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Ask me if you have any questions about the site. The more detailed you are describing the problem, the better the chances I'll be able to help.

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It's generally socially acceptable for men in modern Western societies to have their chests fully exposed while in public. Depending on the exact social context, it might have different connotations and be considered trashy or low-class, but generally speaking a male human's nipples being visible is not considered "nudity" by basically anyone. The Disney children's movie Moana depicts multiple bare-chested male characters while its female characters curiously don't have their tits flopping about everywhere, and yet I don't recall a ton of backlash about the movie being an affront to transgender people because that's an absolutely insane leap to make.

The existence of transgender people does not mean men can't go swimming without a 1920s stripey coverall on.

Not what I was referring to Eldorado. What I meant is... why can a guys nipples be shown whereas it's against the rules for girls nipples. Wouldn't it make sense to have BOTH not allowed to be shown?


I don't know exactly when you resubmitted it but the timestamps are all over the place, it's received multiple upvotes and downvotes in recent days. If you click the little bar graph thing to the right of the vote count, you can yourself view a summary of at least when the votes were logged. It's not like you had a 17/0 story that magically went to 17/17 overnight.

It's not generally socially acceptable for women in modern Western societies to have their breasts fully exposed while in public. People who are viewing this site in public don't want random nudity showing up on their screen where other people could see. Other people view the site in private but simply don't want to see that kind of content themselves. Also this just isn't a (visual) porn site; derpibooru and furaffinity exist for a reason. Our site not allowing depictions of female nudity has nothing to do with oppressing transgender people or whatever, and framing it as such is frankly insane.

No problem. Always willing to help anypony.

This honestly makes no sense btw. It should be for both imo. Because of well... ya know... lgbtq and such. Trans stuff. It's hard to explain. I get the thought process btw. Just doesn't make much sense on why it's Strictly women...

Well alright. Just thought it was strange how it got a equal ammount of likes and dislikes after resubmitted it after the take down. Also, Thx for checking. Thought it was a bug. Lol. Glad it's not. Weird that it gets 17 likes and 17 dislikes tho. Considering I wrote the entire thing myself... weird.


I'm not sure what you mean. Your Atomic Countdown story currently has 17 dislikes, and I can see each and every user who disliked it, with a timestamp when it happened. It's not a visual bug, those 17 people actually did dislike your story. I recognize many of the usernames here as legitimate, and a quick sampling of the ones I don't recognize hasn't turned up any bots or other suspicious activity.

Or am I misunderstanding you?

Oh, Eldorado. There is a bug I wish to report. It seems stories that were taken down by moderators... likemy fallout Equestria fanfic, seem to have a bug where when it receives a like... the dislikes mimic the number of likes. Like... if ya get 16 likes... your dislikes are 16 as well... even though no one disliked it. Just a bug I noticed.

Takes about a week or two. But Eldorado is a bit faster in terms of approving stories... or taking them down... (I had my story taken down for logical reasons. Tho I wished Eldorado just had me edit it and such. Wasn't that hard to fix. But eh.. happens. I ain't exactly mad at him for it. Just confused on his decision. Lol.)

  • Viewing 1,970 - 1,979 of 1,979
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