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Some dork on the internet that likes ponies and flower symbolism way too much.

I swear I'm gonna write a story based on this

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"We Cured Ponypox In ‘38": Musings From "Zephyr Mountain" · 1:36am Dec 12th, 2023

I never posted an announcement blog, so in case you missed it, I wrote a new fic for Imposing Sovereigns.

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This song makes me think you should do a Diamond Tiara story set ten years after "Menace to Propriety:"

All I ever prayed for, every day
Was to resent my mother in a regular way!

(Alternately, Luster Dawn finally accepts her sociopathic cult-leading mom for who she is)

I don't remember writing this but i agree with 4 AM me

hi i just wanted to say i think you are one of the best writers on here, i have read Silver Standard like 4 times entirely even though it's boring and i have no attention span because it's great, ruined every other story focused on silver spoon for me

I DO in fact love flower stuff, absolutely love insult bouquets, and ironically finally bought a reference book of flower language right when I'm writing fics where there's virtually no reason for normal flowers to appear. (Yet.)

  • Viewing 119 - 123 of 123
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