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About Me

Inexperienced, yet talented, writer.

Famous Quote: "Answer to Life: Love, Friends, 42."

Age: 18

Species: Human (sadly)

Interests: Horror Movies, Halo, Assassin's Creed, Borderlands, Homestuck, Doctor Who, writing, and MLP FiM.

Favorite Pony: Twilight Sparkle because she remines me of, well, me.

Favorite Background Ponies: Lyra Heartstrings, Vinyl Scratch, Ditzy Doo, then Doctor Whooves.

Favorite Princess: Luna

Favorite Bands (Non-Brony): 30 Seconds to Mars, Green Day, The All-American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Relient K, and Lemon Demon

Favorite Brony Artists: woodentoaster, Alex S, lulz, Mic the Microphone, livivgtombstone

Brony Since: June 2012

XBox Live GamerTag: DeltaSpark01

Favorite Song:

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PLUS GOD BLESS. God loves you, now and forever.

Is your story ever going to be continued?

Thanks so much for the watch! :D

as do i. but i guess i choose Karkat because he has a complex character. his development has only deepened as the story has continued,,,

1411103 Mine I'd say is John. I just enjoy his personality immensely.

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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