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Hand it over. That thing, your dark soul.


Thanks · 6:24pm Jun 16th, 2019

Hey, guys. Thanks for reading my silly little fic. I'm glad it gave you a bit of a chuckle. Means it did its job.

As a lot of you rightly guessed, I was going to continue it, and I even have a full second chapter written already, but the first went down so well that I'm not sure more would do it justice.

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Compared To A Kiss From A Rose

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Indeed :facehoof: But who could guess 2020 be a desaster on going :raritydespair:

This comment did not age well.

Hope your well... Still on Hiatus ? :pinkiesad2:

Happy new year. May 2020 be a memory filled one.

Thank you for every smile your story bring me in past,present&future :yay:

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