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QUick Update on some stuff, Poll Included ^^ · 6:23am Apr 8th, 2022

Okay, guys! After this batch of commissions and such, I probably won't be doing any for a bit just because I have several big projects I've been meaning to get dug into, just so you know

That being said! I do want your opinion as to what project you would like to see continued or started first! Some examples include

- A Rewrite of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Pony, chapters of which would be hosted on Fanfiction.Net or AO3 until completed

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Commissions Officially Open! · 6:50am Feb 5th, 2021

After some extended encouragement and a very generous first customer, I am pleased to announce that I am officially opening myself up to take Commissions!

-Pricing is very simple. $1 per 100 words initially with a discount to 17 dollars for every 2000 words for larger purchases of 4000 words or more!

-Payment Via Paypal only for the time being!

-An estimation for the completion of your project, taking into consideration other ongoing projects shall be given at the time of payment.

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My Pet Projects ^^

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i certainly plan on it at some point yes! With my pet projects I up[date them as I am inspired because I want them to be just so <3


Does this mean that 'Neon Moon' may also pick up again? :pinkiehappy:

thank you! I am sure you are also a person with many positive qualities that time in your proximity would make me more aware of ^^

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