narrative demands they have a reason. It sounds like Rarity was escorting Pinkie to her Partiers Anonymous meeting, but it could use a little bit better context to imply that. And Applejack was just...there, when she could have mentioned as an aside later on that she was visiting relatives.

I like to think that their earth pony magic coaxed the fly into her throat.

Also, I know I'm oblivious, but what's "the saddle"? I feel like I should get this, but I don't.

6678509 Ah, it's just one of those things that don't have any meaning :rainbowlaugh:

Is it funny if I feel proud that so many of my insults were used? :rainbowwild:

Ahhh Applejack, can always count on you to be the hero! :yay:


We have the same first name on our avatars! D:

You're the 5th Dustin I've met in my time here!

6681057 You're the first for me! :yay: heehee!
Also, thanks for watching~

No problem!

Thanks for following back!

6679838 You should be, bro :moustache: Many thanks!

6681155 Welcome brosef! :D

Dang it, it was my fault for suggesting that insult. :twilightblush: Now I can't help but read Ginger's lines in Peri's voice. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow. That was interesting.
But those insults... Dang.

Ps: the fandom=unicorns and pegasi
Uhhh... Where be the earth pony OCs?

Starlight Glimmer takes one look at these groups, and considers them justification for her twisted mentality.

And why the heck haven't these ponies been frozen solid by the Windigos yet?

I wonder what the 'anti-winged and horns freaks' and 'anti-ground slaves' meetings are like. :-(

Like others said , manehatton is an earth pony city . I mean it make more sens in canterlot wifi high society snobby UNis. And yeah hoe that'd not know pinkie www a national hero

Found an error:

Pinkie’s eyes widened at the open invitation. She was both astounded and honored that Minuet trusted her with such disclosed information. “You really mean it?”

I'd almost like to see Celestia, Luna and Twilight attend one of these meetings.

:twilightangry2: Are you stupid? Have you learned nothing from the Founders? From the windigoes?
:trollestia: To see some of my little ponies rejecting harmony in this manner... I am so disappointed in all of you.


Yah Applejack! You rock! Woohoo!:derpytongue2:

As well-written as this is, it is always depressing to see racism injected into this verse. And as useful as it is, also kinda twisted that people are getting together to think up racist terms for fictional people, even if it is to make a point.

But this is probably the best shot I've ever seen at this subject in this fandom, because all others got waaay too dark and boring.

Anna mona ......danger zone:rainbowdetermined2:

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