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I'm not the greatest writer, but specialising on short and simple stories of cute ponies from MLP:FiM and G5. Just your fan from the UK.


Inspired by the artwork You Look Cute in Pink
By artist Julunis14 and Fimfic Julunis14

Rainbow Dash loves a challenge. She always wants to be the best at everything. However, she may have bitten off more than she could chew when it comes to a prank-off with Ponyville's master prankster. Now she's wishing that this day did not exist altogether and wanting to get rid of it with a hot mug of cider.

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“I’m telling you Pinkie! If there’s any pony who can pull a good prank is me! You should have seen me, pranking up a storm.” “No way! Your pranks back then were a bit out of touch with the rest of Ponyville. My parties are always bursting with pranks.” “Yeah right! Squirting flowers, random parties canons and fake snakes in party blowers are so basic!” The two of them were at Sugarcibe Corner. The rest of the customers were trying to drown out the two of them bickering as they tried to enjoy then lunch. Eventually, the two of them had run out of breath arguing and were now slumped in their chairs, eating their snacks.



This was great! You did a good job!

Thank you and happy you liked it

Awww, such a sweet little story. I really appreciated the fact that Applejack didn't continue laughing, being completely oblivious to her friend's... hard day. I'm not a fan of that. At all.
Anywho. Really enjoyed this little piece of work of yours. Sweet, short, fluffy and fun. (Hey! That describes all of your stories, that I've read!) Well worth the read!
Thank you for the fun little read, bud:twilightsmile:

Also; nice see the first place Dash wants to go after a hard day is Applejack's. Makes total sense to me.

Happy you liked it ^^ :pinkiehappy:

Lol wow I kind of guess you saw the missed color toy of rainbow dash but anyway it looks like Pinkie Pie pulled the ultimate prank on rainbow and now she's all pink well at least she got hurt chance to drink some Cider at least and Applejack was pretty nice of her to do that but now she wants to get even with Pinkie Pie now cuz you know rainbow but anyway this was a pretty good story and a funny one and I did see that on Twitter keep up the good work

A perfect piece of fluff for my morning. Also,that last line...

Pinkie will be extra colourful by tomorrow ^^

Please for the Love of Faust, tell me that you are making a Sequel to this story, I think that Pinkie REALLY needs a wake-up call that she should NOT prank her Pranking Partner like that without thinking of what would happen to her after said Prank has finished, also if there was ever an 'Order of Pranksters' I can see Luna, Celestia and DIscord being the one's to have created it when they were younger and them being the leaders of it and Pinkie and Rainbow could be members of it too.

If I have to idea or motivation to really :twilightsheepish: If I see a piece of artwork on DA, I am drawn to it immediately and want to write something that inspires me

Another one, I just put up mine so I'll give yours a read to see how it fares!

Oh wait, this is what you originally published on DA, LOL.

I literally just posted my own take to challenge yours on DA then spotted it here.

Oh Dash, you poor adorable idiot. Fun story! Any chance of a sequel where we get Pinkie turned into Rainbow Pie?

Depends if I have the determination for it. I get one good chapter and then it just seems right to me :pinkiehappy:
My mind isn't up for more than one sometimes

Knowing Pinkie Pie, she'll probably like being rainbow.

:rainbowlaugh: "Haha! How does it feel Pinkie?"
:pinkiehappy: "This is awesome! Thanks Dashie!"
:rainbowhuh: "Wait, that's not supposed to happen! You're not allowed to like it!"

La-la-la-la! I feel so colourful today XD

A very humorous and humble story.

Brought a smile to my face.

Thank you for the compliment ^^

The wrath of the Pink One hath be wrought.

This fic is exactly what came to mind when looking at the cover art, so definitely well done.

Oh, I so want to see a sequel!

Question! Did Pinkie Dash, get Pinkie Pie back and turn her into Rainbow Pie?

Would love to see a sequel where Dash gets some revenge.



It really depends if I have the drive for it really. I can't really do more than one chapter. Most inspiration comes from the fanart I see on DeviantArt and so it just really goes from there where I create the ideas

I don't really see why so much on asks for a sequel. For me, the last line was the introduction to the episode of the cookies trapped with rainbow dye and the counter prank pony zombies.

When everything dawned on the party pony that this was her mane and not a wig that was stuck onto her, she gasped and screamed.

“I have fake wings stashed all over Ponyville, in case of fake wing emergencies.”

Yeah why am I not surprised

Okay I was not expecting another chapter but I guess you need to follow up the revenge to Pinkie and she did so instead of that now she looks like Rainbow dash and she got really upset but basically kinda taught her a lesson how she felt as well and something tells me now they're going to use the situation and Confused the other ponies and creatures in Ponyville this was a pretty fun story keep up the good work

That's a cute story. ^^
I loved the picture as Julunis posted it on Twitter, but having an accompanying story is really sweet.

Thank you and happy you liked the story with it ^^
I was challenged by friends on DA to do a story, then I got support from the artist for it as well. She allowed my to use the art as the cover as well :twilightsmile:

Yeah, she promoted you on Twitter, otherwise I hadn't seen the story. ^^

Comment posted by Quoterific deleted March 2nd

Cue Applejack accidentally flirting with Pinkie. I'm almost expecting a third chapter, where, by the end of the week the two of them, with Luna's assistance, have pranked the entire town and nobody knows who's who anymore.

Well, we have a story about a picture of a pink rainbow, now to bring it full circle we need the artist to make a picture of this story about a rainbow pinkie.

And then Pinkie makes a joke that "Even I don't know who's who anymore!" and everyone's unsettled, and Pinkie says "I could be kidding, but you'll never know!"

Awesome! I knew you could pull it off!

Well, as soon as you said you had no inspiration for a sequel I was expecting a crash when I saw the new chapter coming out, so much so that I didn't dare read it until today, but you did pretty well ^^

I really liked the reference to the "I always have a trophy in case of unexpected dance contest" from EQG.

If you haven't already made a deviation on this scene consider it as a request and I will send you the exact time-code one of these days.

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