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Somebody help, i keep writing stupid stories.


This story is a sequel to Princess Is Sad? Boop the Snoot

After having solved the crisis of the crying princess via boops- Anon decides to test it on other ponies.
He discovers that he has a dark power. The power to manipulate moods (positively) with snoot-booping.

He may or may not abuse it, and his own mood may or may not have improved significantly as well.

Celestia has a problem with it, which is understandable. But Luna's... getting a bit too pushy, at times.
He can't quite figure it out.

Well, there's only one solution he knows of...


This is almost certainly a crime. But why stop now?

Image, for those curious.

As before- criticism would be much' appreciated.

I said i'd do it, but now I've got horrible ideas. Join us in the journey of Anon, the mad king of boops. I'll update the tags as we go on- this isn't planned in the slightest, but i kind of love that.
Due to the unstructured nature as well- feel free to recommend any stupid ideas. The stupider, the better.

What am i even doing with my life?

Hot & Featured on 7/5/19. Christ's sake, I'm honoured once again. Did i mention that i love you folks?

Expect updates every weekend or so! And if i miss one, go kick me in the shins!

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 103 )

This is gloriously silly, amazingly fluffy and diabetes-inducing cute, all at the same time.

*smashed mug on the ground*


In due time my friend- in due time!

This is good, this makes me feel happy inside

hahahahahahaha oh my FUCKING GOD this is the best thing ever. You, sir are the greatest author ever and this story is great.

This is delightfully insane. Is he going to end up with Celestia? Luna? ...Both? :pinkiehappy:
So far the only issue I have with the story is the sense of time. I have literally no idea how much time is passing in these chapters. Some things he says makes it sound like a while has passed since he booped Celestia, but then there will be another line making it seem like it was only a day or so after the previous story.


Much appreciated hahah-

Yeah, that didn't go unnoticed myself. Moving forwards, i'm going to take the movement of time a bit more... seriously?
Eh, it'll do. I don't think taking this story seriously would be good for my health.

There was the line saying that about a year had passed since the first event- but it was easy to go straight past. From now on things'll be a lot easier to follow. Hopefully.
And i shant tell my secret... yet.

And of course, progress is in the works.

I am so offended. Non-consensual booping should not be taken lightly, Anon! :flutterrage:

Holy shit! The saga continues!! I can't wait to read!

Death by EEEEE not a fun way to go but not the worst.

Dang this is well done. Very good dream sequence there.

2 chapters in and I still don't know what the hell im reading. Good work tho


Ah, a man of culture i see

This is a man who will go places. Whether or not he actually wished to go to these places is another matter entirely.

I mean, i just asked myself 'what would a really weird dream look like?' and went from there.
Yeah, i have a feeling that this kind of feeling is going to be very common.
That indeed is the question.

There's a giant, goofish smile on my face right now. :pinkiehappy:

It's just so cute.

I have seen many Boop's in my time but this has to be one of the more pleasant and fun kinds I've seen yet. Well done and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

I have seen many Boop's in my time but this has to be one of the more pleasant and fun kinds I've seen yet. Well done and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

slit-eyed mini-horse

That's racist, mane.

So, were each of those a dream or what?

Haven't read, but I am happy to see you publish another story, Hero. :twilightsmile:

Now if only I could do the same. Lol. Work in progress.

More like nasal harassment! HAW HAW!

Chapter 0 made sense..
this one, i didn't understand anything goin on..

> Not being able to listen to Billy Joel ever again
The cost of living in Equestria is high, perhaps too high.

You are welcome and thankyou for being awesome

I'm just imagining the Royal Guard in their full armor squealing like little children and curled up in on themselves laughing in absolute glee and it's making me giggle like an idiot. :rainbowlaugh:

Suddenly, update!

Well then, obligatory hospital scene just serious...

No, my one weakness!

Awwwww schnitzel, here we go again.

and did nothing else except try to fill the whole in your heart

Not being a native English speaker makes me unable to find the majority of mistakes but I definitly think you meant "hole" and not "whole".

Unless I didn't understood correctly the sentence , like 90% of the story XD

On a more serious note tho , the story is pretty good even if it's more than difficult to understand , continue like this :D !

"Caught in a crossfire", riiiiiiggggght. Certainly it wasn't the batpony giving him an aneurysm and the Zebra conking him on the head after being startled, noooooooo.

Nope- you caught me red-handed with that one.
I appreciate any grammatical filtering, since i'm writing this myself.

"Hwuzzah? Whose there?"

Again with the correction , but I think you meant "Who's" and not "whose" . sorry for the small and almost useless corrections but I like to help , even if it's that small :D

Anyway , I understood that chapter completly ! YAY ! I have to say that if someone told me 10 days ago that I would be reading and enjoying a story about some Sarcastic (and really funny) jerk (that is also very that got stuck in Equestria with a power of Booping everyone , I would probably have called him a liar .

Continue like this !

Boop it! Scritch it! Rub it! Pet it!

Okay, but seriously, imagine that old “Bop It!” toy, except it’s a fuzzy pony head. Hasbro, call me!

9717816 You know, that should be a thing. Push the nose, scratch the ears, pat the head. Easy enough.

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