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Ask me if you have any questions about the site. The more detailed you are describing the problem, the better the chances I'll be able to help.

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Thank you very much


If you revoked the original submission (as opposed to deleted the story and created a new story) then you don't need to do anything. Just resubmit it and you're all set. If you deleted the original story and are now wanting to submit an edited version of it as a brand-new story submission, then that's against site rules and you'll need a site staff member to restore the original so you can copy the edited version into the original story page.

I’m working on my story which I took down for major editing, polishing, etc.

When I’m ready to upload it again can I just resubmit it or do I need to contact a staff member?


It just needs to be related at the time of submission, so, if chapters 1-4 are non-MLP but chapter 5 brings in ponies, then you can post it so long as all five chapters are published at the time of submission.

The one caveat there is, like, if it's a huge story that's almost all DBZ and just has a little bit of pony show up to try and justify being posted here, we're probably going to not allow it on the grounds that it's not primarily an MLP story. The people reading stories here are here to read stories about MLP, so, it's generally a good idea to get the MLP content established as soon as humanly possible, and then keep the MLP stuff pretty front-and-center throughout. Not only is that what the rules are meant to make people do, but the rule exists for your own best interest since most of your audience here isn't going to want to read it unless it's got a lot of pony stuff in it.

I've got a question about posting a story. The rules say that when I try to post it, it must have to do with MLP in some way, does that mean in the first chapter? For example I want to make a crossover story between MLP and Dragonball, but I don't want MLP to come in right away. If I post all the chapters up to the first one with ponies in it at the same time, will it be acceptable, or those the first chapter have to mention MLP?

  • Viewing 894 - 898 of 898
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