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Ask me if you have any questions about the site. The more detailed you are describing the problem, the better the chances I'll be able to help.

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Okay, thanks for telling me. At least I know. 👍


Ok thanks, it's just this has never happened when I tried to submit a story and I got worried something happened


Oh, right. You should be able to click "fix" in the prompt and have the site take care of making everything space itself correctly. Having huge gulfs of space between paragraphs is really cumbersome for most people to read, so that message is there to help you easily set it up to be more friendly on your readers' eyes.

Stories submitted through the mod queue have to be manually approved, which means the story has to wait for someone to be available to come and approve it. Sometimes, stories back up during times when no one's available, but just be patient and it should be taken care of within a few hours.

After approval, whether it's manual or automatic, stories can still be held up before going live to the site. If posting was an instantaneous process after approval, then a story approver clearing a large queue in a few minutes would mean the first stories approved would be pushed off the page so fast they wouldn't have much time to attract viewers. The posting queue holds stories that have been approved back, only letting two go up to the newest stories column every ten minutes, so that stories are guaranteed at least a fair amount of time on the page before being pushed off. What you've described seems like everything's working as intended.

When I'm writing I've got a red notice box under the word count saying about the spacing between my paragraphs is wrong, I can't get rid of it.

Hello Eldorado I tried submitting a story both ways but it keeps saying either "waiting for approval" or "waiting to post" this hasn't happened to me before and I'm not sure what to do.

  • Viewing 845 - 849 of 849
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