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I'm not the greatest writer, but specialising on short and simple stories of cute ponies from MLP:FiM and G5. Just your fan from the UK.


Inspired by the comic What Are You
By amazing artist Marenlicious

It's early morning in Zephyr Heights and Pipp wants to have a live stream on how to make the perfect morning sandwich. Unfortunately, she should have known her sister would want to disrupt her moment with her fans.

Wonderful reading by StraightToThePointStudio
Pipp Sandwich by StraightToThePointStudio

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Lol okay that was pretty funny and cute at the same time and Zipp really likes to embarrass her sister during her live stream that's funny that's pretty good one keep up the good work

Jokes on you, I was already eating a sandwich when I was reading this.

Well I hope it was a yummy one :rainbowlaugh:

“first up, the bread. I especially need my carbs to keep my energy high, yet not feel deflated or bloated as I go into the afternoon. I have a variety of bread in the cabinet as my schedule changes from day to day, so there is a variety on the shelf for me to decide. Sprouted whole grain contains special vitamins that are critical for converting food into energy. Sourdough is one of the most digestible bread, so I don’t feel stomach cramps when I have to attend dance sessions straight away. For the most energy, whole-grain is the one for me and healthier than white. White is a pleasure for days of.” She sighed and turned her head to the direction of the bedrooms where her sister was slumbering.


“Well would you look at that,” Pipp quipped, “Looks like I’m having a tomato sandwich for breakfast.”


Btw, this was great! I loved it!

Thank you and glad you liked it

I can tell you definitely have fun with these little stories

Absolutely, thanks to inspiration around me with them

Well it was peanut butter, blueberries, and bananas, so yes:twilightsmile:

I'm glad to see Zipp and Pipp sisterhood fics are becoming more popular lately. :raritystarry: Mine should fit right in once it's finished!

Glad someone made a fic based on that artwork. Very cute.

Thank you very much ^^ We haven't got many sister actions in the movie, but I'm looking forward to seeing what relationship they will have in the series. Friendship is Magic had younger/older relationships, but I'm thinking more teen relationship since I think they are around the same age

Sorry if I made you want to make a sandwich for yourself now XD

Well, as it happens, I'd just had breakfast and wasn't particularly hungry, so I managed to escape that particular scenario for now. :rainbowlaugh:

Cool *takes bite out of Pipp Sandwich then proceeds to get arrested for biting a royal*


That was cute! And oof, Pipp was cornered! At least the tomato-filled Pipp sandwich is a cute one!
This story is well written and only has a few grammar errors.

“first up, the bread. - First.
Zipp raised an eyebrow at her and did a look that only siblings could understand. - Made a look flows better.
“What are you?” Zipp simply asked - asked with a dot at the end.
They hadn’t played that game since they were foals.
This is a "game?!" When I see comics of this trend, it does not seem fun and is rarely enjoyable for the sandwiched person. I would only have fun being the sandwich if I expected that to occur when it did.

I like the references, but I only understand the YouTrot/YouTube one. What are the other ones?
Nice story, bro!

If the chat on this streaming app is anything like chat on Twitch, it's no wonder that clip rocketed to the top. Wonderful sibling shenanigans.

WOAH, violence! How did you bite INTO her?!
Oh my gosh, she and her followers, and Equestria would be HORRIFIED. She doesn't deserve that! Poor thing! :rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::fluttercry:

XD same, I just had noodles. :)

I like how Pipp knows so much about sandwiches. I'm like: grab food - plop on bread.
Sammy tastes bad, makes me gain weight or ingredients are needed for other foods: don't use ingredients again - find different combo.
Sammy tastes good and ingredients don't need to get used for something else that I know of: Eat until the ingredients run out, and we now need more of them xD.

The biggest mystery for me, however, is why the royal princesses don't have servants to make a sandwich for them. :rainbowkiss:

Thank you for liking it. Happy smiles :pinkiehappy:

We mostly saw guards and no servants, butlers

I can definitely see Zip not being the type to want others doting on her, she doesn't seem to embrace or even care for the fancy status of being a princess. Pipp did seem to like having others dote on her, given the rug scene in the movie. But in the context of this fic, doing the livestream herself takes precedence to pampering, of course.

Pipp seems to pick up after her mother a lot while Zipp is the odd one out. :coolphoto: Interesting considering Zipp is the oldest and thus in line for the crown. There's a sisterly betrayal story waiting to be written there, but that's way out of my genre. :rainbowlaugh:


And then there was lots of sandwich eating.

Combine an excellent artist and a superb writer with ideas to form a story like this, absolutely wonderful stuff! I enjoyed this story much more than the sandwich made afterwards! x3 Hope ya didn't mind, but I just had to make a reading of this adorable gem!

Audio Link!: https://youtu.be/CYA_kf2NA6A

Oh my Gosh! thank you again :heart::heart::heart:

This was a wholesome gem which I found very pleasing all the way through. :pinkiesmile: :heart:

Thank you for the compliment ^^:pinkiehappy:

Smol* sandwich

She would have been horrified to know that her ‘pretty sandwich’ moment with Zipp would become the most trending thing on You-Trot and Clip-Clop.

As it should.

Aaaw, this was cute!

Thank you so very much ^^

By the very nature of stream audiences, Zipp honestly did her little sis a favour. It's vulnerable moments like these that really solidify a streamer's popularity.

Great work on this one.

Thank you for your compliment ^^ I was aiming for a wholesome sibling moment

Pony-Book is Facebook, Flitter is Twitter, and I'm pretty sure Clip-Clop is Tiktok.


“Your pretty sandwich,” Pipp grumbled louder, allowing Zipp’s ears and the phone’s microphone to hear every single word.

Lmao, how embarrassing!! :rainbowlaugh:

She would have been horrified to know that her ‘pretty sandwich’ moment with Zipp would become the most trending thing on You-Trot and Clip-Clop.

Mhm. :yay:

I can already tell the moment I saw the art pic and read this story that is was based on this.


Now I'm hungry. This was cute story.

I listened to your reading, and I came by to leave a like.:twilightsmile:

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