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This story is a sequel to Princess Is Sad? Boop the Snoot

Several months after his 'encounter' with Princess Celestia in the throne room, Anon's life had come to a bit of a lull. He was content in his solitude and was enjoying spending his days doing... not much at all.
And occasionally abusing boops to get his way, but that's less important.

When he comes to realize the difference between solitude and loneliness, he sets out to fix it.

After getting shipped off to Canterlot due to some slight misunderstandings and slight timberwolf attacks, there's a tab bit more to deal with than he'd expect.

Like Princess Luna. And rebuilding bridges with Twilight.
And Princess Celestia's odd behaviour.

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Previously featured multiple times- I can't put how thankful I am for that. I'm glad you folks enjoy my silly stories.

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You should've just put the new one in a separate story.



"You were the one who shuffled the deck this time Twilight, not me. Cosmological chances say 'fuck you.'"

Love it :rainbowlaugh:

Reverse in a 2-person game works like a Skip.

I really was attached with the original, but I get why you wanted a rewrite. I will have high hope's for this to be a great story and it to lure me in like the original.

Is it kinda 'fixing the wording' rewrite or 'fixing the plot' rewrite?
Should I re-read it if I have already read the original?

It is very much a rewrite, not an edit.
Reread it.

Yano I thought I would understand this reboot, but it’s even more confusing than the last. Keep it up.

‘Treason against the holiest snoot’ sounded like a law here.

Pfft :rainbowlaugh:



Well this seems to be going well, I look forward to your re-imaginings.

While I did like the original version, it did feel quite "messy" at times. I can already see the improvements with the rewrite.

So the plot points to be covered later would be whatever happened between twilight and anon, as well as what on earth exactly happened with the night guard in ponyville right? Glad to see this back as I loved the previous version anyway and have been looking forward to this

Wonderful chapter!! Glad to see this updated!!

The first two chapters are confusing as hell currently, but I think it's the idea.

Hi I'm through half the first chapter and I have absolutely no fucking clue what's going on. Ponies are missing? Like completely then something with spears being shoved in Anon's face.

Could someone explain what's happening in this chapter? I'm coming off the last story and this so far is completely nonsensical.

He goes to the store, town is kinda empty, then flashbacks about booping Princess Celestia, then encounters a guard in quiet Ponyville, then falls on a rock and get knocked out. You're welcome.

I agree. Now the first one is gone and I want it back but I guess that's just too bad.

Uno is great. Now I wanna play Pony Uno (tm)

Yeeeah i kinda inferred that, buuuut i would like some indications of WHEN the flashbacks take place.
It just does not feel good.

Gotta say I'm glad to see this story back. Something about poking snoots is very cathartic.


Friends play Poker, family plays Uno. The perfect game to show how much you love them as you utterly destroy those same loved ones, only for someone else to suddenly win, stealing your thunder and putting your victim out of their misery of holding half the deck.


I think I've found the best comment here

There were tonnes of creatures to fuck with! Cultures to offend! A legacy of assholishness to uphold!

Finally! A real human gets set to Equestria! :rainbowkiss::trollestia:

… And now, you’re pretty damned sure you miss dealing with everyone’s shit.

Interact with people for about half a day, the feeling passes. Trust me.

From time to time, I start feeling like I might actually be missing all of the drama I left behind over a decade ago. And then, I insert myself into some light drama (nothing heavy, mind) to feel it out, and - sure enough - I suddenly get reminded why I left all of that shit over a decade ago.

She’s going to forget it happened in like a week. Maybe get a letter about it in a year or something, but drenched in politics-talk. You’ll put five bits on that bet.

... yeah, no. That's one of the things I actually really enjoy about this setting - this is genuine country. She's going to remember that shit for the rest of her life, probably.

more snoot boops required



When's the next chapter?

... that's not booping, in the cover art. That's just picking her nose.


Somebody please explain what i just read. I am completely clueless to what just happened.

cute, continue story soon, must read moar

A bunch of transitionless scene- and time-skips, I think. It's confusing, and not in a "What's the secret/mystery/etc." way, but in a "Are these frequent ellipses significant or not" way as they inconsistently serve multiple purposes.

When you got closer to the town square and hit Sugarcube Corner, the place was deserted.

This is the perfect place to say 'desserted' instead (badum tss), but then people would probably assume it was a typo. Bah. :facehoof:

“VULKAN LIVES!” You channel your inner pyromaniac, looking for anything that'd start a fire around you while screaming like a banshee. You manage to stun the wood-dogger with your holy cry. It's certain- The Emperor has blessed this day.

Carry the Emperor’s will as your torch. With it, destroy the shadows.

It’s wonderful how the Imperial Cult has practically become the religion of the Internet.

Not gonna lie, I'd yell that before setting fire to something. Also VULKAN LIVES *STOMP STOMP*.

I lost track with the changes in perspectives and times. Using regular ellipses instead of asterisms did not help to differentiate the scenes. I'm happy to see that it's here, it just needs a bit of organization.

Its been so LOOOOOOOOONNNNG!!!!!

princess luna needs boops

also welcome back :3

Harmony told Luna to get up and she rebelled, karma came a knocking.

Good to see you still kicking around :twilightsmile:

Finaly a update... But before i read it... Time to re-reading everything because i have no idea what the story was about... BRB...

What drugs were you on and where can I get them?

Now i remember the story. Silly booping Sunbutt , helping her depression and being a simpel men...

I've been thinking about this story through this entire weird impromptu break, and I have no intentions to leave it incomplete forever, or in permanent hiatus hell.

OH MY GOD do I know that feel. Glad to see you back up and running. :twilightsmile:

I probably ought to do the same, but I only went one chapter back at the moment. I'll have to do that later...

Well that's not good. Luna might have alzheimer's

There reaction to one another is odd... I guess this will be explained more? Cant remember but that why i re-autoread this :twilightsmile:

Nice chapter :raritywink:

Uno , the universal game played by bipeds & quadrupeds :pinkiesmile:

Odd Pinkie Pie left Mr. The Human alone for months on end... Especially if he is a regular costumer :duck:

Re-read complet. Neat :pinkiesmile:

O crap that the end for now :ajsleepy: Well... Lets hope the story muse hit you up soon.

Luna is way to careless... She was a millenium alone on a dusty moon. For all we know she need a special diat to get her body back adjusted to the planet magic/food... But i guess its false pride ? Asking for help after being alone for so looong :duck:
Anyway... When do Luna get her snoot booped? :yay:

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