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Approaching 10,000 views and contemplating my relationship with FimFiction · 1:33pm Yesterday

So uh yeah, I'm about 2 views away from cracking 10,000 reads on chapter one of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Pony. I honestly never expected that I would get that sort of eyeball action, tbh. Just as a disclaimer this is pretty much just going to be me rambling, please forgive me if it comes off some sort of way.

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Commissions Officially Open! · 6:50am February 5th

After some extended encouragement and a very generous first customer, I am pleased to announce that I am officially opening myself up to take Commissions!

-Pricing is very simple. $1 per 100 words initially with a discount to 17 dollars for every 2000 words for larger purchases of 4000 words or more!

-Payment Via Paypal only for the time being!

-An estimation for the completion of your project, taking into consideration other ongoing projects shall be given at the time of payment.

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Awwww, thankies so much. No one's ever said it's nice to see me before. 😁😇

Always lovely to see you around! Have a great day yourself ^^

Eyyy, glad to hear you liked it ^^

N/ beginning signal transmission...
Process failed...


N/ Retrying the last process...
Successful beginning now...

took me some time, BUT, it's working! And if a review is what you want, a review is what you'll get!

Beginning with the story, I believe that you have nailed the set up and how to implay that set up to the world. its quite apparent that this story has been put effort into for the story at the very least.

Speaking of putting effort.

Editing... (and typos)

Now this is... very out in the open, you have mentioned this as well, yet as a personal opinion it's fine honestly, for long time readers most of the edits and typos are justifiable due to the good story and the characters but at least try to read them once before releasing the chapters?

Onto my next point, The characters

The characters (mostly) feel in point and their emotions, personalities, feelings in place yet sometimes they feel... off now that might and probably is my personal opinion so take it with a grain of tibuaruim.

Now for the finale.

My personal enjoyment.

The only score that truly matters.

I give this story...

4 golden cookies,
Out of 5.

Should you read TTIGRAAP?

Yeah, probably definitely recommend it.

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