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Daring Deux

Roses are red, violets are blue. That was a comma splice, this one is too.

The place wherein I enumerate my failures-in-progress

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-General Outlining and Planning
Arc One
Arc Two
Arc Three
Arc Four

Total Words Written: ~15,000

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What is a Comrade? Well, not me anymore, I guess. You can still call me that, though. I don't mind.

As for who Daring is? I don't actually know, myself. Or should that be 'I don't actually know myself'? Commas matter.

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There are many, many places to go for grammar rules on the internet, but that doesn't seem to reach everyone. A lot of people, hobby writers especially, have trouble with grammar and are often too intimidated by these sites to dive in. I decided to write informational blogs to try to give writers the tools to understand how language works. If there are topics you find confusing, post a request in the comments below, and I'll see about writing a post to explain it. And never be afraid to ask questions. Ever.

List of topics I've covered.
-Writing the Royal Canterlot Voice
-Participles, Gerunds, and Tense
-Parts of Speech (Vocabulary)

Solid Reads

  • Rites of Ascension Twilight makes a new spell and starts the gears of fate with her ascension to alicornhood. (Writing started before Season 3.) by CvBrony 501,888 words · 29,798 views · 2,619 likes · 69 dislikes
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More Solid Reads

  • Royals Of all the dates with all the stallions in all the world, Rarity is on a date with widower, single father and successful businesspony Filthy Rich. And guess what? He's quite the gentle-colt. But how does she feel about him...? by Einhander 14,210 words · 3,935 views · 516 likes · 18 dislikes
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Indeed I was! And I couldn't agree with you more. SGaP, for me, is sonic tranquility. Eudaimonia.

And, just so you know, I still regularly listen to The World is as Iron, On SteamGear Wings, and Appleblossom. In fact, they often get mixed in with SGaP when I'm looking to relax :twilightsmile:.

You were the one who first introduced me to SoGreatandPowerful and "Space Pony", weren't you?

I still listen to Space Pony sometimes. It's very peaceful. Or, rather, it makes me feel that way.


My love for you right now transcends my ability to express using words.



KBR vs. Justin Wong (there will be a test later)
Top 8 for Smash 4/T7/KI (DEFINITELY check out KI)
Top 8 for GGXrd/MKX/Melee/Mahvel/Ultra

Ultimax finals are... buried somewhere in the Friday stream. >_< Skullgirls is on Madcatz's Twitch.


I've been too caught up in UGC! I forgot to watch it! Thanks for the reminder!

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