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Ask me if you have any questions about the site. The more detailed you are describing the problem, the better the chances I'll be able to help.

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The earlier posts in that conversation speak for themselves, I believe. It's been months since then, but I don't delete comments on my stuff so it should all still be there

:ajbemused: Learning? Learning what, exactly, how to be a jackass to everyone who cross our path?

Yeah, I sorta thought as much, but was hoping still. Thanks anyway.


Unfortunately, no, that kind of stuff isn't saved anywhere I can retrieve. Maintaining a revision history for every story on the site would require a database of ungodly proportions.

A quick question, is there a way that a moderator (like yourself) can retrieve overwritten save data for a chapter? I wrote a chunk of a chapter and was quite happy with it, but I had two tabs open, both on that chapter. Only, I was writing on one of them, the other opened at the very beginning when I had little to no words down. So, opening that tab by accident when the other was already closed, I hit “save chapter” reflexively.

So, yeah. Is there any way to fix/undo this?

  • Viewing 815 - 819 of 819
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