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I'm not the greatest writer, but specialising on short and simple stories of cute ponies from MLP:FiM and G5. Just your fan from the UK.


Inspired by the fanart Everyday Horror
By artist InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

In Ponyville's local flower shop, three ponies were looking forward to a nice relaxing day going through their orders and sales. This was going to be a good relaxing morning. However, this is Ponyville, where anything big and small can happen.

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Really cute and funny. These three deserve more fanfic love.

Then the spider scuttled towards them, and all Tartarus broke loose. Roseluck found herself at the bottom of an awkward pony-pile with her two friends her on top of her on either side, scrambling up her to get away from the tiny montrosity. Her ears were ringing from the screams of terror from the two above her. sh had managed to balance them on her hind legs as they all screamed in fright.

1. Should be monstronity,
2. She.

Apart from that, this was great!

Thanks for the tips ^^ And thank you ^^:twilightsmile:

“The horror! The horror!” Daisy’s signature catchphrase of dread escaped her mouth.

Lol classic flower ponys freak out

Just another ordinary day for Ponyville at the morning started the flower ponies getting ready for the wedding of Lyra and bonbon but they were soon stopped because of a spider which I don't blame them I do not like spider at all but good thing Fluttershy came around and picked up a spider yes of course the girls felt embarrassed but hey it always happens this was a pretty good one keep up the good work

By the way, Roseluck is my favourite out of the three. Being a big Doctor Who fan, I love the reference with her and Doctor Whooves.

I kind of remember back in season 4 when that Breezy passed the doctor and Roseluck during that time when the first episode came out I didn't know there was supposed to be a reference but when I watch the series I understand now because The Doctor and Rose

I totes agree on this.

It's been forever since I've caught a cute fic staring these wonderful girls. Very hilarious and a adorable slice of life, a highlight to read of my day.

Lovely job!


Thank you for the compliment ^^
I do my best

“Ah, so they finally tied the knot, eh?” Daisy perked up at the news.

You mean 'finally tying the knot'.:raritywink: From that line, it sounds like this occurred just before a certain bell-powered trio threw Equestria into its darkest hour. Now that probably provoked a justified reaction of "The horror!".

Pretty good story. Still, the build up seemed like a lot for just a short scene of humor. Perhaps you could've expanded it a little by having 'Fuzzy Legs' inadvertently chasing them around their shop, or maybe even them whipping out a can of bug spray just before Fluttershy came in.

Nevertheless, it was a pretty fun read and I think I'll be adding it to my 'Favorites' list.

Thank you for your comment and liking ^^

Their names were Roseluck, Lily Valley and Daisy. They were commonly known as Ponyville’s ‘first alarm.’ When something out of the ordinary and downright terrifying comes to Ponyville, ponies hear for those three to cry out in horror.

And how many of those were later considered 'False Alarms'?

When she pulled a loose-leaf away, there standing directly behind it, was the largest spider Roseluck had ever seen. The body was grey and hairy, its legs a shade of brownish-grey and also had hairs on the joints. Its mandibles were sharp and vicious, saliva dripping down it and glinting in the morning sun. It was the eight eyes that spooked Roseluck the most, red and staring at her with an almost-vicious intent.

Don't worry, even the mightiest ones are terrified by such a sight:

This seems like a nomral reaction for the trio. I alsolike the fact that the spider was just one of Fluttershy's animals.

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