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Due to a drop in birth and marriage rates, Princess Cadence decides to make it so that anypony can easily find out who their soul mate is, if they wish to know.

What can go wrong?

Artist: Holivi

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How very random. I approve whole heartedly!

Celestia needs to catch Cadence before she does this again.

Quite a fun and delicious concept! I love the quick cuts and storyline threads. Only sad that there isn't more! :derpyderp1:

Wow that is a lot of dialog.

Without reading I can answer:
Even if ponies are not soul mates doesn’t mean they can’t find love. If a single ponies soulmate is already married then you’re putting stain and possible braking an already happy marriage.

Serious business.

Hehehehe...it was, as it should be with ponies, the most well intentioned of dooms.

Okay, this is super cute!


Ever since acquiring this skill, I have struggled with the implications. Part of the magic of love is in the discovery, yet if I know where your true hearts belong, how could I withhold that information from any of you. Also, the birth and marriage rates are dropping slightly.

I feel like the line here about birth and marriage rates is almost an afterthought. It should be more of a "With the marriage and birthrates dropping slightly, I could not even consider withholding this information from any of you." or it shouldn't be there at all.

But that's just my 2¢.

You don't necessarily have to fall in love with your soulmate, though. I can't help but feel that's a thing that's just been overworked and the entire idea of it puts a lot of pressure on someone that believes that the person you fall in love with and marry is supposed to be that.

I meant this as a sort of joke, albeit one of my weaker ones.:twilightsheepish:

It's like a politician trying to sell a change as noble, idealistic, and all for the ponies; then mentioning the practical side that serves the government as more of (as you say) an afterthought.

I didn't make the contrast as big as it should have been, because I didn't want to take away all of Cadence's sincerity, I guess.

Ahh, okay. It just seemed like an odd afterthought rather than a hushed whisper ANDLETSCARRYTHISONNOWSHALLWE kind of ulterior motives JUST IN CASE YOU HADN'T NOTICED.

But such things are also a bit more difficult to carry in dialog that carries a plain decree. ... declaration?

I thought she might add something along the lines of not wanting anypony to be lonely.

That's good. I should have used that.

If she were to try to create a letter for me, she'd fail, since, as I am a sociopath, I cannot experience love.

So woohoo!!! heartlessness for the win!!!!

Good news! You can love. It's psychopaths that can't.

Admittedly I only know this because theres a bit that was used two or three times where somepony calls Harley Quinn a psychopath, she gets insulted, insists she's a sociopath, and explains the difference. Probably not the best resource, but then real psychologists say they need to do a lot more research anyhow.

And, well, Harleen Quintzel was a psychologist at Arkham, so she would know.

That and love is simply a chemical imbalance similar in nature to OCD, as both are almost soley reliant upon serotonin levels in the brain.
Sertraline and other OCD and Anxiety medications can simply remove the troublesome emotion from your psyche with a simple prescription pill.
Isn't science wonderful? A pill that removes Love and the sex drive from people? So much can be accomplished without Love clouding your brain.
But, considering I'm Asexual, aromantic, and misanthropic, I'm quite possibly biased.

Ahem, in conclusion, thank you for correcting me and see your primary care physican regarding the suppression of emotions through medication.

As if Celestia wasn't freaking out over her own letter. And Luna's :trollestia:

Apparently Derpy was trying to outdo Rainbow Dash, by not making any ponies wait. A few, recieved the wrong letter and had to swap with another pony; each was very properly addressed in Cadences own handwriting.

Remove the comma, and it's received not recieved.

“Do you mean Twilights new academic paper on generosity?”


I made the changes.

I love this.

...and ponies are just dumb, smelly animals that live in barns, amiright? :raritywink:

No, that's just Applejack

Comment posted by ponyponipon3 deleted Feb 16th, 2019

It keeps the fancy ponies away, though.

That's the real plus.

yeh, those darn hoity-toity ponies (possibly, tho not necessarily, including *the* Hoity Toity :twilightsheepish:)

btw, in ur original comment i hadda do a double-take as i initially misread “aromantic” as “aromatic” :trollestia:

What about Trenderhoof, From episode 'Simple Ways'?

C'mon guys, everyone knows that a ponies smell has some loose tangential relation to her either their element or their name. Pinkie smells like pie or cotton candy. Applejack smells like Apples. Twilight Sparkle smells like... uh... stars...maybe. MLP universe stars, so they probably smell nice, I guess.

Trenderhoof is strange, indeed. What makes him love the Apple horse and not the Fashion horse? Is it on the surface, or does he not like Ponies more beautiful than himself?

And does that mean that Trixie smells like magic? Illusions? Orion's belt (Bellatrix is a star in that formation, along with Betelgeus)?
And does Diamond Tiara smell like coal?

9472505 Who knows? Hoity Toity might like those smells, it'd explain the fan he always has.

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