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Send me a PM if you've got questions about the site. The more detailed your description of the problem is, the greater the chance I'll be able to help you.

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But, I am telling the truth when I say that I never meant to incite others to attack him. Everyone just jumped the gun. I'm not gonna try to persuade you though.


Considering you said "Now that we all know he's vulnerable if enough people go after him" in the blog, I don't believe you for a second.

You are not going to get what you want if you continue to behave in this manner. Just a heads-up.

All right, I delted that one blog post. But, I swear, I never meant to sic an angry mob on Hamster. I only wanted to say, "Hey, head's up, he's back." I was going to wait him out and ignore him, like you asked me to. It was everyone else who went after him.

Comment posted by Alsvid deleted October 25th

I told him to PM you. Also, thank you for helping.

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