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3k! Rose Tint AMA · 9:02pm January 19th

It is what is says on the tin! I am collecting questions for an in character AMA special after the next chapter! Ask him whatever questions you like, about anything you like! If you have questions for any other characters, you can throw them in as well, maybe they will answer! Ask as many as you like, And I will pick as many as i can to give a reply! Comment your question down below if you've got one~!

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Story update... Hope we get one that weekend :pinkiesad2:

Hi. Hope you are well. Your readers miss you for sure
( me especially since your story get me so invested :twilightblush: ).

Hope you might can get a update out this or next weekend :twilightsmile: Take care :pinkiesmile:

As you can see by the confusion I just posted, I did not check the calender. I am quite the foolish person you see.

Not sure what you mean! I've been uploading every few days. Sometimes multiple days in a row ^^

I'm going to assume then, that the lack of chapters means a lack of time, or you're planning on uploading new chapters en masse.

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