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Side story and Next chapter · 2:33am Apr 27th, 2015

Hey all,

Sorry that it's been many a month since you've heard from me but I've been busy working just to meet rent. I lost my Roommate back in December and I couldn't find a new one so I've been working 60 hours a week or so to make ends meet. I got a raise at my one job recently so I shouldn't have to work as much and can actually get back to writing. Don't expect a chapter until the end of next month but I am working on it.

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Merry Christmas · 6:43pm Dec 25th, 2014

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good postponed chapter.

Life has thrown a few curveballs my way, mostly in the form on unexpected houseguests and the hunt for a new roommate, so the chapter has been postponed again. No clue when the chapter will be done but i'm going to try and get in finished as soon as I'm not babysitting two of my friends that came to visit (should be sometime after new years).

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New Computer · 3:00pm Dec 6th, 2014

Hey everyone just got my new computer this Friday so I can get back to writing even if I have to start the chapter over by scratch. I will try and have it done in time for Christmas.

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Dead Computer · 5:00am Nov 12th, 2014

So it's looking more and more like my blue screen of death is a hardware issue. My friends going to try a few more things but he thinks I'm going to ether have to but a new motherboard or a new computer.

So if I'm going to spend a few hundred bucks I might as well get a new computer. So does anyone know where I can get a laptop for under 500 that can at least run world of watercraft?

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BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! · 1:14am Nov 7th, 2014

So my computer kicked the big one on me. My friends looking it over this weekend but it looks like he's going to have to whip it and install a new operating system. He is going to try and save the half of a chapter I had done. If not I'm going to try and figure out how to access google docs on my kindle.

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Apologies · 10:24pm Oct 19th, 2014

Sorry all for the lack of news and the lack of a new chapter. We had someone quit without giving a two week notice at work and then the new trainee quit after their two weeks of training so I've been pulling double duty.

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Computer · 8:16pm Sep 17th, 2014

For those of you who don't know my computer has been out of commission for the past few weeks. Thankfully I saved up enough money to get a new hard drive since apparently my old one was scratched. My friend is trying to save as much as he can before he installs my new one (and fix my w key, it's been driving me nuts). So computer will be back by the end of this week or beginning of next and writing can recomence.

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Chapter and Tragedy · 4:44am Jul 13th, 2014

For those of you who are waiting for the next chapter i just want to assure you that it is in the final stages of editing and should hopefully be up soon.

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Next chapter and update on my mom · 3:02am Jun 9th, 2014

The next chapter is off to the editors and should hopefully be up by the end of the week.

My mom had her surgery and she is back home now. She's recovering but I've had to go over and help her out quite a bit since she can't use her stomach muscles very much. So I'm doing all of her heavy lifting for the next few weeks.

I probably won't be able to work on the story until closer to the end of the month so don't expect another chapter until the end of June or the beginning of July.

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Status on next chapter · 10:50pm May 16th, 2014

I would like to apologize for the lateness of the next chapter. My mother is currently having some medical problems and that has taken up almost all of my free time. The next chapter is about 3/4 finished so I will try and finish it by the end of next week and get it to my editor. My mom will be going in for surgery in early June so It will most likely be later that month before I get the chapter after the next out.

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