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Ask me if you have any questions about the site. The more detailed you are describing the problem, the better the chances I'll be able to help.

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I have great news (at least for me), I actually remembered my password! I lost my old computer, the email account, and my mind, but somehow I dredged up something six years in the cobwebs of my memory. Technology failed me, but my mind was able to overcome. Small victory, but with great joy.

Thank you. I was a bit of a pest, but you responded to me and offered what you could. It was much appreciated.

Off to do some tooling, I guess the name length was reduced? I was finding the "Magick Pony" part a bit ridiculous anyhow.


You can post the new chapters, and advertise that they're a continuation of the existing ones, but don't post the whole stories again.

Unfortunate, but I do understand.

Will there be an issue if I re-post stories I had on the old account onto this one? I would like to continue adding chapters that I have done since my last posts there.


I can't give you any of that information. There's no way of proving youre the same person. You have to figure out the password and regain control of the account that way.

Thank you for responding.

I was hoping that an admin could change the email to my new one, or send the reset to it.

If nothing else, can you say if there has been any system or password resets in the last six years? If not, then it would still be my original. Then I would just have to figure out what one it was, that I have not tried already.

  • Viewing 879 - 883 of 883
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