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Berry Punch spends Hearth's Warming Eve the traditional way: kicking ass and taking names. No matter if it's a timberwolf or another ancient evil threatening her friends – she's there to the rescue.

Preread by Cinder Vel, ChudoJogurt, and Dragonborne Fox

Translation by repitter:
🇺🇦Google Docs🇺🇦

Cover credits: Roseluck by Yanoda, Lily and Berry by DashieSparkle, background by Quasdar.

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I'm not sure I'd have the stones to take a dismembered timberwolf home for firewood. I'd be too afraid of the log-pile reassembling and coming a-knocking for juicy pony take-out one cold night when the fire burns low.

Wait, do they think that alicorns can just give other ponies wings like that? Sounds like Cheerilee needs to update her biology curriculum...

Bricks. The great equalizer.

Oh, Celestia! They killed Chrysy! Bastards!

"Berry, why do you keep firewood in a cage?"
"It had a litter of puppies recently..."

If they have Red Bull... Or a stapler:

Everyone ends up at the ground level?

She'll be back in the next episode, though.

I enjoyed this Berry Punch.

That was fucking awesome. :D Badass as all hell of them to kill Chryssie like that. What a way to go. I hope that bitch felt every bit of pain. :D

Just like Race Bannon, DK, and other greats, just throw a barrel at it and things will be resolved. :trollestia:

The only way to make her take part in the Running of the Leaves this year was to put a bowl of Roseluck’s famous braised eggplant at the finish line.

And given that the finish line was also the starting line, that probably wouldn't have worked anyway. :derpytongue2:

In any case, this was hilarious, from Daisy's upbringing to a demise exactly as dignified as Chrysalis deserves. Thank you for it.

For Berry, the race was very quick. She barely started and she was already done.

Cute, action packed, comedic and random. Weird combination but it works.

Yippee ki-yay, Chrysalis. :derpytongue2: :facehoof:

(What, that's totally a Christmas movie, and Christmas and Hearth's Warming are close enough, so lifting a line or two from it is clearly valid here.)

Hey, it's my favourite Christmas movie :pinkiehappy:

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