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So, how many times have you been warned on spamming? Saying you can't promote yourself or others for followers. We understand that not even groups for self promotion really allow that, but this group does!

Here you can post goals, support a buddy, and pretty much anything like unto it. This is a real Shameless self promotion group!

This group is more than just stories, it's everything!

Just a few basic rules...
1. Basic site rules.
2. Be nice, and respect others. No attacking, trolling, mature, inappropriate, or intimidating. Once is a warning, twice is a temporary ban, and third is a permanent ban.
3. Keep forum clean.
4. Post stories in appropriate folders.
5. Only post content of self promotion/follows to this group only, or it will be counted as spamming unfortunately.

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I would like to promote my group, I worked very hard on a system that separated stories by there awesomeness.
because of the way I structured my group it is extremely easy to find good stories while in most groups its just a mess of good and bad fanfics with the majority of them usually being bad.

I still have only two people in it.

I'm making 3 stories for them. Might make 2 more.


This looks better, sure. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. As long as people aren't openly advertising rewards for follows, then you're all good.

Hey gang, couldn't help but notice that the story folders are still empty. Has nobody taken the plunge yet?


Send me a message. I'll say it in the reply.

i tried again, is this one better?

what is the view password, if that can't be arranged, just copy and paste what you have into a pm, and i will get straight to work

How is this story so far, guys? Should I write more of it?
You Wouldn't Do This To Your Colors, Would You?

Lunestia StoryHart, can you help me edit the introduction chapter of my story? Thank you!

I'm writing a story called You Wouldn't Do This To Your Colors, Would You?

Thank you. Yours too.

yes, plus you are admin now. thanks for offering to help

May I be an administrater? I once created a similar group that a player made me shut down.

can you have a folder for comedy? That's a tag

Hey everypony, how's it going?



Follow-for-follow and other sorts of things that offer some kind of reward aren't allowed. Which includes this group, at least as you describe it now. You can rebrand this as a self-promotion group if you want, and if you want to allow people to spam your forums with anything they want then that's your decision to make. However, with that banner and the directive to trade follows in the description, this is an issue.

It's also just not a good idea, really. If you have some big number on your userpage, but none of those people actually care about what you are producing and are only following you because you followed them back, then have you really won anything?

  • Viewing 7 - 26 of 26
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