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Occasionally, I write things. I have to admit I'm pretty bad at it. Occasionally, I edit things. Same story there really.

Just a washed up author with no idea what's next.


Funny Thing About That Whole Quitting Thing · 4:25pm Dec 24th, 2017

I guess I suck at it.

This doesn't mean anything for the near future, but I guess I've been hit by the writing itch again.

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1968207 Thanks for the kind words. I'm currently working on the sequel, but it may be a while before I come up with anything. School's doing a number on me this year.

I love your content! Shame your time story doesn't have more reads. Makes me really sad.

1730727 Well, my Aces High Stout Shako (The one I assumed you saw via my Avatar) is certainly worth a bit more than two ref.

The Skies Above on the front page! Nice going, man!

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