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There are two talks that all good parents must have

when their daughter makes her relationship official.

Twilight and Celestia are about to get both.

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This not really a big of a deal, but it says "here" in the short description instead of "there" Otherwise good story as usual:twilightsmile:

Whoops! Fixed. Thanks.

No problem:twilightsmile:

That was so adorable! :pinkiegasp:

Hell's bells, that... escalated. And it was the glorious type of escalation. Really over the top, and at the same time, some nice fluffy feelings behind it. You have my upvote for the contest.

Oh man, I absolutely loved this. I was smiling and laughing the whole way through.

Great job, dude.

Night Light and Velvet. You are both still awesome. Loved the story as well. Well done, sir or madam!

What the hay did I just read?:rainbowhuh:
On a (very slightly) more serious note, that was entertaining. It was...different from most other comedy fics I have read, and it made for a nice change of pace.
Have an upvote.:moustache::yay:

This was hilarious. Its 5 am here and I think I woke the neighbors laughing.

Hmm... that was interesting. And amusing.

Twilight's parents are also insane.

I don't know who's interrogation I loved more. :rainbowlaugh:

Really? Huh... I though that was pretty regular parent stuff
Don't your parents ever make the ruler of a whole nation who's been alive since said nation has been established while your mother tries to convince you to tell her your sexual experiences?
I'm sure this happens all the time right? :pinkiesmile:

....well holy moly that was something. At first I was :twilightoops: Then :twilightsmile: Then finally :rainbowlaugh:

Very nicely done! It's wonderful to see two Twilestia contest fics in the Featured box at the same time, both of them really great. Glad I don't have to judge!

Only change I'd make: add a Romance tag. Tagging and Groups are the two primary ways to search for stories. I think it needs the tag at the very least to make searching easier, though it merits it too: while this is primarily played for comedy, it's comedy about their relationship.

Good show, KR!

Author Interviewer

Waaaaait, if this is Twilestia, why isn't it marked Romance. <.<

This is gold

My smile is so big it hurts. I could barely read Night Light's "speech", because for some reason I can't handle awkward. Particularly when it's on TV... of any kind. And Velvet. My goodness. I just couldn't stop laughing, and by the end of it (especially the part about calling Night Light "dad") my laughter is spent but my smile hurts.

I just gotta say, thank you for writing this. :pinkiehappy:

Very few things made me laugh this hard, and having this playing while reading the story didn't help matters. I think it made it harder to read from all the extra laughing, personally.

Good premise, but overdone. Then again, you have to fill those 9k words with something I guess. But still, this would look much better as a 3k.

mmm koalas eh? :pinkiecrazy:

4347363 I know right, when ever something Awkward happens I just fast forward or plug my ears till it's over

Wow... Celestia crying?! Night is a frickin' drill sargeant if he could make the Princess and ruler of the nation break down like that. Remind me to never date Twilight. Night scares me too much :twilightoops:

Bwahahahahahah... :rainbowlaugh:
This was just a joyful little trainwreck. I enjoyed every last moment of it, but I don't envy Celestia's conversation. :derpytongue2:

The awkwardness is palpable.

But, um, the thing with the... anthills? Since they're ponies, that wouldn't really be the chest, would it? It'd be more like... the... undercarriage. Let's go with that.

But Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad


Don't your parents ever make the ruler of a whole nation who's been alive since said nation has been established while your mother tries to convince you to tell her your sexual experiences?

I think you accidentally a word.

The twilestia relationship is there, but the focus of the fic is Twilight and Celestia talking to Twilight's parents about it. I'm not sure that that merits a Romance tag.

4347590. Same here mate drives me up the wall:raritydespair:

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. XD

The story started out kinda weak for me but then as soon as Celestia broke down and Twilight let things slip during the animal licking argument it really picked up and I was laughing my butt off. Especially at the end there. Awesome job

Moar :)

I think I died reading this... loved the story though!

This is the best cringe humor I've read since Naked Singularity. The terrified dad trying the standard disapproving in-law-to-be role was so bad I actually had to stop reading for a bit from shared awkwardness. Then it switch from humorous to emotional... that worked out amazingly.

The part with Twilight and her mom would have gotten me, though. I have some pretty strong opinions about privacy--the issue about it being embarrassing didn't occur to me at all. Well, I did think about how embarrassing that would be, but it didn't really matter to me. When she pushed it past the first opening statement, I'd have probably magically silenced her so I could rant about how inappropriate that was, ask her why she would possibly want to know that (without actually letting her answer, most likely), and go on about how I couldn't believe she had such fetishes and that although I shouldn't judge, that's really sick. I'd also probably misunderstand her demand as some semi-incestuous interest in her child's sex life, rant some more about whatever happened to pop into my head, then leave in a huff.
I didn't see the lesson at all until Twilight said it. It's a good thing she's got her head on straighter than I do.
Although I'm actually pretty slow to anger... I might instead think that it was a test, but completely misunderstand it as a test of my ability to protect the privacy of my significant other under pressure.
Sorry about going off about myself, but the conversation between the two struck me the wrong way. Or rather, it struck properly, but I was in the wrong spot to receive it.

Utter, devastating misunderstandings whichever way you look at it, though.

Celestia and Night Light's talk was excellent, very touching and heartfelt. Twilight and her moms "talk" is the kinda thing that erodes trust, fosters resentment, and can start fights that last for years. "You're rejecting my choice of mate because I won't tell you the intimate details of my sex life? Really?"

“I think your father broke the princess,”

All My YES! :rainbowlaugh:


there’s gonna be a lot worse things

there are

Fucking loved this fic, Kitsu.


I think you mean 'asthma'. And even then, it's a really weak case of it.

You just opened up the door to an entirely new ship for me. Good job. :pinkiehappy:

I am guessing that you are interpreting 'palpable' in the very narrow sense of 'detectable through palpation'. If that is the case, then I must inform you that 'palpable' can also mean physical or tangible, or (to be a little less literal) obvious or readily evident. (but you would have to be going to medical school or something to make that kind of mistake)
If that is not the case, then I'm afraid I have no idea what you mean.


You mentioned 'arthritis'. I thought you meant when Night was about to speak with Celestia, and he was breathing pretty damn hard as he tried to prepare himself, almost like he was short of breath.

Looked to me like a small case of asthma.

Oh. Actually, what I wrote there was anthills. As in what Celestia eats ants off of. Wink wink. :raritywink:

I will allow this.

This was glorious!

Been a while since a fic has made me laugh this loud.


OH! Oh shit, you're right, sorry!

Also, antihills. Just think mole mounds, and you'll get it.

You know. Rabbit homes. Where squirrels live in trees. Analogies like that.

Yeah, it's was pretty good. Have a like.

But I must say: Twilight's parents are jerks there. Like, serious assholes.

I lost my SH:pinkiehappy:T reading this! :rainbowlaugh:
I never go for Twilestia, ever, but I am so glad I stopped and read this on a whim.
You need so many more views for this hilarious and sweet story. :twilightsmile:

Geez, this TwiLestia competition is blowing up the feature box! First it was God In-Laws, and now this?

Awesome story though. :twistnerd:

Wow... I'll admit I only made it about halfway through.
I couldn't stand to read Twilight's conversation. I would literally never talk to either of my parents again if they talked to me or my significant other like that. Seriously, our relationship would be utterly done.

Has she eaten your ants, Twilight?”

Priceless. :pinkiehappy:

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