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It's like... a bio... but shorter... and useless...

Oh hey, didn't see you there.

I'm a 21 year old Utahn who likes sports (primarily Basketball and American Football), video games like every person on here (that goes for these pastel pones too,) and can play the drums pretty well while inexplicably being awful at every other instrument.

Favorite Vidyas: Anything by Bioware (particularly Dragon Age and Mass Effect,) The Elder Scrolls 3-5, World of Warcraft, Brutal Doom, Nba 2Kwhatever year it is.

Favorite Book Series: Dragonlance!

Some Bands That I Listen To:

Pop-Punk: blink-182, New Found Glory, This Time Next Year, The Story So Far, Neck Deep, Sum 41, Yellowcard, Zebrahead, and A Place In Time.
Alternative Rock: Weezer, Barenaked Ladies, and Counting Crows.
Melodic Death Metal: In Flames, Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Dethklok, and Soilwork.
Technical/Progressive Death Metal: The Contortionist, The Faceless, Rings of Saturn, and After The Burial.
Deathcore: Whitechapel, Winds of Plague, and Born of Osiris.
Easycore: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, A Day To Remember, and Can't Bear This Party.
Metalcore: Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, and Unearth.
Electronicore/Dubcore: Enter Shikari, I See Stars, The Browning, and Fail Emotions.
Indie: Vampire Weekend, Hellogoodbye, and Two Door Cinema Club.
Folk: Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, and Animal Liberation Orchestra.

These things I made... with my hands... and a keyboard.

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Can you continue wishing well?

1921284 I do, but I've never really used it.:applejackconfused: If that's your preference, then we can totally do that.

Do you have a skype man? Cause I like to do all my text talking through there since it's super quick and instantaneous, after we get that sorted out I can start sharing my docs with ya in the coming days when we got some time to hang out and discuss stuff. :rainbowdetermined2:
Of course if you have other means to do it, I'm all ears.

1920957 Glad to hear that! Yeah we totally should!:raritystarry: I plan on going through them in alphabetical order, so once I finish the Alvener document, I'll share it with ya. Then I'll share the Auralen when it's finished, and so on. Meanwhile you can share whatever you have written out and feel comfortable sharing, and we can just bounce thoughts off of each other! Should we do it through PM, or would you rather we continue just posting it here on your page?:twilightsmile:

You've put in so much work, dang... all of it sounds super captivating too, and I'm glad most of my questions got answers so thoroughly! When you have the documents finished and whatnot, you should share them with me! I would love to see all of what you had, and I can share with you all of my documents too. :twilightsmile:

1919192 Glad to hear that it sounds so interesting! Yeah living for about four thousand years would be pretty killer, wouldn't it?

All of these species are space-faring, so their tech is pretty advanced; weaponry would have to adapt to each species' morphology. Pretty much all the weapons you listed are there, but mainly only used by the two truly humanoid species, one of which is the humans, and the other being the Alveners (the Dravenik are kinda humanoid in their stature, but not really). So yeah, as far as weaponry goes, expect traditional blunt and bladed weapons (some augmented with an energy charge), projectile weapons that mainly use minuscule particles fired at hyper-velocity (bullets don't work super well in space or against the shields of a battle suit), energy weapons, and yes, there will be magic users.:rainbowkiss:

Magic users work by essentially manipulating a subspace dimension called the Aetherium to draw their power. The Aetherium is also used in faster-than-light travel.:rainbowdetermined2: It's kinda like the Warp from Warhammer 40K...only a much smaller risk of inflicting insanity on the users.:twilightsheepish:

Magic users in some primitive cultures are vilified, but on the galactic stage, they're largely treated no differently than any other individual.

So, as for a little bit more info on each species/race goes, as far as general imaging...

The Alvener are basically fantasy elves in space, like I mentioned earlier. They are one of the main players on the galactic stage.

The Auralen are a species that are made mostly of light photons, with regular matter constituting a smaller part.

The Belatroven are a race of machines created by the now extinct Precedians and are programmed to protect the ecologies of the planets that they're on from any that would exploit them.

The Crysalli are that species that can shift between a liquid and a solid state; they're basically amorphous, see-through blobs that communicate through chemical signals.

The Dravenik are that reptile-like species that I compared to the Drell from Mass Effect. They're less humanoid in their structure to the Alvener and humans.

The Ereban are an amphibian-like race that is much younger in their exploration and role in space than the other species; their short lifespan is a product of their fragile, undeveloped immune system being largely unable to cope with outer space.

The Florana are that species of plants that I mentioned. They survive largely on sunlight and water, but have evolved to not stay in soil, and develop mobility. They get nutrients that they would normally get from soil from foodstuffs made specifically for them. They, like the Crysalli, communicate through chemicals primarily, but are capable of making some basic sounds.

The Humans I don't think need any introduction; they're humans.:applejackunsure: Well...their homeworld in this universe, Gaia, is also the capital world for the Gaian Imperium, which has been an incredibly authoritarian faction, until relatively recently in the timeline. Their global culture consists of themes and visual ideas of cultures from our Earth, such as Rome, Greece, Japan, Egypt, etc.

The Lytherians are a species that kinda resemble quadrupedal crustaceans, more than anything else. The have very poor hearing, and communicate with light instead of sound. Their civilization is one of the oldest at 2.8 billion years, and are one of the most active species in galactic politics.

The Mylicon are the fungus-like species I mentioned; they primarily feed off of decaying organic matter, and this has kinda earned them a bad rep among other species; many see them as annoying vermin and nothing more. They communicate through seemingly random chemical pheromones that are difficult to translate.

The Ortechan are one of my personal favorites, and here's why: cyborg dragons in space. You can't say that doesn't sound badass.:ajsmug: They're among the more hostile races of the galaxy, but like with each species, they are not monolithic. They are partly organic, and are assembled in automated factories on the planets they conquer. They're also the main rival of the Lytherians and their allies.

Now we have the Precedians, who are now believed to be extinct. Think of the Protheans from Mass Effect, or the Forerunners from Halo. They once controlled pretty much the entire galaxy, but were either wiped out, or fled to another galaxy. As stated earlier, they're known to have created the Belatroven, but some also believe they might have had a hand in the development of other sentient species in the galaxy.

The Skana are an insect-like race; being about as warlike as the Ortechan, they've been long time rivals against the humans of the Gaian Imperium for millennia. This rivalry has begun to cool down, however, but tensions do still remain.

The Syrathians are an odd species to say the least. They're from the same star system as the Ortechans, and also bear a very similar draconic appearance, except that they're largely organic. Being the shortest lived, and least intelligent species, there are some who consider them even a greater pest that the Mylicon. There are some, however, who hypothesize that they and the Ortechans share the same origin, and perhaps were once a single species.

The Triophen are another machine race, though much more malicious than the planetary environment guardians that the Belatroven are. They go from planet to planet, disassembling anything they come across, including living beings, into basic components to be used in manufacturing more of themselves. Possibly no species is as universally despised as these cold, calculating, unfeeling machines.

The Verven are another relatively new species to emerge on the galactic stage; a tetrapod with a stature similar to a Dravenik's (but more mammalian in general appearance), they've quickly earned their place for having a surprisingly high number of magic users in their population. This has made them an invaluable asset to their allies.

Lastly there is the Xeriva; little is known about this mysterious entity, except that millions, even billions of individuals seem to function as a collective mind. The Xeriva operate on a molecular level, assimilating almost any matter that it touches, though it prefers living, sentient beings to add to its Overmind. Worlds where a single Xeriva carrying vessel, be it an infested ship or meteorite, lands can completely assimilate it in a matter of months. Very few understand this species, so their natural instinct is to fear it.

So, that's a more detailed look at each of them. I plan to work on full lore documents for each one.:raritywink:

This is super awesome man, holy crap almost everyone can live for thousands of years! I wanna be a human in this world! I like how you've kept it super simple, complying to only 5 categories of information that need to be answered at that moment. You've made a lot of races, way more than I could think up. :applejackconfused:

Looking at the lifespan, death must be extra traumatic for most of these species, and I'd love to hear how a lot of the fantasy elements apply to all of this. What kind of people are we looking at in this thing? Will they be using a mixture of guns, blades, blunt weapons and archery? Oh man, now I can stop thinking of the Torque Bow from Gears of War. :pinkiecrazy:

Will we have magic users running around here? How are they viewed? Or is magic simply a resource here for people to use like how you were saying it pertained to space travel and whatnot. :raritystarry:

1918956 Ah, it's good to hear from you again. Hope you had a ton of fun!

Alright, so that list of basic details I have for all the sentient species in Heartless Trials is pretty much completed now. (I might make small changes or add another species somewhere along the way)

So, here it is! Sorry if it takes up a ton of space...:twilightsheepish:

Heartless Trials: An Index of Sapient Species
Homeworld: Rhunia
Origin System: Inveratus
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular
Average Lifespan: 5,000 years
Civilization Age: 1.138 million years
Homeworld: Pholaris
Origin System: Scleration
Biological Makeup: Largely Immaterial, partly matter
Average Lifespan: Indefinite
Civilization Age: 3.83 billion years
Homeworld: Unknown
Origin System: Unknown
Biological Makeup: Mechanical
Average Lifespan: 18.71 million years
Civilization Age: 6.713 trillion years
Homeworld: Envera-Kholtan
Origin System: Urovesen
Biological Makeup: Inorganic Unicellular
Average Lifespan: 51,000 years
Civilization Age: 17.34 million years
Homeworld: Ceranica
Origin System: Advus-Zorica
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular
Average Lifespan: 3,000 years
Civilization Age: 1.026 million years
Homeworld: Toriva
Origin System: Lavera
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular
Average Lifespan: 500 years
Civilization Age: 137,000 years
Homeworld: Laien
Origin System: Kulistera
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular
Average Lifespan: 17,000 years
Civilization Age: 1.136 million years
Homeworld: Gaia
Origin System: Solara
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular
Average Lifespan: 4,000 years
Civilization Age: 1.129 million years
Homeworld: Zemenia
Origin System: Acetara
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular
Average Lifespan: 1.003 million years
Civilization Age: 2.831 billion years
Homeworld: Ulictan-Nas
Origin System: Quidar
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular
Average Lifespan: 203,000 years
Civilization Age: 120.4 million years
Homeworld: Maurisen
Origin System: Wyriv
Biological Makeup: Cybernetic
Average Lifespan: 1.053 million years
Civilization Age: 3.017 billion years
Homeworld: Unknown
Origin System: Unknown
Biological Makeup: Likely Organic, Multicellular
Average Lifespan: Unknown
Civilization Age: 7.001 trillion years (Extinct)
Homeworld: Vekaris
Origin System: Bysaru
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular
Average Lifespan: 3,500 years
Civilization Age: 1.201 million years
Homeworld: Ungrekia
Origin System: Wyriv
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular, partly mechanical
Average Lifespan: 200 years
Civilization Age: 4.019 billion years
Homeworld: Altervus Prime
Origin System: Tiram
Biological Makeup: Mechanical
Average Lifespan: 30-100,000 years (varies greatly depending on unit)
Civilization Age: 1.003 billion years
Homeworld: Kovisium
Origin System: Revta
Biological Makeup: Organic Multicellular
Average Lifespan: 1,300
Civilization Age: 213,000 years
Homeworld: Unknown
Origin System: Unknown
Biological Makeup: Varies depending on assimilated matter
Average Lifespan: 15.015 billion years (Collective)
Civilization Age: 16.317 trillion years

So that's all of them so far! Any that really stand out? I'm also just beginning work on cosmology and natural laws for this universe; I plan on making a whole periodic table of chemical elements, and I'm thinking of how more fantasy aspects like magic will fit in with space travel and other science fiction components.

So...what do you think?:pinkiesmile:

Alright! Finally back from vacation, so you got anything new you want to share with me on either of your projects man? I feel really sore, the flights rekt me pretty good, but I'll live! :pinkiesick:

1904341 I'm glad to hear some positive feedback on this idea; hope you have an awesome vacation, dude!:raritywink:

1902616 sounds awesome man! I'm on vacation now sadly so you're going to have to wait a bit for a proper response...:fluttershyouch: It still sounds super unique to me though, I'm not an expert on science fantasy but warhammer has got it down pretty good and that's the only prominent one I know so you can really turn some heads with this!

1902506 Absolutely; the Witcher 3 is totally worth it!

I've been thinking about getting a 3DS every now and then. This past E3 has also kinda made me snap, and I now have a list of games that I wanna play within the next year or so; even have them categorized into various degrees of how excited I am about playing them. At the top is of course Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Fallout 4, and No Man's Sky. I have the new Doom and the Last Guardian on there too. Any upcoming titles you're really looking forward to, from this past E3 or otherwise?

Good to hear that your own writing is still going strong. Can't wait to hear how this order of assassins fits into it, too!

Ah, well alongside the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk, Variant, I'm beginning work on something I'm calling Heartless Trials (also just a working title until it either grows on me, or I think of something better). It's basically a mishmash of science fiction and fantasy elements; it takes place in another universe with its own natural laws and a variety of sentient alien species. You have your standard humans, a reptilian-like race, kinda like the drell from Mass Effect. And there's also races like the Alvener, which are basically fantasy elves...except they're in space.:twilightsheepish: There's a race of sentient plants called the Florana, a (mostly) hostile race of machines called the Triophen, a race of sentient fungus, a race that can shift between being a liquid and a solid called the Crysalli, an insect-like species called the Skana. I actually have a lot of them listed, but I'm still forming the fundamental details of each race.:twilightsmile: How does it sound so far?

Thanks bro, I'm sure I will in spite of homesickness and everything. :rainbowdetermined2:

The Witcher sounds just as big as a Bioware RPG, that's insane, well worth the money too. As soon as I get my money in order, I think I know what I'm getting eventually. I need more handheld games though... I literally have only 2 3DS games still. :facehoof:

And yes! I've finally found a narrative for the entire overarching story. I can actually started building up lore that will be pertaining to the big story now. There's gods involved, and lots of actions among them that will have mortals in the crossfire, and yes... it will be involving that Assassin Order quite extensively. :ajsmug:

Also! Let's hear about this new story of yours that you're making beside Variant! :raritystarry:

1900375 That sounds pretty awesome!:pinkiesmile: The Outer Banks down in NC has been a pretty big vacation spot for my family up here in Pennsylvania. Hope you have fun, dude.:rainbowkiss:

I think I've clocked in fifty hours in the Witcher 3 at the very least; probably closer around sixty or seventy. I've arrived in the Skellige Islands for the first time a couple of days ago, and I gotta say it's a pretty nice change of scenery. As opposed to the war ravaged swamps of Velen and the dirty streets of Novigrad, Skellige is an archipelago of snowy islands inhabited by viking-like natives. Not sure how many more hours I'll be putting into the Witcher, but I wouldn't be surprised if it nears 100 hours total. Every minute is worth it, though.:rainbowdetermined2:

Aside from the Witcher, I'm mainly working on Variant (starting to really warm up to that title) and I'm currently in the formulation process for an entirely different story; this one a science-fiction fantasy.

So, how go things with your own writings?

Thanks man! I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow. :rainbowwild:

We're going to Virginia Beach, but then going to actually head down to North Carolina after a bit there, we got a summer house by a lake and we're going to mess around there for the most part. It's gonna be fun, but I'm likely going to get homesick really quick. :fluttershysad:

How many hours have you put into the Witcher 3 as of now? I wanna know... :applejackconfused:

1899075 Yeah, certainly not the most fun experience I've had, but at least it's over with now. Still keeping myself busy with the Witcher 3 and such.

Going to anywhere particular in Virginia, if you don't mind me asking?:twilightsmile:

Good luck with the whole accuplacer thing too!

Oh dang, I've had teeth pulled before, was my canines and whatnot. :trixieshiftleft: Haven't had my own wisdom teeth pulled yet... weird. I'm going on a vacation in a few days to Virginia, so there's that. :pinkiesmile:

I do have to take the accuplacer test in a few days as well though... not looking forward to that... :ajsleepy:

How are things going, my man?

Got my wisdom teeth out earlier today, and I'm just recuperating.:pinkiesick: Any thing exciting happening on your end?

Nah, I would never cancel them. Just a horrible hiatus is all. I do want to come back and work on them, just gotta pick and choose my priorities at the moment. I have a couple ideas for new stories as well, just gotta fit some time in the schedule to get working on everything. So no, I wouldn't have the heart to ever slap the cancelled label on anything. It's just a mix of me investing my time in different hobbies in my free time at the moment, and the daunting task of trying to come back to what you wrote so long ago and remember exactly what you wanted to do with it. Maybe making something new can help me get back on track, I'll have to look into it.

I hope that answers your question at least. :twilightsmile:

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