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The truth about Blueblood · 5:30am Jul 9th, 2021

I've long been on the side of the 'Blueblood' argument in favor of giving him the benefit of the doubt; venturing the guess that he just has a keen instinct for picking out the fops and then acts like a boor to scare them off. Rarity was being a fop at the Gala. This was before I rewatched the season one finale the other day. Having done so, I can now confidently say I was right; his behavior toward Rarity was an act.

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Welp, whatever your comment was got nuked by the sexual deviant that can't handle truths.

It’s a natural response to try care, humans try our best to inhibit this instinct when we see someone suffering. Perhaps ponies are just more empathetic than us. Could you imagine a world where everyone cared. Our natural instincts didn’t just kick in for our family or friends. We try so hard not to care because it’s break us, we try shut ourselves off to perhaps protect ourselves. Logic isn’t the answer to our problems, not caring enough is. I’m sorry to vent to you, you seem like a good person. You replied to me so I felt you deserved an answer.

Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against the Princesses!

Thanks for thew follow! :eeyup:

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