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Anon is tired of the hectic day-to-day of living amongst the ponyfolk and decides to purchase some land in the Everfree to have some peace and quiet all by his lonesome. How much land you ask? All of it

Join me in watching as Anon sorts out the bits and bobs of his newfound assets. It is sure to be a ride, and definitely not a smooth one.

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Takes place starting shortly after the conclusion of Slice of Life.

Featured for Nine Consecutive days from 6-20-21 to 6-29-21!

Check out the audiobook by Straighttothepoint!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhMoe4RfYz0

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This is a really creative concept and I cannot wait to see more!:twilightsmile:

How do you feel about living Off Grid, Anon?

Oh damn, this new fic has so much potential !
Living off-grid to politics, worldbuilding, renovating the old castle !

In the words of the Inquisitor:

Well shit.

Huh... Well, this should be interesting! :pinkiehappy:

I can already see a few catches in this land-deal already--taxes & liability. I wonder if it includes a certain castle though, or Zecora's home.

If ponyland has youtube he could remake that one channel with the dude in the shorts.

If the Castle is not still property of the crown that is, might not since it is in ruins

We about to find out >:3
This guy gets it
pffft, indeed.
you know it!
pffft, nice
I'm leaning towards the structures existing within the bounds of the forest being legally considered abandoned. hell, the place is so shit if anon decided that it wasn't even part of equestria anymore i don't think there would be many objections. I don't think the princesses would be keen to spend resources occupying the Everfree.

The muse wills what it wills! if you are so keen to hear about when my projects will be completed, I do keep a discord open for curious folks to shoot me questions and the like ^^

Wow talk about a death wish peace and Quiet a monster infested forest and anon owns it now.
Let's see Diamond dogs dragons chimera puckwudgies Giant rocs timberwolves cockatrices parasprites and as the cherry on top Ursa.
anon now has to deal with that peace and Quiet :rainbowlaugh: That's Murpy for you laughs at the plans of ponys and men.

OK. This looks like it has potential.

Well I'm interested definently liked and followed

"Takes place starting shortly after the conclusion of Slice of Life."

Is this a story? Can't find it?

well this is an interesting start!

It’s the episode. Season 5 episode 9.

I like where this is going.

Lol you don't need to thank me it's a interesting and we'll written concept and I'm looking forward to reading more!

Does this involve building stuff? Cause if it is, I like to help with what you should do to make a useless piece of land more valuable. Also, I'm very much like a war strategist if you need one.

Hey Anon, why don’t you nationbuild Eh? Turn the Everfree forest into a microstate and populate it with immigrants, go and make the United States of the Everfree.

Uh, warning, insanity incoming.


I demand more! If you are up for it of course.

Damn, looks like Anon is finally moving up in the world

He just bought the ENTIRE Everfree Forest...

Oh, you sweet summer child...

Is that a skewed New Afrika flag as the flag base?

Reminded me of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Jfc, I go to bed and you beautiful bastards put me on the number one slot overnight. Uh, thanks I guess, always a bit of a shock to end up trending like this, lol.

It might, I do intend to keep anon true to his original goal of just wanting some peace and quiet, whether he gets it is another question >;3

It's an anarchist flag, featuring Anon Green and a stripe of red to represent his rejection of Spontaneous Equine Bullshit tm, and a yellow tree to symbolize the wealth of natural resources in the forest.

though you could definitely read it that way!

How interesting, I wonder how this highly potential concept is going to play out.

You have me intrigued [nameundetermined], I look forward to seeing what Anon will do with an entire forest, if anything.

And thus the empire of anon was born, kinda make me think about micro nations

He could do it too. Imagine if Equestria, all happy and joyful and peaceful as could be, suddenly ended up with a microstate on its borders; formerly territory that most ponies were terrified to enter due to it’s independent environment, now governed by a creature as outlandish as itself.

Huh... I wonder if him being legal owner of the Tree of Harmony™️ is gonna have any impact on future events...?

Holy shit! He owns the tree of Harmony and the Castle of The Two Sisters!

Anon owns Zecora’s Hut, the Castle of the Two Sisters, the Tree of Harmony, and the Deer Kingdom. This is going to be interesting.

Now he just has to worry about some pesky internet reviewers coming to invade him later.
Oh dear, this is going to be a disaster in motion...I can't wait to see what happens next!

Well alright then. We have a possiblydefinitely cursed forest. Population: you, a zebra, and zog-only-knows-what -else.

Thanks! It was hard not to drag the chapter out longer, I really wanted to leave it on a firm hitting note ^^

you mean anon hat stand and the castle of suck it luna and celestia

The fun thing about the Everfree, is that besides most of the mythical creatures, it's pretty much like the forests at home. Also fun fact, did you know that a lot of wild animals prefer not to fuck with humans?

if i recall (and it is a hazey memory) that is because most animals have encounterd a human at one point. i think if it is somewhere humans havent been (on a deserted island in our world) anamals wouldnt have the same want of staying away.
But anon has delt with ponys for a while apparently in this world so timber wolfs and manticorns are just sticky wolfs and funny bears to a man like that. mabey he will get a pet manticorn?

10870118 Except in New Jersey, where deer, geese, and now turkeys beat the crap out of the pitiful, weak hyoomans.

As I commanded! :trixieshiftright:

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