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It's Siblings Day in Zephyr Heights, and for Pipp that means another chance to obtain wholesome sister hugs for her livestream. Adamant to keep away from her sister's viral shenanigans, Zipp recruits Hitch to help her avoid the avid pop star.

Hitch, however, has his doubts about the whole thing.

Featured 3/20/2022 - 3/24/2022!

Live reading by StraightToThePointStudios:
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Ten years ago I began writing pony fiction for Gen 4 with a cute story about sisters. Today, I celebrate by doing so once again for Gen 5. :rainbowdetermined2:

* Edited by Double R Forrest and LevelDasher.
* Cover art by Luximus, insert art by JowyB, and author's note art by Tomiku.

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This was such an adorable, wholesome story! This would make for a perfect episode! Pipp and Zipp's sisterly playfulness and banter is just too adorable, and I like how supportive and perceptive Hitch was. Then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from the author who brought us the equally wholesome 'My Sister' stories with Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. =)

"She's also doing it for her followers. Cute stuff always gets a big reaction."

"Hmm. Less desirable, but no less wholesome."

Well at least she cares about you to let you be included in her live stream

Well then this should be very interesting day for Zipp so pipp is having one of her live stream and apparently it's one of those days that she wants to get her sister involved by giving her a hug but I guess that's nice but apparently Zipp not much for this kind of attention so she's trying to avoid her younger sister who are the Little Help from Hitch well this should be fun here lol 😊

"Some of them. A lot of them are probably playing Hoofmon Go. Forgot there's some event going on."

Lol Pokemon go event I get it and I'm still playing it

Ohh things got a little bit out of hands or ​Hooves whatever anyway so zipp storm and hitch Trailblazer try to avoid of pipp fans and it's starting to become in a little bit too much for her and hit tried to tell her how she feels about this situation cuz if she doesn't say anything it's never going to end and they have a pretty sweet moments until one of her fans found her and unfortunately That was supposed to be on a private message but now everybody sees the message and basically she got mob by pipps fans and when she found them pipp was not expecting this to happen but unfortunately Zipp is very upset and they need to talk about this right now and something tells me it's not going to go very well 😥

Great story. I'm loving the sisters' interactions. Adorable as always Navel.

Awww I really like this heart-to-heart conversation between Zipp and Pipp and yeah it was basically a miscommunication but hey if it wasn't for a hitch telling zipp to actually talk to pipp this would not and well so hitch is awesome again and pipp apologize to zipp for everything that happened and same for Zipp but for what it's worth at least they got the chance to hang out and without any fans bothering them

"I will not!" Pipp insisted. A slow head turn and knowing look made her blush. "I don't get spooked that easily, Zipp. I'm not a filly."

Even if I was a kid or an adult I still get terrified watching scary movies especially those dang jump-scares

"No, don't go in there! Why would you go in there?! Ugh, these ponies are so stupid!"

Pretty much that every characters in The Scary Movie in a nutshell :facehoof:

Awww this was a pretty adorable story just seen two sisters hanging out with each other watching movies talkin and everything is that what happens if and I really like that it's really really nice and I do like the picture of Rainbow dash and Scootaloo I should probably read that soon but anyway this was a very nice story keep up the good work

What a glorious bit of sisterly fluff to ring in the new spring with. It really is amazing what happens when people just communicate.

"Oh big siiiiissterrr, where arrrrre youuu?"

this isn't a reference, right. tell me this isnt a reference

I loved this so much, and it reminded me of when me and my sisters were younger, we used to play cuddling games and one of them was called *+"the deathliest trap" in which one would hug the other a tightly as possible in order to prevent them from moving. My sister always won... Especially because I'm the youngest and smallest.
Anywho, it was nice reminiscing while reading this, gotta hug my sisters tomorrow real tight. Thanks for that.
Awesome story, loved it to pieces.

Aww, that's adorable! I hope you do get the chance to hug them, and I'm so glad this resonated with you. I never had siblings as a kid, though I really wanted some. That's why I enjoy writing about the sibling dynamic so much. Writing sorta became an outlet for my unrealized little brother energy. :twilightsheepish:

I've read a few of your Gen 5 stories too, they're cute! I know you typically write romance, but I'd love to see you do a story about Zipp and Pipp sometime, since you actually have sisters you can relate to. :twilightsmile: I bet you could make something just as cute.

yo i gotta ask, aside from the MLP:New Gen movie, what other Gen5 content can I watch? is there already a cartoon about Gen5 that I'm not aware of? so confused

The story's really good tho, I faved it n errything. Wow, you art? so pretty!
imo the characterizations in your story is A+
descriptive abilities were able to paint pictures in my head too, great work!!!
this story's officially a heart-melting faveee

We're still largely in the pre-content era of Gen 5, so right now, it's just the movie. However, there's two shows and, from what I can tell a comic series coming up later this year. One of the shows is out in a few weeks in April and the other is September.

Thanks for the compliments! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile: Character interaction has always been my favorite thing to write so it's become a strength over the years.


thanks for the info and taking the time to reply to me
you're awesome!!!

Aww, this story is sweet. Love how it looks equally into Zipp and Pipp’s character.

"No reason. You're just surprisingly thoughtful for a stallion so handsome. Makes a queen wonder if her staff is due for an upgrade."

Haven winked. As she turned away, Hitch reflexed a grimace.

Looks like it's time for "stallions on strike" part 2

"When dealing with actual values, you're right. However, I'm not trying to define a specific value, Pipp. All that matters is that 'am not', or an , is infinite. I can write out the expression on a cheat sheet for you if you want."

Zipp, who does not have access to all her brain cells, is now holding a lecture on the linguistic nature of infinity

Just goes to show how much more proficient she is with numbers than navigating her sister's manipulative mental gymnastics. :trollestia:

Thanks! Zipp is my favorite of the two, but I hope we get to see a lot more from Pipp as well. Felt like the first portion of the movie was heavy-handed in the drama queen stereotype, and it started to level out in the later part. Definitely more room for her character to grow.

”You could be stirring a pot for all you know, and you don't know what's inside."

Zipp winked. Hitch blinked.

I love the characterization of Zipp as a flirt and Hitch having no idea what she just said.

Awwwwwwwww! Absolutely adorable and precious! I loved seeing how you chose to style the Zipp-Pipp relationship, and adding in Hitch as extra support was a nice touch, along with including Haven briefly enough to not directly impact the character's choices but enough to make it known that she is aware of her daughter's antics! I look forward to more great stories from you, but for now...

Happy 10 years NavelColt

Happy 10 years.

"...When I find you I'm gonna give you the biggest sister cuddle you've ever had!"

Pahahahahahahaha! Oh my god that's so adorable XD

I never knew Zipp/Pipp fluff gave me so much life.

Never enough wholesome sibling love. That's what I'm here for. :rainbowdetermined2: Glad you're enjoying it!

"Oh, honey, I wouldn't go that far. Izzy got me to forty-five degrees before, and she was distracted by a shiny object while doing it."

Hitch is strong, and no doubt Zipp is as well, but I can definitely believe this 🤣

"Some of them. A lot of them are probably playing Hoofmon Go. Forgot there's some event going on."

Hey guys! There a perfect IV over here! I just got a Shundo!!!!

That was such a cute story.

As I said, who knew Zipp/Pipp fluff gave me so much life.

Oh! I could've sworn you had siblings considering how good the characterizations were in this, that's how good you are I guess. I did hug my sisters real tight, in case you were wondering.
And about writing something other than romance, I have a new multi-chapter story for G5 currently in the writing stage, and one of the main story arcs is Zipp's and Pipp's relationship, so, stay tuned! I hope I deliver on the expectations here haha.

Appreciate the compliment! Lots of practice at it too, of course. Started writing siblings in the early 2000's, with Sonic and Tails. :twilightsheepish: And now here I am with ponies.

Very excited then! Can't wait to see what you do with them. If you'd ever like brainstorming help I'd be happy to assist!

What can one say, except, you know, "d-aww". Lol. Cute story and seems in keeping with the general "MLP" theme through out all the generations, thanks for writing it. :pinkiehappy: (We need some G5 pony shaped emoticons...)

"No reason. You're just surprisingly thoughtful for a stallion so handsome. Makes a queen wonder if her staff is due for an upgrade."

Haven winked. As she turned away, Hitch reflexed a grimace.

NO MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? :applejackconfused: :pinkiegasp:

"'Oh no, it's so scary, Zipp!'" Zipp mocked playfully, gently shaking the smaller pegasus back and forth. "'I totally didn't invite you over to be cuddle fodder from the start, honest! Please don't go or the Slenderpony might eat me!'"

I think you meant Pipp.

Nope, Zipp is referring to herself because she's pretending to be Pipp, in a playful, mocking way. :twilightsmile: Hence the single quotations within the regular ones.

Glad you enjoyed it!

I feel like Zipp wouldn't say "honey" tho. She's too tomboyish/not southern enough for that, lol

Fair, I wanted her to seem playfully coddling, like she was breaking bad news to a kid. In that vain of being sarcastic and teasing him, I could see Zipp possibly using words she may not usually, but that's just my interpretation.

Honey seemed better than sweetie lol

I guess we see where zipp gets it from now, lol. She's more like the queen than she'd like to admit.

I'm glad somebody noticed this. :twilightsmile: Definitely a trait I could see Zipp having gotten from her mom.

Finally getting around to reading this, so far cute and totally worth the wait.

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