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Going to be out of town until mid-January. Might not be able to get back to you as quickly as other staff members until then, but I'll try my best.

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Thanks for being a great staffer, and I hope you have a great 2018!


Like I said, if he continues to bother you, try a different approach. Or you could always just block him, but again you'd be missing out on a potentially valuable learning opportunity.

Thank you for the response. I understand completely but I doubt he is going to stop bothering me and my friends.I will try to ignore him or ask him what’s wrong. Thank you for your time.


His tone definitely is abrasive, but the only comment where he mentions screencaps isn't even close to "blackmail."

You, Flash, and everyone else in this clique of people who sees HM as worse than Hitler need to take a step back and recognize that people criticizing, even harshly criticizing, something you have posted on a public forum is simply a fact of life. It is a risk you accept when you submit your stories for public viewing. Whether you are a newbie author just starting out or someone with 2,000 followers and a bunch of major hits, there are going to be people who go to your story and tell you that it sucks and it's the worst thing they've ever read and you should probably just stop writing because you'll never be any good. HM has crossed the line on multiple occasions, I'm not disputing that. But comments like this are very minor and not worth getting worked up about.

You need to learn how to take stuff like this on the chin and maybe try to learn something from it; he actually is talking about specific things he dislikes about the story, and maybe there's some merit to what he has to say, even if it's delivered in a rude and abrasive manner? A lot of these people like HM who regularly get reported because they're "attacking" inexperienced authors actually know a thing or two about writing and have valid arguments. When not met with fingers-in-ears dismissal and disdain, they can be a great help to learn how to improve your writing. I'm sad to say it but there are a lot of inexperienced authors on this site who fall into the same traps that almost everyone falls into when they're first starting out. There are a ton of cliches that were widespread enough to get parody fics in 2012, yet still persist unironically to this day. There are also a lot of really great writers regularly pumping out quality content. The upshot of all that is that it's difficult to get noticed if you're fairly new and want to improve, but are stuck because your common sense self-taught approach is leading you astray like it almost always does to new writers.

Good, solid, reliable, and honest commentary and criticism is an extremely scarce commodity if you're new; most people just plain aren't willing to help you out because there's so much else for them to be occupied with. The right response to someone like HM would be to try to figure out what their complaints are and whether it's something you can fix your next time around. "This story is terrible and entirely unenjoyable." Instead of replying "How dare you hurt my feelings you horrible person," reply "Can you be more specific? Is it something I've done with the events in the story, or am I just not writing it engagingly enough? What about my character turns you off, and what could I do to keep that from ruining the story?"

When you snap at them, you turn them immediately hostile and also show other people that you're probably not going to listen to what they have to say, so you're not worth helping.

I've been on this site since January 2012, so I think I'm qualified to say that I know what I'm talking about here more than at least most people. Probably more than anyone else on staff, I've really tried to help people help themselves when it comes to handling harsh criticism. If you get another one of these types of comments, try it my way and treat it as a learning experience instead of an attack on your character. If they throw it back in your face and continue to be horrible to you, PM me and I will personally read the story and write up as much as I can possibly come up with to suggest to improve it.

Hi. I should've said this earlier but I was a target of Hamster_Master. He criticised my story in a rude way and I'm going to be honest, I did curse at him. I completely regretted it right after I swear. But after I cursed at him, he threatened to blackmail me. He said he screenshot the comment and threatened to send it to you or the other mods if I ever reported him. It happened about last month and I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to get banned. I absolutely love this site and it has given me a chance to be, well, me. This fight happened in the comment section of my story, My Little Twily (I forgot that there were other stories with this title, i'm sorry.). Also, when I tried to apologize to him, he just made fun of me and my friends all over again. He even stated that I shouldn't be on this site because I'm too young. I checked the rules and I am of age! Please get back to me when you can. And one more thing, Reverse Flash is telling the truth. I know him on this site. He is supportive, funny, and very sensitive like me. He really didn't mean for everyone to attack HM. Have a good evening.

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