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To be more precise, welcome to the big ball of very little that is my page. What I mean is, it's here, but it isn't here. To give you an example, take one of your favorite authors here on FiMfiction or elsewhere, and imagine that they're a rubber band ball that's filled in with multi-colored rubber bands of varying description, these being their qualities as a writer, stories, etc. Then you look over to me, and realize that I'm just here, with room to grow, and that I'm somehow hollowed out and not on the verge of collapse. If someone did manage to make a hollowed out ball made of rubber bands, I would be most impressed. If you've managed to make it this far, than I'll introduce myself. I'm an idiot (otherwise known as Icanhazmochi), and I do very much enjoy this ridiculous notion of ponies and the varying literature that accompanies the fandom for said ponies. I have an affinity for gigantic bouts of rambling (such as this one) and telling myself on a consistent basis that I can 'write later', in fact, I can procrastinate for almost everything in general. At the very least I'm a writer of good quality (or so my English teacher says) and can make the most fantastical description of setting, apparently. I have yet to learn the way of writing a full-fledged story, however. (I sincerely apologize if you're reading this, this was made at ten in the night with me being bored and somehow more tired than usual. Thank you as well ^^)

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Thanks for the fave and follow :3

1986204 Ah, don't thank me, thank Paul Asaran for the lovely reviews he does, and thank you for the lovely read!

Thanks for favoriting Seashell! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch! I'm glad that my tips met with your approval, and I hope my stories do as well.

I shall try to do exactly that.:twilightsmile:

1658252 Oh shh, good stories such as yours deserve the attention. Just continue being yourself and creating awesome content ^^

Thank you very much for putting my story Tangled Up in Blues on your Favorites bookshelf. I'm glad that one of my older works still has some appeal in it for you!:twilightsmile:

1633157 No need to thank me! Just continue doing what you do, my friend.

Thank you kindly for the watch :twilightsmile:

We absolutely love your avatar. Just saying.:pinkiesmile:

1217397 Np! Just don't disappoint me, or I will find you!

Thank you for the favorite on Irony's Story.

1158256 Meh, I give watches and faves to people who deserve it! :heart:

Thanks for the fav and watch:twilightsmile:

Merci beaucoup pour le favori! :twilightsmile: I'm glad that you like the story! :yay:

Thanks for the fav!! Take a mustache:moustache:

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