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Somedays, I sit, looking at the stars. I muse and wonder. I meditate and reflect. And I find the miracle in a new day of life. Especially since I swallowed so much glass the day before.

The Wrangleshack~

The Warblemongers

As a personal rule, I try to avoid putting gifts, associated media, and reviews in story descriptions or within the story themselves with few exceptions for when I think it really warrants it. In this section you will be able to find all the things people have done for me, including readings of various stories and reviews both positive and negative.

Please support the kind people who have done readings, especially. Their hard work is nothing but appreciated.

The Readings Masterlist

babytails by PresentPerfect
(This is AWESOME)

Do It Mattered If I Is? by Illya Leonov, ObabScribbler, Caitbug and starryflame01.
Simply outstanding in quality and production and voicing.

Do It Mattered If I Is? by CaptainBron3y

A Child of Imagination by M E Lovecolt
Another reading of high quality.

Table For Two (multiple Chapters) by Musical Story

Table for Two (April Fool's Chapter) by Leoshi
This was really fun, Leoshi. Thank you. Keep up the good quality.

The Incandescent Brilliance by Illya Leonov
I try not to be biased, but this production was truly outstanding. Thank you, Illya.

Tarnish by Latent Logic

Tarnish by TheLivingLibrary

Tarnish by Musical Story

Twilight, There's a Ghost in your Library by Cavemonkynick

Chess by Goombasa

Collide by Wayart Narration

Sunset Shimmer Goes To The Zoo by PresentPerfect
Dat narrator.

I figgurered out murderpone by PresentPerfect

The Whispertrees

Whispers for Table for Two:
- Tag-a-long's Book Club
Check out this shiny.
- The City of Doors Review
- Titanium Dragon Review Part #1 | Part #2

Whispers for Dust and Harmony:
- Cerulean's Voice on the Matter 11
- The Royal Guard Fic Spotlight #20

Whispers for The Incandescent Brilliance:
- Look at this amazing piece of gift art by MalWinters!
- Seattle's Angels 50
- One Man's Pony Ramblings Mini-Review
- PresentPerfect Recs: High Recommendation
- Prak's Badfic Slaughterhouse Reviews
- Titanium Dragon Review

Whispers for Tarnish:
- 2nd Place for the EFNW Writing Contest 2014
- Seattle's Angels 44
- The Royal Guard Fic Spotlight #8
- Approved by Twilight's Library!
- PresentPerfect Recs: High Recommendation
- The City of Doors Review

Whispers for Home:
- Seattle's Angels 66
- The Royal Guard #15
- Review by Soge
- Review by Blueshift
- PresentPerfect Recs: High Recommendation
- The City of Doors Review
- Titanium Dragon Review

Whispers for Quoth the Raven:
- You Might Like This Recs
- Titanium Dragon Review

Whispers for Twilight, There's a Ghost in your Basement:
- Interview and feature by the Royal Canterlot Library
You can read more about my brain here, too, in the interview!
- PresentPerfect Recs: Recommendation
- Soge's Reviews: 9.5/10

Whispers for Do It Mattered if I Is?:
- PresentPerfect Recs: High Recommendation
- Cerulean's Voice on the Matter 26

Whispers for Chess:
- 2nd Place Winner of the Twilestia Competition #2
- The Royal Guard Fic Spotlight #1
- The City of Doors Review
- One Man's Pony Ramblings Mini-Review

Whispers for Dreamflow:
- PresentPerfect Recs: High Recommendation

Whispers for Romancing the Clouds:
- Seattle's Angels 37
- Cynewulf Video Review
There's also a little mini-interview on the blog! Check it out!

Whispers for All In Bad Taste:
- Poster by Crack Javelin
- PresentPerfect Recs: Conditional Recommendation

Whispers for Two Tiny Talks:
- Now in FRENCH! Thanks to MagicWings.

Whispers for Sunset Shimmer Goes to the Zoo:
- Cerulean's Voice on the Matter 25

Whispers for Barrelled Up:
- Titanium Dragon Review

Whispers for Collide:
- PresentPerfect Recs: Recommended

Whispers for One Day:
- PresentPerfect Recs: Recommended

Whispers for Love . Sick:
- First EqD Q & Neigh
Thanks, guys!
- Seattle's Angels 11
- PresentPerfect VS

Whispers for SIX walk IN:
- Grimdark as F#*% Blog

Whispers for Diaries of an Equestrian Overlord:
- DVP111's weekend fic recommendation
Another honour by a guy whose opinion I respect quite a great deal!

If you can read this

You've scrolled too far.

Hey there! Welcome to my page. If you've stumbled here because of a story you read, and would like to find more, please do look below for some suggestions. These are the stories that I'm most proud of myself, and I assure you that despite appearances they will be great reads.

Unless they're not. In which case I'm very, very sorry.


KitsuneRisu's Special Blend · 1:47pm October 12th

So I found a place online that does bespoke tea blends, and being a tea conner-saur, I done do liek them teas very much yeh.

So I decided to do an order, you know, just cuz why not.

But the site also allows you to name your blend of tea.

So clearly I had to.

Base: Green Tea
Botanical notes: Elderflower, Marigold
Herbal notes: Lemon balm, Peppermint
Spice note: Cinnamon
Fruit note: Yuzu Peel

Read More

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Back in the day when I was around (I've been gone for 2 and a half years) people didn't really make it a point to leave messages like this on user pages. I just want to say that you have sincerely really touched my heart in return. I know this comes across as a little cheesey, but trust me. It makes me feel really awesome to have been able to entertain.

Please do let me know if I can point you in a direction if you ever want to peruse any of my other stories. I tend to write a VERY wide variety of stuff, and I'm very aware that not everything is for everyone. So whatever I can do to make your experience easier, I'm all for it.

Thank you so much again for leaving this comment, and thank you for reading.

Reunion was a masterful work of art. You've managed to convey and add imagery to the story and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Your work is awe-inpsiring and it truly blows me away with how you can make someone feel so strongly and so much after just a little story like Reunion.

You've rendered me speechless, dear friend, and I can almost guarantee that you will continue to do so with future stories.

I look forward to more of your fantastic storytelling.

Hey! Thanks very much. I really, really appreciate the comment, and I definitely hope I will be able to continue entertaining you in the future. Since I noticed you also hit that watch button, maybe I can point you towards some things that you might enjoy.

I write a ton of stuff in many different Genres. If you liked that kind of thing, I highly recommend The Incandescent Brilliance. It's definitely the one I'm most proud of and in the same sort of vein.

I also write a bunch of silly crack fiction, and the big project that I'm raising from death is Dust and Harmony, which is my big personal project and also the one I poured my heart into.

Either way, thanks so much again for the lovely comment. You've warmed my heart.

Reunion was masterful and I adored it. Such a heart warming thing with such a tear-jerking conclusion... It was beautiful. I commend you on your inspiring work. To which I say, Bravo.

  • Viewing 410 - 414 of 414
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