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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside. (Sock / Sock's / Sock, no!)


When a unicorn infant is born in Zephyr Heights, young Crown Princess Haven must carry her to Bridlewood and convince the unicorns to raise her as their own. 

An entry in Imposing Sovereigns III, using the prompt Queen Haven/Integrity. 

Prereader thanks: Mockingbirb, Samey90, daOtterGuy, Roxylalolcat
Title suggested by Greymane Shadow
Chapter title suggested by Mockingbirb
Several OC names suggested by Damaged.

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An interesting take on the origin of one Izzy Moonbow.

She never really fit in in Bridlewood.

I still think it'd be interesting if the unicorns gave them Pipp.

You suggested that in preread, but I couldn't find a way to make it work and still hit the deadline for the contest.


I believe I was the one who suggested this in the first place. :twilightsmile:

Heavy is the crown of not just royalty, but of motherhood as well. As a guy, it is hard to imagine the stress and pain of childbirth. My respect for Haven has gone up quite a bit.

Having parents be an active part of the story is certainly a step up from gen 4. Though I'm not a fan of them doing Argile dirty. Anyways, I wish you luck in the contest!

This is a wonderful read! My impression of Queen Haven was "Diamond Tiara++," but this story really did a lot to "grow the beard," as it were!

I didn't even realize that it was baby Izzy.

A good read and I hope you do well in the contest.

P.S. I am a guy so I can only by the barest margins understand the full extent of Princess Haven's issues. Nevertheless I am glad she did the right thing.

This was yet another incredible fic. Nice job, homes.

I wonder how Izzy would react if she heard this story.

The old king would probably have an interesting talk with Argyle. Alas, it was not to be. Regardless, the treaty has unknown to everyone, opened the way to reunification. It sent the right unicorn to the right place to receive a message of friendship at the right time.

"And only three guards," mused the stallion. "What's the ransom on a Crown Princess?"

"Zero," Haven said. "We would not negotiate under duress, and my daughter would take my place in the succession."

Her "expendability" is certainly strategic in smoothing out negotiations. If the unicorns did take her, it would be a loss but not an insurmountable one. It would also justify massive retaliation against the unicorns.

"I'm... injured," Haven said. "Some pulled muscles."

Yes, the mask stays on for everyone.

Wow this is a very interesting story about how Izzy was actually born in the Zephyr Heights but of course they're ungrateful parents disowned her probably they have a reason but still that is awful anyway so Queen Haven wanted to bring her to Bridlewood where the unicorns live hopefully she will have a good life there because I'm sure Queen Haven would not like to see a child going through a miserable life and Zephyr height as a non Pegasus anyway this was a pretty good story keep up the good work


My impression of Queen Haven was "Diamond Tiara++,"

As was mine from the previews and marketing material, but the way she responded to find Zipp and Pipp safe and sound, the sheer relief, and how Zipp and Pipp responded to finding her safe, told me it was actually a loving family, unlike Diamond and Spoiled. This story kinda flowed from that.


I wonder how Izzy would react if she heard this story.

With glitter. Lots of glitter.


Yes, the mask stays on for everyone.



I think izzys parents loved her but knew that they couldn’t raise her in a loving environment in Zanterlot. Plus don’t the different races have different magical stuff that happens baby wise it might have been safer in their mind anyways.

"Retrenchment." Definitely an interesting way of expressing whatever happened to divide the tribes. Clinical. Economic. An excellent euphemism for those who don't want to consider the deeper and wider implications.

I thought hay bacon was weird. I was not prepared for hayspam. :pinkiesick:

Much easier than the rope across the ravine, Haven thought. I'll remember that if I ever come back here.

Huh. And here I figured she used the log bridge. There's something poetic in Izzy accidentally clearing the way for Haven's return.

Great stuff, especially the great lie hanging in the back of Haven's mind the whole time. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the judging.

I'd love to see an epilogue set after the movie, with Queen Haven asking Alphabittle how the foal has fared. There's a lot of potential there.

This was better than I expected.

Your first G5 Story and it's popular! Love it man!

Heh, thanks. Appreciated.

It’s so adorable!

A delightful story, Sock. Sometimes a mother's instinct overcomes all - even tribal disagreements. And baby Izzy! Nice job.

i imagine they take the kids in more that one can handle it better and it is for safety as well like magical burst of baby unicorns are hard to handle and flying Pegasus with any weather magic give any parent a nightmare then earth ponies probably got a few surprises if they can pull a pie level trick of any sort...

I don't know, but I hoping Argyle will show up later after being on some kind of long term expedition.

Atavism is a pretty Intresting thing. Even in Equestria

Interesting concept of Izzy's origin

This is a wonderful story and such a lovely way of handling the split of the races when it comes to children. At least all the ponies involved ended up doing the best for the foal.

Wonderful, simply wonderful! This in itself has inspired me quite a bit in my own in-progress G5 story to tackle some of the 'older generation' in the parents and therein age group preceding the core 5. World Building is very on point and it stands very well on its own, without feeling the need to cram in G4 references galore. This, to me, is one of the best kinds of fics as it very easily is something that I could see happening in the world of G5.

This is a very nice story and it seemed like Haven warmed up to Izzy despite her being a unicorn there towards the end....just imagine if Izzy knew about what her parents did? I do know her sparkle would be dim, very dim.

This was honestly so good! I doubt anything of the sort will be included in canon content, but it would make all the sense in the world if ot was.
I'm definetely incorporating this into my personal headcanons, it's just so good!

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