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Lets Do This

We're going to build an exact copy of Ponyville... right over there! We've got less than a minute!


Sunny is invited to a Royal Summit in Zephyr Heights. She's a little nervous about it. So what do her friends do? Take her to McWings, of course...

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"Huh. Roads?" Zipp slipped on a pair of cool shades. "With the return of magic, I don't think we'll need... roads..."

Lol back to the future reference I love it

Dan #2 · Mar 5th, 2022 · · ·

Yet another reason to adore Zipp.
Peace with the advertising-industrial complex was never an option. I fully realized that no quarter could ever be given after the Verizon zombie cookie scandal and they flat out said that they didn't consider a Do Not Track browser flag to indicate or represent the user's wishes. Of course, a voluntary system like Do Not Track was doomed from the start to fail, and only serves as another browser fingerprinting vector today.


Pipp, you conniving little minx! :pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh:

"Hey, look down there. Is that McWings?"

I always get the 10 piece chicken nugget meal 😋

"It's supersized, because it's meant to be shared." Pipp gave her a wink. "Hint, hint!"

Which they never do that for a long time

"Your Highness?" Izzy glanced around at the others. And then she quietly pushed her Sunny toy across to the Queen. "You can have mine, if you want."

aww izzy you are so sweet 🥰

Well this was a very interesting story I kind of like it so Queen Haven invited Sunny Starscout to Zephyr Heights to discuss politics and diplomatic stuff so her friends are on our way but before they get to the castle Sunny wanted to check out the city which pipp offered to show her the city hopefully in the series we will get to see more of the city as well as Equestria they even got the chance to have lunch at a fast food joint a really fancy place but it's really nice to see that I'm hanging out and apparently Queen Haven also showed up as well and it looks like they talked and everything turns out pretty well and hopefully looking forward to the future I would say this was a pretty good one keep up the good work

This might just be empty calories, Sunny thought, but they're buttery empty calories...

The best kind! :raritystarry:

"Of course," she went on airily, "I had to find out where my invited guest and my children had gotten to by seeing you all on the midday news."

She gestured with a hoof at a nearby screen. It was showing a news-flash aerial shot of the dining room, centered on Sunny's table, with the scrolling chyron:


I mean, they all really should've seen that coming. :rainbowlaugh:

Liking the slight little nod to Star Trek VI: “If there is going to be a brave new world, our generation is going to have the hardest time living in it.” - Chancellor Gorkon

I expect McWings would jump at a chance to do Smile Meals with replicas of Sunny's Main six figures if offered the chance.
Zephyer Heights looking more opulent that is really is kind of fits with it haveing once been Canterlot, though I can imagine it might get less homogenous as time goes on, Pony Culture will take a turn now that all 3 Tribes are sharing it again, ponies will feel empowered to make bolder statements with home decor and architecture.

Izzy smiled. "Nice to know I'm not the only pony with a fixation."

is this accidental burn from izzy a reference to her calling hitch's badge an ''unhealthy power dynamic"?

Actually, her discussion of forest unicorn power structures earlier was that. This is just Izzy being self-aware. "Yeah, I know I was just totally sucked in by a display of magic markers, but hey, it's how I roll..."



"I fought the war for your sort!"
"I bet you're sorry you won."

I like that this is a continuation of Princessy things, and Sunny is somewhat used to her new learn or at least learned to embrace the new changes.

I would want for this story to continue as well.

Izzy is such a sweetheart. And Sunny is showing her Twilight side with her fixation for books.

Sunny can still rule Equestria and do the things she was doing in the past story, but Haven can still rule Zypher heights and assist Sunny in things.

Sunny doesn't have to micromanage cities when they have their own mayors/rulers, and Sunny can be in charge of macromanaging things.

Thanks so much for reading, and for sharing your kind thoughts. I'm hoping that interest in G5 and in stories based on it continues, since it's been a blast exploring this new version of Equestria. The specials/show may shoot a hole in some or all of what I'm assuming here, but it's nice having an open canvas, so to speak, to explore potential ideas while we wait to see where the New Generation series may go. And seriously, it is a shot in the arm to hear from readers who like these stories and find them engaging enough to want to see more of them.
Thanks again!

You can go to the same restaurant, the same clothing store, the same art gallery pretty much anywhere.

I do have to wonder where ponies grow their food, or manufactuer their goods, if they all live in the same upscale housing so close together.

It started with the oak-panelled front vestibule and its gilt-edged podium, from which the harlequin-suited maître de managed bookings and welcomed guests.

I'll be honest, you have got me wondering what this outfit looks like. :trixieshiftright:


I'll be honest, you have got me wondering what this outfit looks like.

Think a Ronald McDonald costume, as sold by Neiman Marcus, for a period revels at the local Renaissance Faire. Or something like that...

(See this Wikipedia article for some examples of the kind of costume I'm referring to here.)

I can't WAIT for the embarassment of ponies when Sunny puts a 12ft. tall statue of her Dad smack in the middle of town...

"Argyle Starshine"
"He was RIGHT all this time!!"

Well, everyone else will. Gorkon won't. [/Ominous Foreshadowing]

"Well, okay then," said Zipp. "Let's take Her Majesty to Mickey W's..."

This is the best type of worldbuilding

I'm lovin' it! :raritywink:

This as a funny story and I wouldn't be surprised if McWings also started making figures of Hitch and Izzy. If they expand to Maretime they do have talk to sherrif of course about the permits. I like how Hitch decided to use the animals to keep an eye on Sprout.

Well that was a fun little story. I enjoyed it.

Is that a real screenshot? I never noticed that before neat

Wow, this is so good it makes me hungry! Great work! :twilightsmile:

The pegasi messenger...

Nodding to the pegasi guards...

The pegasus messenger. The pegasus guards. Pegasi is a plural noun, but since you're using it as an adjective and English doesn't have plural adjectives, you use the singular. When in doubt, substitute unicorns. You wouldn't say "the unicorns guards," would you? Anyway, there are several more instances of this.

What's with the Prince Hitch thing? It sounds like a joke but Izzy doesn't treat it as such, and it seems like a rare moment of seriousness from her.

Good stuff, all in all.

Sunny had trotted up the steps to peer in through the huge gilded doors. She took a deep sniff. "Yep," she said, as the others joined her. "It smells like a library in there."

is this a reference to twilight saying she smells books in point of no return

Izzy was soooo cuuuute! :raritystarry:


I wonder if Pipp has ever done a random CrAIyon prompts stream.

Then he gently shrugged. He was used to royal eccentricity. Ours not to reason why, he told himself.

This sentence caught me off guard. Is it supposed to be "ours is not to reason why?"

Waiting by the carriage was a black-capped pegasus stallion wearing a leather jacket.

In my first reading (not that I have completed a second. Yet.) I was like, "They aren't inside the carriage already?!
I was imagining somewhere the group was hanging out near the hill to the factory, and the carriage had just shown up on a street a little back. It's weird how when you miss a a description your mind can just fill in the blank like that. It's also weird how I feel like I have sense of where things are in Maretime Bay.

This was a really cool story! I love all flesh on the world. Up until Haven shows up, this feels a lot like a Rick Riordan story. It has those same little touches, character and detail. Flourishes in the imagery that add so much flavor in so little text.

I guess I don't read things with nuanced politics often, but Haven complementing Sunny on McWings, then Sunny realizing Pipp had planned it felt flawlessly executed. That made me feel slow, which is a feeling I don't get enough.

I will say that this story seems suspiciously cheery. Maybe I'm just high on pony though. Don't do drugs, kids.

Oh, also, Glit. I feel like it's used in this fic kind of like "gilded" or short-and-like for glitter? I like it.

I looked up like seven words for this fic!
Ebullient - Positive, exuding, like, joy?
Maitre d'hotel - "Master of the house." manages the "front" or "public" part of restaurants? The person who greets, takes your reservation/gives a table at fancy (*ahem*, formal) restaurants. can also be in charge of waiting staff. I like to associated it with Michel from Gilmore Girls.
Bucolic - Relating to the countryside, small town, pleasant stuff.
Chyron - "Generated text or captions superimposed onto a video or screen." Named after the software (company) that enabled it.
Mezzanine - A middle floor. Like a loft. Usually it shares the same ceiling as the the main floor.
Mien - Kind of like an attitude or demeanor. Like you might take an academic mien if you were going to meet with you professor, or a professional one before a job interview.
Org-chart - A chart showing the hierarchy in an organization.

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