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Side story and Next chapter · 2:33am Apr 27th, 2015

Hey all,

Sorry that it's been many a month since you've heard from me but I've been busy working just to meet rent. I lost my Roommate back in December and I couldn't find a new one so I've been working 60 hours a week or so to make ends meet. I got a raise at my one job recently so I shouldn't have to work as much and can actually get back to writing. Don't expect a chapter until the end of next month but I am working on it.

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Hello if you not going to finish "a ghost story" cancel it if not continue it.

Hey will you ever finish "A ghost story" it's really good

I read your ghost story. It's such a great idea and we'll written. I'm sad to see it will never be updated. I so look forward to where it would have gone. Thank you for writing it. If you never see this I just want to say great job.

I'm sorry. I wrote something here that was hurtful and uncalled for. It's been a while and you probably don't remember, but I wanted to say I'm sorry. I hope you've been doing well. There's activity on here from 2020 so I'm hopeful that you're still enjoying other people's stories.

Thanks for the follow! Glad you liked Field Work

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