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The Crossover No One Asked For · 11:08pm Sep 27th, 2016

and that I didn't realize I needed

So yeah. I'm planning a pretty big AU/crossover, however it's stated. I suppose all crossovers are technically AU...

And hardly anyone knows or belongs to this fandom anymore.

I wonder if Nathan will be coming back to that world...

Oh well.

Until midnight. *Salute.*

About the Bug

Hey there guys! I'm Zua, Zuabug, Chevko, take your pick.

If you've found me from a silent bookshelving, please know I really do like your story or stories, but I just didn't have the energy, motivation, or willpower to leave a note - I've been struggling with this for a while now and I have a plan to get better, but... I may come back and leave a comment when and if I re-read it, but for now I'm truly sorry I didn't leave any words for you. Sometimes I'll know what I want to say, but I just... don't have the heart to post it.

Best Pony Applejack, hands down. (With Luna a close second.)
Best Pairing Erm. RariJack. Twirity... I really need to investigate as I don't often actually read pairings, so I'm not really sure what my favorite pairings are.
Best Genre Dark! Elements of Disharmony. I love to see them be broken and twisted and... yeah.
racial!6 I see them as:
black!Rarity & black!Sweetie Bell
???!Applejack & ???!Apple Bloom
korean!Rainbow Dash
hindi!Silver Spoon
???!Diamond Tiara

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It does, thank you <3


And here's a reply to the reply.

Ordinarily this should send two notifications. One saying "Eldorado commented on your profile" or something like that, and another one saying "Eldorado replied to your comment."

Testing reply to comment!


Hello, I'm testing the issue you're talking about. See if this sends a notification.

That's pretty neat.

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