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I'm not the greatest writer, but specialising on short and simple stories of cute ponies from MLP:FiM and G5. Just your fan from the UK.


Inspired by the fanart Izzy
By neo-shrek

With the lighthouse fixed and everypony spending some time together, Hitch asks are peculiar question to Izzy about what happened on their quest. This leaves Hitch, and the others, maybe regretting asking that question in the first place.

Big thank you to StraightToThePointStudio for reading this story :heart:
Uni-Pecker by StraightToThePointStudio

Second G5 fanfic! Hope you all enjoy this light one.

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“For some reason, Pipp wanted me to strike a pose on my phone and asked how I would usually take a selfie.”


“Whatever you say, Critter Magnet,” Sunny teased, causing Hitch to blush and stutter.

I love how Hitch is such a cute critter magnet. XD

“We do we keep agreeing on the same things?” Hitch sighed.

“Beats me,” Pipp shrugged before turning towards sunny for an explanation, “So what’s with the can?”

That means you guys are getting along 😆

“Whatever you say, Critter Magnet,” Sunny teased, causing Hitch to blush and stutter.

I still like the theory that he could be related to Fluttershy because of that ability he has

Wow this is a pretty cute and funny story and that's always been the question how in the world did Izzy do that which that takes a lot of strength to cut down a tree something like that big and she kind of went crazy to see more possibilities but she hasn't had an idea so sunny and the others follow her and she wanted to give them a surprise and what she did is the sculpture of her friends which that is so cute I really like that again izzy has an interesting ability with or without magic this was a pretty good one keep up the good work

Absolutely beautiful writing and it's an irresistible read through and through! Really felt like an episode in a way! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just HAD to make a reading of this superb fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/ipTuuuStg84

Oh my Gosh! I'm so honoured ^^
Thank you and I'm looking forward to hear it :yay:

🎶this is a how a unicorn pecks
This is how a unicorn heccs
This is how a unicorn drills
This is how a unicorn kills🎵


If it was possible I'd say this should totes be an episode.

Izzy, you and your adorbs. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for your compliment ^^

“You really captured my mane,” Pipp said


The five friends sat around the sculpture and chatted some more as the sun set below the sculpture in front of them.

Sunny came home that day, exhausted from moving the sculpture into town square, realized that all her furnitures were still lying broken.:fluttershbad:

I feel like the following is obligatory:

Seriously surprised nobody's made a Woody Woodpecker joke until now.

Who else thinks Izzy should start up a woodworking business down in Bridlewood? Bet she'd make millions. Did you read the horn skill in that sculpting!? Incredible!

Sunny: "Izzy, doesn't doing that with your horn hurt your brain or anything?"
Izzy: *confused head tilt* "Does what do what? I don't understand the question?"
Sunny: "Never mind. Where did you learn how to do that?"
Izzy: "Sunny, I live in a house made out of a tree. All the unicorns, most of whom are scared of the word 'mayonnaise' and can't solve a simple puzzle cube, live in houses made out of trees."
Sunny: "This actually explains a lot."
Izzy: "It does? Yay, understandings!"

I aspire to have this comedic story, honestly very great idea lol

Izzy may not have her magic, but at least she knows how to use her horn to make a bridge.

This fic exemplifies why we need a proper Gurren Lagann-MLP crossover... unicorn horns are drills. That's why they're spiral. DUHHHHHHH!!!


Izzy being her adorable self, I love it.

I did wonder how she managed to knock that tree down.
Couple errors I noticed. For example:

With magic restored and all pony tribes reunited, it meant that five particular friends consisting of two pegasi, two earth ponies and a unicorn would never have to be apart.

“Didn’t any pony notice me doing what I was doing?”

“Remember when you pointed your horn at me when you first got into my house,” Sunny slowly said, “That horn looked pretty sharp and when it was aimed right at me.”

Thank you for the tips ^^

“Like this!” Izzy bent down and pointed her horn at one of the table’s legs.

“Izzy don’t-!“ Sunny warned.

Too late.

Yuuuup. That's izzy alright.

We do Do we keep agreeing on the same things?” Hitch sighed.

Thank you and corrected ^^

You're welcome! :)

I was expecting less feels and more chaos. Fun read tho.

Me too, Alfur! (Love the pfp btw, Hilda is a great show/movie!)

Bruh, I didn't know there was a movie! I only saw up to the S2 finale before canceling Netflix.

Bruhhhhh you gotta find the movie! Its great! Spoiler alert: trolls attack trolberg and a big troll, self-entitled Mountain King dies (:
IT’S REALLY FLIPPING GOOD very much do recommend (:

I haven't read it at the time of this response, but that's what I was expecting. Should I expect it? I really want to expect it.

Right now, they were currently back at Sunny’s lighthouse, now fully reconstructed in its former glory. Sunny showed her new friend’s a collection of her dad’s artefacts, telling stories of what her father told her about ancient Equestria. They sat around the kitchen whilst Sunny told stories about a unicorn who befriended five ordinary ponies and became the Princess of Friendship. The others, apart from Hitch who heard these stories with Sunny growing up, were captivated and hung onto every word. When her stories ended, Hitch unexpectedly turned to the unicorn of the group.

artifacts *

Izzy was already using her horn to peck away at the leg, wood shavings flying everywhere. It came off with a snap, causing the table to lose its balance and spill smoothies on every pony.

Good going Izzy. :facehoof:

She dashed out of the kitchen, the others following close behind her. what they found next gave Sunny a small heart attack. It was as if an actual woodpecker flew into the house and decided to fly and practice its pecking skills. There were holes in every wooden item of furniture. The door was left hanging open with a hole through it.

You've got to be kidding me. :pinkiegasp:

“Yep,” Izzy rubbed her hooves together in excitement. She then, somehow, managed to get four blindfolds out of her mane.

And I thought Pinkie Pie was the only one who kept a lot of stuff in her mane. :applejackunsure:

“It has nothing to do with that,” Hitch huffed. The others laughed at Hitch’s expense.

Lmao. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for sharing that info.. I following now. DQFanSurvey Feedback

I listened to the reading, and I came by to leave a like.

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