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Ask me if you have any questions about the site. The more detailed you are describing the problem, the better the chances I'll be able to help.

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re-wrote the whole thing and submitted it. I hope I did it right this time.


Pretty much, yes.

Hello just a question in the blogs i can post anything i like that does not break these rules?
''Do not make blogs attacking another user or encouraging people to attack another user.
Do not use the tagging feature to tag your blog with a story unless the blog is about that story.
Do not post NSFW images or link to NSFW sites in blogs.
You may link to Mature-rated stories hosted on Fimfiction in a blogpost only if the blog is tagged with a Mature-rated story.''

i saw that my story failed moderation. while i disagree, since i added a lot of other stuff (like descriptions and looks into character's thoughts), I respect the decision and will re-edit it asap.

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