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This was a fun little collaboration done with the likes of bookplayer, sparkfyre, Future, xjuggernaughtx, KrazyTheFox and KitsuneRisu. Each author has written their own portion to this story, and their name will appear in the chapter that they have written.

Here's the catch: this fiction works in the same way that a game of telephone works. bookplayer started off our fic. She then gave her portion to me, and only me. Then, I wrote my section, and I handed off my section, and only my section, to sparkfyre. This worked itself all the way down to KitsuneRisu. So, each author was only able to see the section written by the author before them, not the entire story, much like the game you might have played in your childhood.

Cover art unrelated. Well, kind of.


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I dont know what it is,
But i cant really seem to like this story,
I guess you could say,
Me and this story have,
*Puts on sunglasses*
A bad Connection.


I don't get it.

I kid. What's interesting about this is that I expected that random tag to be put to use on a much larger scale. This story's semi-coherence is really quite astonishing. I wouldn't say that's 'wrong' about the story, but I found it interesting. It's really up to anyone's personal viewpoint.

If anything else, this was a fun idea and I think everyone had some fun participating. Thanks for the read anyway!

So this is basically Ponemurdured? (or a variation)

3407522 Haha, I suppose so!

I guess that's one way to end it. :rainbowlaugh:
I was also not expecting the start to be so... innocent.

Someone desperately needs to write a detective series starring this version of Celestia.

3410798 And where Pinkie is Watson

3411459 Pinkie Pie's had her turn as Watson. Spike, with his dry sarcasm, would be entertaining as well.

3413675 Twilight would also work, her being the Princess' assistant and all. I can imagine the disgust displayed on her face on a consistent basis.

Kitsunerisu writes best Celestia. Case closed.

I have one word.


That is all I wanted to say for four chapters.

Pinkie’s eyes grew wide as her jaw dropped open. “Whoa, Twilight! You really do know everything!” she said, bouncing rapidly in place. “If you can’t feel the funny, they’ll help you cultivate a sense of humor. They’re giggle growers!” Pinkie suddenly sat down, rolling her eyes to the sky and placing a hoof on her chin. “Or are they titter tillers?” She turned to Twilight, shrugging. “Snicker pickers?”

That is some very solid Pinkie writing.

5350966 Well, Pinkie is my girl. I can never get enough of her.

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